Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mother Nature :)

Moving towards November and fall Season is here...I love the fall Colors and spirit of fall among people....Mother nature is at its best as I always say dat!
God bestowed its beauty in every living thing giving it a full  bloom and colour ..
it can be anything in any form.
Every morning I drive to leave my little one to school  and I am surprised by nature and its beautiful colors.. Its  jus mesmerising ....
I usually hum this song(dirty dancing)
"now I 've had the time of my life and I never felt this way before"
My drive way welcomes me with its bright vibrant colours and sun shining across all over the street ...I love that pine smell and fresh coffee in the morning ...
O God ...we are on edge  and stepping into NEW YEAR..the year went so fast...
lemme share my pichaas with you ...

Way to my House

the big red tree.

mother nature at its best.

It seems like an oil painting.

I love that vibrant blush.
 Love ya all...

have a lovely weekend ....

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali
Golden Temple.

Sikh Diwali is called ‘Bandhi Chhor Divas’ meaning ‘Prisoner Release Day’. This year it falls on 17th November. 
This is the day when Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji, the sixth Guru, was released from Gwalior fort along with 52 other prisoners.
Jahangir was surprised by Guru Ji’s popularity in the fort. Troubled with fearful visions, the Emperor gave orders for Guru Ji’s release. But Guru Ji refused to come out of the fort until all the other 52 innocent prisoners were set free. The Mogul Emperor, thinking himself to be clever proposed to release any and every prisoner that could hold on to the Guru’s clothing. So Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji ordered a special cloak to be made with 52 tassels. 52 pieces of cloth of different lengths were then tied to each tassel and each prisoner held one of these. It followed that on the day of Diwali in 1619 AD, the 6th Guru was released from Gwalior fort along with all 52 Hindu kings. Henceforth the Guru was called the ‘Freedom Provider’ or ‘Liberator’. He was greeted by Bhai Gurdas Ji, Baba Buddha Ji, Mian Mir (a Muslim Sufi Saint and friend of Guru Ji) and many other disciples. Guru Ji returned to Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple), Amritsar, with the 52 Kings where a magnificent celebration was held. The Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple)was beautifully lit and decorated and fireworks illuminated the sky. People were elated and they sang Religious hymns.

May the Divine light of Diwali spread happiness,peace & prosperity to you and your family ! May the lights of this auspicious festival fill your life with the eternal glow and happiness.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Crime and corruption.

I dint plan to write this ..Especially on weekend ..which I usually keep it for something  light or hilarious ....

Crime and Corruption is becoming a society accepted norm if it is left unchecked. The general people need to be on a high alert now, if they want to gift a safe future to the coming generation. We need to alter society’s view towards corruption and have to work hard to in still these principles in back of their minds. Together, all of us have to do something constructive about putting a stop to all these criminal activities... and taking a right action 
"Say No To Bribe"
I got this news from India early morning ...its was kinda shocking for me ...My Aunt who had gone to India from New York for her Diwali visit... actually landed up in the hospital .. inflicted with  pain and insult she had to face...
Problem of theft ,burglary is very common in India its something which is a shame on  country as law is not enforced..
My aunt who is around fifty with my mom , they came from shopping ... Guys on bike came and hit my aunt on chest and she felt sick and then before she knew her ears were scratched and she was bleeding all over ...she was helpless !!..this happened right in-front of the house when they were entering through the gate ....she cried with the pain and they asked for help but nothing happened the family members came out and she was taken to hospital near by ... her earlobes were totally bleeding she went under surgery ....and is hospitalised...its sad..I can get that pain sitting here in US.
last week My Mom told me she is tired of theft problem as her Gas cylinders are stolen and even the power was disconnected for some reason ..when she woke up in the morning she couldn't understand the power outage as the house in neighbour hood had power and she could see the street lights too..later on she came to know it was done by burglars parents filed a police complain but nothing happened ...!!
I just don't understand what progress  India has done ... ?? where ?? how??
...may be hike in prices , inflation ,Corruption (everyday a new scam) addiction , it and its there..
The drug addiction problem is so Acute in Punjab ..that bike gangs are boys using these kinda tactics to get money for drugs and worst thing is police jus cant do anything...
Talking to one of my friends in India I discussed this problem of theft ..she said once guy was caught in burglary case ..we started beating him ..he said "don't take me to police ,it will be hassle for you not for me..he will take bribe of Rs 500 and leave me immediately ..I can give you rs 500 now ..and jus let me go"
 its shame on the name of law and order!where crime is at its peak!!
The scene of fuel (petrol) is such ...nobody can get their tank full where cars are parked in societies and not in mansions...the burglars take the petrol out of tanks and morning you cant got to work...don't be surprised if the car tyres are missing and car in standing with help of bricks!pathetic!!
We remember all through the year ..our country and our people ..wait for Diwali to go and meet relatives But never know whats in store for us there ...
may be some Adulterated sweets!or may be landing in hospital with injured earlobes or If I am not mistaken Indian Men howling at NRI women's with sex desire ..
its a SHAME!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mens WEAR.

