Friday, September 30, 2011

A story ON Faith.

This is a very inspiring story I read ...when I was in college... Today when I went through a post by our blogger friend
 I remembered this ...thou it was already there as a draft ..I had written long back so that I never forget this story..But Pythoroshon 's post made me publish this now.
hope you all get moral of the story.
God proposes disposes.....


many years back ..there were flood in a small village ...the people of the village started to leave the place as a precautionary measure,slowly all the houses were empty..they shifted to their relatives and friends in the safer places...
In the same village lived a priest who has firm belief in God the "Almighty"...he served and did his duties honestly ..people in the village had great respect for this man ,when the priest heard the news of floods and people leaving the place he was very upset ..he decided not to leave his temple and almighty whatsoever......
.....With each passing day the number of vacant houses increased....people came to him and offered him help ,but he refused and Said"My Saviour is there ..I don't need help" last the the whole village was flooded ...the few people left in the village also gave up and left...Before leaving the village they wanted to help priest ....who was in temple holding the idols and sitting on one of the elevated places in the temple
The villagers said"Why don't you come along,no body is here wont be alive there is a huge flood warning"
the priest said"My lord will save me ,I have trust on him,But I haven't seen you in the village before ...were you new at this place?"
The villagers said..Said yes we were new and left the place.

Some people with their cattle's passed by the temple came to the priest and said" why don't you join us ? we can help you its not safe here.... "
The priest said"My almighty is there to help me you can leave"(the priest wondered how come all new faces he is seeing today)

At last the priest saw a women stepping inside the temple and saying "let me help you its really bad here we have a cart waiting outside you can come with us"
The priest said ..."No I am happy and I know my lord will save me, he has arrangements for me ,you can leave..."
The lady said "I am the last person to leave ..Come with us".
The priest smiled and said.."no I am fine.. I have never seen you in this village may be you are someone new I don't know.."
..The women stared and left without saying anything.

The end was soon ..the village and temple was flooded and the priest died ..holding idols in his hand... 

Now the scene in heaven 

Priest to Almighty" why you dint save me? I loved you all my life  ,took care of you ,had faith in you ....what example did I set for others?

Almighty"I offered help ...I came three times to help you in different forms ( the last three people which priest dint recognise people from village it was "HIM") were adamant ..stubborn ..not ready to listen..

Faith is when you help yourself ...and listen to my messages ...Try decoding them.
 this is one of my favourite prayer ..of all times true to every word..

Have a wonderful weekend!


Uma said...

nice and interesting post as usual..
reading this somehow I remembered one of my friend's fb status, "Trust in God, but lock your car."

Pythoroshan said...

haha... GREAT minds do think alike..
I'd posted the version of this that I'd heard ( ) in 2006.. it's a brilliant story which I quote whenever trying to tell people not to blindly depend on God and work towards their goals..

Renu said...

beautiful story with a lovely message..yes god helps us through people only, its we who sometimes dont recognise him.

Krrish said...

This story is giving many good messages to readers.... Like
1) 'Never leave the hand of reality in whatever circumstances you are',
2) 'Faith is good but we should never stop doing our karma'.

wonderful post, really.

A S said...

hii Harman

nice fable

yes, bhagwan isaare dete hain, ye pakki baat hai!

Bikramjit said...

So true
beautiful story.. liked it :)

I liked the prayer from the movie Ankush

Itni shakti hamen dena Data
Man ka vishwaas kam to na ho


Mishi said...

it was inspiring and beautiful Harman:-)

Arti said...

Beautiful story!! Loved it, Thanks for sharing...
I too would like to share a small story on faith - ' Once a village was holding a prayer for the rains since it had not had rains in the last 3 years. Only one little any came with an umbrella!! Thats faith. '
Came here from Kavita's blog.
Have a nice day:)

Dreaming Wanderer said...

faith is when you help yourself, and listen to my messages.. - so true :)

similar story told by will smith's son in - pursuit of happiness..

d message is clear, there is always a way out.. we just need to see it and walk the path :)

Dreaming Wanderer said...

Faith is when you help yourself ...and listen to my messages - nicely said.. so true :)

similar story told in - pursuit of happiness, by will smith's son..

we need to have faith and realize that there's always a way out.. n when the path appears, we need to walk it...

jaspreet said...

vry beautiful story realy awsome:)

jaspreet said...

realy beautiful story awsome:)

jaspreet singh said...

realy a beautiful story:)

jaspreet singh said...

realy beautiful story with a lovely message

Rachna said...

Nice story and I loved the prayer at the end. We used to sing it for our school assembly.

Harman said...

very well said..

Harman said...

@ pythoroshan
thanks...It was your post that inspired me..thou..

Harman said...

yes I agree... its we who has to look and see our options.

Harman said...

@krishh ...
yaa..its our Destiny But efforts are by us..
very well explained.

Harman said...

yes..ishaare ..unke hai nashana hamaara...hitting at Bulls eye.

Harman said...

thats a very good prayer too..
another favourite.

Harman said...

Sweetie.. I understood "Khota parade"
now..(the chat we had)
proof of my intelligence ;)
thanks for your comment
you seem to be bsy!

Harman said...

okk..I actually think its more or accurate action then belief..
But the story you narrated I dint get it.

Harman said...

Dreaming wanderer..
yes..path we have to find or move..
thats our wish!

Harman said...

thanks..dat was too quick
thanks for you comment ...hope to see you more on my blog..
stay connected!

Harman said...

prayer and its meaning true to every word.

Babli said...

Very beautiful post with lovely message. I strongly believe that God is always there with us and helps us in time of need. I still remember when I went for a trip in South West Australia my car had some problem and stopped in middle of the road in midnight and I was very much worried and from nowhere I found a gentleman passing through and he stopped and helped me and I realized God has send him to help me.

Shabby said...

That is a very nice story!!!
love your thoughts!

A said...

Very good story. Have faith in GOD but try to listen to him too.

Kunwar Kusumesh said...

The Story is beautiful and its end is wonderful.I could not guess the end while reading the story.

Muhammad Israr said...

wow...such a simple story with such a deep message...yes faith is knowing when to get help and decoding the messages of the Almighty... He helps us in many different shapes, forms and situations but we are unable to recognize... super write up :)

Alka Gurha said...

This story is worth reading again and again.....But often we learn after the event just like the priest.

The Beautifier said...

Really nice and inspiring story, Harman!Faith is good but blind faith is not good! xoxo