Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas JOYS

Moving towards Christmas ..I can feel the winter chills and temperature dropping.. the screeching of cars and late night shopping...(the stores are open till midnight)..I can hear the best Christmas songs this time of the year.

my hubby took a day off this Monday I am off on Monday's too from work...
so sending kids to school ..having a cup of tea (I guess after a yr) together in the morning ...He said" what do you want for Christmas??"
I smiled.." honey ,remember you brought me a diamond pendent last year..I looked at one of the sale papers ..this ring goes exactly with that...its jus for $500"
he smiled... this is even better he looked at the ring "Ahaa.. jus $20 ..beautiful and would suit on your finger too"
he was pulling my leg... I kept quite...
today morning ..I got a call from him.." whats your ring size?"
hope its $500 and not $20..
every year we exchange gifts with-in our family ..and we open them on 25 th DEC that's the official Christmas morning...its fun and I love to see kids jumping with joy..
Christmas is celebrated all over by friends and relatives,, its time to get together share,enjoy and be merry... marked as official time for party..
...People usually ask me,, do you do Christmas thingy?
..I end up saying ,, whats wrong,,?? it doesn't have to be religious aspect necessarily...jus celebrate and share the joy ..

hope the Christmas brings joys and tranquillity and we are all blessed with this wonderful celebration at the end of the year.


Rahul Bhatia said...

So true! You enjoy Christmas the way you like and a gift is diamonds ring is not a bad idea at all.. :)

Bikramjit said...

I think all festivals should be celebrated without religion involved ..

MErry christmas Harman to you and family :)


Uma's Culinary World said...

Christmas cheer is quite a lot of fun here... the lights are my favourite part..

Renu said...

Christmas has such a celebration mood and feel attached to it, when my kids were young they used to be so excited for their christmas gift..

Jack said...


Hope you got the ring you wanted. And why not have fun on Christmas? We should rise above religion confinements and celebrate whatever we wish to.

Take care

Irfanuddin said...

Merry Christmas to you n ur dear ones...:)

SM said...

Merry Christmas
Sure ring size is more than 500$
cant even compare

A said...

Same with us. We exchange gift every Christmas. Put them under tree for a few days before also.....

Merry Christmas

Harman said...

thanks...its very encouraging comment ;))

Harman said...

thanks..merry Christmas to you as well!

Harman said...

yes... lights are awesome!!
they r done sometimes professionally.

Harman said...

yes love to exchange gifts !!
its a feeling of share n care.

Harman said...

Agree...very true!

Harman said...

thanks,..nice to see you back.

Harman said...


Harman said...

I guess punjaBI traditions are all over are same..even for Christmas..

The Beautifier said...

WOW Diamond ring for christmas..that's too good!! hehe your hubby has a good sense of humor...hope you and your family are having a fun time together...Merry Christmas and happy holidays :)

STRANGER said...