Tuesday, December 20, 2011


...when we talk about blessings ..we think about about almighty only ..BUT to me I think our parents blessings are more precious then anything on this whole wide world.
Parents can be our own parents or in-laws too..
Now when it comes to in-laws ..it gets harder to digest for some people as why should we be good to in-laws when they are not good to us...and the whole issue comes up.. 
In the heat of the moment we end up doing all that which is something that become s a curse for life time unknowingly ...
Many incidents happen ,some we hear ,some we see ...But when we see with our own eyes its hard to believe how the saying gets true to every word"What goes around,comes around"
(its a real story ...I wont name anyone here)
  ..I met this lady couple of yrs ago..who was very well-off and lived in a big house in one of the best areas in the city. I came to know she had some issues with her in-laws always due to which one day things went out of proportion and worst thing she threw her in-laws out at midnight...The old parents not knowing where to go at that time of night requested their son to at least let them call one of the friends ..to take a shelter at night ..so they called the friends but before leaving the house the parents were in tears as to they had to see this day in their life and such a shameless kid they had... whom they made an Engineer giving best family values and all comforts of life was today not ready to keep them even for one night.
The boys mom was really hurt and said few words to both of them (son n daughter-in -law)"I am leaving this house and you mark my words ,the way you have insulted us ,this house you will never live ,,,you will loose everything in life you have then looking at her daughter-in-law she said ..the things that make you happy and you are proud of ,you will crave for that but it will never come back ,its my curse!!!
... that night they stayed at one of the friends place and told them the whole story...how their kids behaved..since they were US citizens and were on legal benefits provided to senior citizens ..they thought of renting an apartment and living on their own independently..which they did..
the only problem they had was they couldn't drive and had no license ,, so they told their friends to help them in giving them a ride ...as n when anyone goes for shopping or trip to grocery store.
the old couple made their life comfortable ..and never talked to their son again..

one day... the same daughter -in -law came running to them asking for help as the couple had a fight and she had no place to go with kids... 
they refused and said they have nothing to do with her and their son too.

.... time flies ..slowly the things got worse in case of daughter-in-law and they started facing problems.. at last ..they had to file bankruptcy and then...a separation!!
the same house went on foreclosure and the couple left each other...the lady  had never thought in dreams to under go such hardships without any support!!

... Today when I think of those parents who are no more  and this couple who never got back together.. happiness never came back to their door ,they are legally divorced and this man is a big alcoholic and the lady is making both ends meet to keep her bread n butter intact...its like problems all over the place.
they lost all they had and never got  anything again...they never got any blessings,,,and their parents  left the world with a heavy heart .....
This guy was beside his parents during death,,said sorry many times but ...no words could ease the pain given to them and insult they had to face in the society.
today when I see this family in-front of me suffering ,it hurts me... scares me more.. how the blessings work...what happens when we we hurt our own parents and insult them..."this is the end result" ..
I met this unfortunate family few days back...which made me write this post.
..the whole idea of telling you this story is ..please ..be kind to your parents and in-laws..
if the relationships don't work try to get into a solution which helps in both ways and keeps up the honour of your parents too ,try balancing your relationships with parents and wife both!
otherwise...this is what happens when we fail to get the blessings!!


Jack said...


You have posted this at a very right time as there are many youngsters who need to keep this in mind. I will repeat what I had said in my post Happy Married Life or so last year - Treat your daughter in law as you would like your daughter to be treated in her in laws house, Behave with your in laws as you would like to see your brother's wife behave in your parent's house.

Take care

Irfanuddin said...

God is an Invisible Parent...and Parents are the Visible God...
So if you make the Visible God Happy, Automatically the Invisible God becomes Happy.....

So just Love and obey your Parents :)

Bikramjit said...

thats why the ysaid

Rabb Russ Jaawe
BaadShahiyan Russ Jaandiyan
Guru Russ Jaawe
Vadeyian Russ Jaandiya
Maape Russ Jaawan
Khudayian Russ Jaandiyan

Maapeyan Da Dil Na Dukhaeo Sohneo
Labhi Hoyi Cheez Na Gawaeo Sohneo


Harman said...

@ Jack..so true uncle!
we sometimes fail to understand and discriminate ..but that Almighty is seeing everything and it comes back to you the same way!

Harman said...

I agree.. blessings should be taken from parents or our eldars..
Visible or invisible ..jus respect parents..

Harman said...

very nice ..you wrote it?
so true!

Rachna said...

Yes, parents' blessings is very important for our wellbeing and success

Sh@s said...

Rightly said. No one can replace our parents or parents-in-law.

Harman said...

yes I agree..its the blessings which makes miracles!

Harman said...

these r very strong bonding s in our life..
Get blessing and be blessed!

The Beautifier said...

Such a wonderful post! good luck comes comes to those who are truely blessed...respect your elders and get their blessings!

kanthi said...

Such a lovely post from you,Thanx for sharing..Surely the morals and ethical values are to be followed by both generations for a beautiful loving bond in a family.Blessings are always needed for a happy life..