Thomas Mahon

Moving towards the festive season..most ladies and men gear up for parties..Appropriate Selection of clothes ..whether Suits for men or dresses for the ladies ..both are it adds to a personality and in a way you get your money back spent on a particular outfit.I will talk about Mens wear
.."The Formals"
Right Choice of Men's Suit.
...Mens Wear is something a tedious job to find an Accurate Suit per the built.
There are two brackets in men's wear ..High end or low end...
The trick behind this is...the linings inside the suits can let you know whether is high end or low end..the linings those are glued will be  cheaper then the hand made linings which says its a"hand made"lining.
High end suits generally are upto$5000 ...and low ends are anywhere from $100 to $1100 depending on the fabric...and its cuts and definitely the size!
Generally 95% of people buy ..low end suits and they sell like hot cakes during festive season..and hundred satisfied customers...ignoring the name brands..
The lower end suits ignores the designer brackets and labels but are made in same factories and under same manufacturer but under different label...the linings can be different though depending on the cost.
Why is it made in same place? 
Cuz most of the designer houses want people to buy their stuff and to people to fit in them as the percentage of buyers for low end suits are more then high end...
Everyone has an egos ...Designer will give a certain shape and cut to the coat But not everyone necessarily looks good in that style...A slim fit , A regular ,A sport jacket or even jersey style.
one that looks good on you will not certainly look good on your friend or relative.A good Physique ..and built is required too.
This year looking for suit ..some helpful tips...
1)Cloth: make sure its for the purpose..whether its a wedding,party or business pick a solid grey in worsted wool ..keep it classic ..less seems are more classy.

2)style:its practical to look for single breasted ...or two or three button  which looks dignified and presentable ignoring those four button dreadful rubbish stuff which looks weird after age of twenty .

3)Fit:Ignore Labels ..jus because its a brand doesn't mean you will looks good and it will fit you best ..try everything in your size.. one will be different from other ...the best will be which is comfortable and looks classy ..Style is confidence ..and confidence comes with comfort.

4)Alterations:If you are size between such as  long arms ,take a larger size and get it altered as per your need ..give it a custom fit an pay$100 extra for trousers length too and get the sleeve length right ..if you want to give an extra shape like the MAHON English can be done too which will make it look like suit that costed you $1000 which was actually jus for $200 :)
(Any store carrying men's wear has custom fitting)

We usually follow these tips   for men wear..its based on  Thomas Mahon who says all ,and gives wonderful tips which  has been very popular and his clients have been people like  "Prince of Whales and Brian Ferry"
,Savile Row Tailor 
This year looking for SUIT yourself and follow your heart ...ignoring the rest :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Honey!(karwa chauth)

 "..Honey O honey ...I love you for all that you are...your loving nature and your honesty...holding on to my temper is something hard to keep ..but over the period of time you have mastered it all very well..we Gel very well keeping  up with sarcastic remarks and laughing out loudly looking at each other ..
its reminds me of you more ..when karwa chauth is ahead.. as I dont observe that day But my love for you will never be  less love for you is much more ..and far beyond all this.."
 Karwa chauth
Ladies all over the world are fasting  for their Beloved hubbies ...
The festival of Karwa Chauth is celebrated mostly by North India. This event is growing bigger with each passing day. In addition to the traditional items such as henna, beauty products and fashionable clothes, the demand of special eateries are also gearing up. Nowadays, Karwa Chauth is more of fun than a serious festival.
 On the arrival of this festival, the market gets flooded with all the symbols that reflects the marriage status of a woman is in high demand such as jewellery, bangles, henna, sarees, lahenga-choli and many other traditional gifts. Karwa Chauth is a festival of great importance for all married women as it adds to a strong foundation of love and care a husband wife relationship. The festival is based upon the legendary story of a devoted wife, Karwa, and her efforts to save her husbands life.
Also known as the pre-dawn meal, 'Sargi' is a meal prepared by the mother-in-law for her daughter-in-law on Karvachauth. It is a token of best wishes and blessings for a successful married life given by a mother-in-law to the daughter-in-law. 
 ...all married ladies..Happy karwa chauth love you all!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jagjit Singh R.I.P

Jagjit Singh..RIP
He is no more..A great Voice..left us forever!
Last week I came to know he is admitted to hospital...he was in Critical condition ..on ventilator...
yesterday Morning I came to know...Jagjit Singh is no more ...
We as a family loved each and every Ghazal ..he sang..
I remember I was in college and any new  Album of him that was released ...went out of stock a Day I always ended Up thinking why I am the last one ..never on time??
A great Maestro ...A very humble person and ...A great Artist of all times...
We as Indians in US always wanted to be part of  his concerts  ..and his fablous singing..

