Sunday, December 4, 2011


Sad ...its very sad...A legend is no more... 
Debonair and evergreen are the two words that come to mind when you think of Dev Anand, who passed away in London at 88.
The evergreen romantic hero of Hindi cinema, whose career spanned six decades and whose romancing skills set millions of female hearts aflutter for a few decades from the 1950s, will perhaps be best remembered for his unmatched rendering of timeless melodies.

Dharam Dev Anand , better known as Dev Anand, was an Indian film actor, director and producer known for his work in Hindi cinema. The Government of India honoured him with the Padma Bhushan in 2001 and the Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 2002 for his contribution to Indian cinema.
A great Actor ..a very good looking person  and best films under his belt..
Famed for his roles in dozens of movies, including "Jewel Thief" and "Guide," the veteran actor, director and producer was working up to the last minute, with a new script in the works.

Dev Anand died in his sleep at the Washington Mayfair Hotel where he was staying. The hotel is owned by local Indian businessman Joginder Sangar. 
His son Sunil Anand had accompanied him to London for treatment. The hotel staff called an ambulance after family alerted them, but he died before he could be taken to hospital.
Anand lived and died on "his own terms," his nephew and renowned film director Shekhar Kapur said in a posting on Twitter. "He was working one minute. Sat down and smiled. And was gone the next. So much to learn."

Born on Sept. 26, 1923, as the son of a Punjabi lawyer, Anand studied English literature and law, eventually moving in his early 20s to India's film capital of Mumbai, then called Bombay, where he pursued a love of acting.
Dev Anand is the second of three brothers who were active in Hindi Cinema. His brothers are Chetan Anand and Vijay Anand. Their sister, Sheel Kanta Kapur, is the mother of renowned film director Shekhar Kapur...
he has many good movies..
my favs are
*Jewel thief
*Tere ghar ke samne
*Hum Dono
*jhonny mera naam..
*Asli nakli
*prem pujari
(I have seen all of his movies ...he was my fav songs book marked ..favourite scenes captured on you tube,,, )
the playlist is too long ....But  I really like this one )
this yr we lost many celebs ..and known figures..
Kuldip manak a punjabi singer n legend also died jus fews days back...
God bless these departed souls!


Uma's Culinary World said...

my fav too.. Asli Naqli is my fav movie ..
May his soul rest in peace.

Rahul Bhatia said...

Harman! He was a heart throb of millions and am sure his absence would be felt and void cannot be filled!

Renu said...

I loved him in Tere Mere Sapne too..looks like next generation is literally taking over the old one..time passes fast..

Rachna said...

I did a post on him too. He had his charm, loved his movies and songs. It affects you somewhere when a person so full of life passes away. Rest in Peace.

Thinking said...

hmmm....I have seen his movies too...and I like him very much...

May Allah bless his soul...Ameen.

kanthi said...

Dev anad was sure a good actor,i saw many of his movies of 60s and 70s.My his soul rest in peace..

Jack said...


Each one has to go some time or the other. It is what legacy one leaves behind shows his or her worth. His style was inimitable. He lived on his terms and went off again in peace. May God bless his soul with eternal peace. We will surely miss him.

Take care

Bikramjit said...

Dont agree with you :) I dont like him did not like watching any of his movies .. Some were good .. but then with age he was doing it too much ..

But yeah May he rest in peace and always sad when a person passes away ..


Harman said...

it good ..that you disagree sometimes!!
I can mess with my friends me an opportunity now the argument...
Dev anand is one guy which I had big crush! thou he was my grandfathers age!
he was not an awesome artist or legend but a very good human being!
All gr8 movies he did in his life... always left a message in those movies... he not only introduced many new girls ..but also gave a message he keeps rolling at the age of 80 about those movies which dint work ..or the script was poor ...its sometimes with gr8 directors too ...dirctors like subhash Ghai also produced crap at times.. raj kapoor the biggest showman of indian cinema produced some vulgar movies ...did we have much to say
These are the legends..the people who made film industry ...we should respect their contribution!

R. Ramesh said...

ya buddy.. i met Dev saab personally in dubai a few yrs ago...hence miss him more..RIP DA..

A said...

I really like his old movies. In my opinion, GUIDE is the best movie ever made.

A guilty conscience said...

some people are destined to be remmembered ...but ultimately forgotten maybe after few decades...but what mattered is how he led his life .....on his terms.....always

Harman said...

@UMA.. was an awesome movie!!
A gr8 actor..

Harman said...

@rahul..I agree..
its a loss doubt that cud ever be filled!

Harman said...

too good! I the new generation seems to be more quantity oriented rather then quality!

Harman said...

yes!! a king indian cinema..
Rip dev!

Harman said...

@thinking..God bless

Harman said...

@kanthi... Agree!!!
most of his movies during that time was had memorable script and had good songs too ..

Harman said...

luck guy!
he was an awesome actor!!

Harman said...

@uncle jack..
life goes has to come old has to leave to make a room for new...
God bless!!

Harman said...

@A..Guide is best movie to date!!

Harman said...

Guilty consciences.....very true!Agree:)