Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Wink!

...Winking at opposite sex is considered to be sending wrong signals or  flirty messages ...
I always consider this in bad notion even though if its among females for a joke or even a casual fling ...
Winking   something I don't like personally..I always pretended to  ignore it as  its common in India ...(part of eve teasing)..University, College or any other ...public places ..all kinds are people are there..you have to save your self from these lecherous people...BUT what if...
A person has a problem or habit of winking..??

I was at Indian Consulate in Chicago to get some paper work done..
It was  Power of Attorney papers for property matters..
I was at  the office 9am sharp ..My hubby and one of our cousins we all were together ..
The Indian lady on the desk ..asked my hubby as to show the paper work and all required documents ...once done with the paper work
she looked and said"it all right" and "A Wink"...My hubby  without making an eye contact :)  asked" who's  gonna sign the papers ..do we need an appointment?"
I was looking at the lady ..she said" yes you have to go inside take a ticket and get into the cue .. they will ask your name and number...and then you can get it signed.  "A wink"
not knowing what to say.. we managed to find our way..
My hubby.. once we got our number ticket he smiled ...and said"that lady has some weird problem in her eyes, she needs to fix her eyes first... its kinda ... embarrassing."

I am surprised... as to the Indian consulate people don't have a physical check-up for employees like any other corporate... as its a "MUST "
and sitting upfront dealing with public ..needs to be really in decent behaviour whatsoever.


Rachna said...

It can be very embarrassing for a person who has to interact on a daily basis. Imagine what guys with construe it as? But, otherwise, I don't mind winking among friends or people close to me. It is a form of camaraderie :).

Renu said...

though its a health problem, but she must be in someother type of work, not the front desk ones.

Mishi said...

Lolz..I was imagining how you guys must have felt that moment..well I remember when I was young and I was enrolled in school.The principle there had this winking problem..Later on..when I grew up..i heard stories how at he beginning of this problem,.he used to have those slaps on the face from the random women in the streets or in office and around..Then people eventully came to know about his problem and he was spared..but sometimes I wondered if he enjoyed it sometimes;p
and I agree with you..winking is Vulgar to me too..I cant stand it..it gives me very bad vibes..I consider it height of Chichora pun! but what to say some people cant help it..Like you said ..they have a habit or problem!

Bikramjit said...

Hmmm true what you say ..
As far as i remmeber I dont think i ever winked at a girl in school or college days ..

maybe amongst friends but not at someone i did not know or for eve teasing ...

the thought of the DHAI KILO DA HATH of my dad .. and if i am saved from that then another one of my grand-dad always put me in check doing any of those things ...


Kunwar Kusumesh said...

One can not infer all of sudden that the other party is in the habit of winking. He will definitely misinterpret for which he should not be accused.

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Uma said...

its hard to understand as to someone is doing it unknowingly or on purpose.. but i would find it uncouth..

A said...


That lady is all right physically. I think she fancies your husband as he is probably very handsome - I read it your blog post. She winked exactly for the reason an opposite sex person would wink. You need to protect your husband now..

Thinking said...

hmmm...may be she was giving your husband a secret message?

Ever thought about that?

Ok ok...sorry I dont want you two to start fighting on it...

NIce post !

Harman said...

I mean ..its sad if she did that on purpose..to me it appeared it was jus a problem she had in her eye...
and temme how can I confront this?
:) there was people behind me too...

Harman said...

Lolz you have wonderful stories to narrate..
A Slap all the time ..frm random people..imagine when he goes home ..his cheeks red like tomatoes..
lolz...Height of chichora pan!
ha haaaaaaaaa haaaaaa..
This women needs a slap too...

Harman said...

ok..But then how do I confront this ..in-front of others in line..
We were actually so tense that we had to get this work done and go back to Michigan which is five hr drive...
So ignoring all incidents we got this done..asap!

Harman said...

may be..But it shows hows characterless she is!
I was surprised when she did for first time ..we thght ..poor thing she needs help!

Harman said...

maybe..But other people are assuming she did it purposely..
But I wud then say wht a confidence!
she should be slapped ..left right n Centre!
Even if its a problem...she needs to get it fixed

Harman said...

yes I agree..

Harman said...

...@kunwar kusumesh
..may be..
I still cant guess...Before writing this blog ..I thought it was a habit..or an eye problem..but looking at the comments it looks she did it on purpose.

Harman said...

@MR john rambo..
how can you say..all Americans women are same?
I have some wonderful friends ..who are jus opposite and equally loving..
its bad to judge everyone on same lines.

A said...


My guess is if a male winks at you, your husband will do everything possible to fix him. Now the situation was reversed....you should have talked to her......:))))

Harman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Harman said...

its actually ..you guys made me think..about this ..at that moment we got our work done and came back But yes we did discuss with our cousin as to what that lady was doin ..it appeared ..as to she had a problem..even our cousin he sAW that too he was thinking on similar lines as to why public ally such kinda behaviour??
I was in fact surprised that Indian consulate have hired such ...people who are misfit ..and specially upfront on the desk..
A..I seriously dunno... If you Visit sometime at Indian consulate ..its on the door jus one lady ..in glass cabin..jus check :)
we will come to know!

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...

I know what you mean.
I have also met such similar person who had a winking problem. In fact he came for one of the dance classes. Just because of his this problem, I could not dance with him. It is embarrassing.

A S said...

hii Harman

yaa, some pple have this peoblem while some develop some some problem by regular use!



A said...


I am kidding with you. LOL !!!

I have yet to come across a single woman who winks eye. Most likely she has a problem. I agree with you. I was just kidding with you :))))

Anonymous said...

It is so very embarrassing...
Even I hate it.
Winking is so cheap even as humorous gesture...

Harman said...

Very bad joke!
:) you were trying to convince me ..she did it on purpose ...now you say I was kidding..
Aree whts harm is trying ..go visit the place yourself..take your wife along ..jus like us...
tc..keep smiling.

Harman said...

@rolling stone..
yep..its a cheap gesture..
very bad!

Harman said...

@kiran..its bad!
I can understand ..its gives .."YUCK"..kinda feeling.I generally detest these kinda guys!

Harman said...

ha haaaaaa haaa
nice joke..
those who develop this habit over a period of time..
Will sure be slapped publically one day
do read Mishi's comment

A said...


Seriously I was joking. :)))

I don't go to Indian Consulate.

But you reminded me of doing something with Indian consulate that I have been avoiding for months...

Harman said...

@A..see now you have a reason to go to indian consulate..
make sure its one in Chicago!

The Beautifier said...

I agree, winking at strangers is such a cheap thing to do!

Harman said...

its cheap its..weird..shld be slapped left right n center!