He did refuse to associate himself with Bollywood’s gaudier productions:He always said “I don’t like films with four dances, two or three fights and two sex scenes. If somebody comes to me, I’ll have to check the song. Firstly, the lyrics have to be dignified. That means no vulgar N double meanings words, Then the melody should fit my image.... I cannot sing just any nonsense.”

He put greater emphasis on melody and used Western instruments such as saxophones and guitars alongside Indian classical instruments, such as the tablaa and sitar, while sacrificing none of the emotional impact of the poetry. Audiences have regularly been moved to tears, for example, by Singh’s expressive Chithhi na koyi sandesh, dedicated to Vivek, his only child who died in a car accident in 1990 at the age of 19: 
(“No letters or any news. Who knows where you have gone, breaking this heart...”)
If I start numbering his best would take me to write many posts and publish them....there are many Ghazals which I like..Surreal!
punjabi Songs I loved when ever I heard them..Shiv Kumar Batalvi 's poetry he has expressed very well in his Ghazals..
Another Genius Gone !! May be God wants some jewels up there in heaven too
I was in tears ..listening to this Ghazal!!(Shiv Kumar Batalvi)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs .

"Steve Jobs, what can I say...without you our life would not be the same. Today I realised how much you are a part of my life on a daily basis. I love my Mac, without it, I have no Job, with which I upgraded to this Mac in the first place, without it, I cant make any music, without it, I definitely wouldn't be posting this, without it, I might not have met some amazing people on the Internet, and without it, i would probably spent half my time fixing my PC. Never realised this, so thank you for making our life what it is!"
A genius has Gone it takes a century for people like him to come on this earth..A genius in mind ,a Revolution  he created.a Person who made dreams come true..every person holding there iPhone , ipads etc can never forget a the "Boon" ...and made life so easy.Imagine could you ever think of  iphone with just a finger ..and everything goes out in a click today anywhere I go or people I meet ninety percent are holding iphone amazing is that???
On my last Show where we show cased our collection I was getting compliments as to be making an accurate use of technology by using  ipad for swiping credit cards for people who wanted to buy...As carrying all equipment for using credit cards was darn difficult ...few years was a compulsory cash Sales only.
thanks to Steve jobs.
My hubby who uses his skills on Apple desktop for  professional pictures for his clients ...few yrs back we dint have apple desktop ..thou he has all good soft wares but it wasn't that  easy and very accurate ...mixing and bringing out right colours on pictures ...
thanks to apple once again.
last year I wrote a blog on Steve jobs ,,,never knew he would not be among us is short..Blessed are those who have good health..nothing else matters..
A billionaire died left all the riches and fruits for others... ages n ages will remember this Genius ..God bless the departed Soul!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Wink!

...Winking at opposite sex is considered to be sending wrong signals or  flirty messages ...
I always consider this in bad notion even though if its among females for a joke or even a casual fling ...
Winking   something I don't like personally..I always pretended to  ignore it as  its common in India ...(part of eve teasing)..University, College or any other ...public places ..all kinds are people are have to save your self from these lecherous people...BUT what if...
A person has a problem or habit of winking..??

I was at Indian Consulate in Chicago to get some paper work done..
It was  Power of Attorney papers for property matters..
I was at  the office 9am sharp ..My hubby and one of our cousins we all were together ..
The Indian lady on the desk ..asked my hubby as to show the paper work and all required documents ...once done with the paper work
she looked and said"it all right" and "A Wink"...My hubby  without making an eye contact :)  asked" who's  gonna sign the papers we need an appointment?"
I was looking at the lady ..she said" yes you have to go inside take a ticket and get into the cue .. they will ask your name and number...and then you can get it signed.  "A wink"
not knowing what to say.. we managed to find our way..
My hubby.. once we got our number ticket he smiled ...and said"that lady has some weird problem in her eyes, she needs to fix her eyes first... its kinda ... embarrassing."

I am surprised... as to the Indian consulate people don't have a physical check-up for employees like any other corporate... as its a "MUST "
and sitting upfront dealing with public ..needs to be really in decent behaviour whatsoever.