Tuesday, September 27, 2011


hypocrisy has no levels and no age bar...hypocrites are the people who who suffer ..from superiority complex pretending to have virtues and principles which they actually don't posses .
its surprising how people put blame on others and show frustration as to they have to face the trouble times..these people never take  responsibility but want only appreciation Cuz They think they are born for that!!!
When somebody shows them the real picture and results of their mistakes they feel like hitting everyone sitting there,as they are source of embarrassment for the family now...though nobody says anything to them but its the inner guilt  of that person that brings a frown which is clearly visible.
one such case...A guy came to US with family and then decided to stay back ...(prolonged stay) ...termed as illegal ...this guy was from Services back home and always had people around him,so the complex was always there...In India power n authority helps to build this superiority complex...
..The immigration people came to know and  ...then he was deported  ...Before leaving ..he said "I am very happy to go back to my country..I will enjoy and spend quality time now with friends ,there is no problem of money as off I we have people working for us.. we are our own boss...its a boon they are sending me back"
 I was surprised ...people in the crowd smiled at each other..To me it appeared.."grape are sour"
He left ...his wife and only son stayed back..and filed his papers for immigration But he declared  ..I don't wanna come back..

...After some time we heard ..he is very happy in India and doin well.....he had enough help back home and this made him comfortable.

Then one day we heard ..he says he wanna come back to US and told his desire ..he misses his stay in US..and coincidentally ..his case that was filed was approved  and he came back with immigration .. he was happy in US now...
tthe statement of this guy changed now" there is no place like this (US)...its beautiful and clean..disciplined people I was fed-up staying back home ,no work and spending time idly I had health problems ..nothing to do made me fat and missing my family made me drink due to which I faced severe health problems ....
Any ways we welcomed him back regardless of the taunts and disrespect he showed towards other people last time.
sitting there in the crowd I nodded my head in disbelief... as to what kinda people are they ...who try to make  every other person think he/she is  A loser there ...with a  fact that he already owes an apology for all that he said at one time and having those double standards  now shows whatever they say has no compound value ..its jus time and place that makes them pass these statements....


Rachna said...

Thali ke baingan, I would say. They change stance and ideology depending upon the situation.

Kunwar Kusumesh said...

You have rightly said about hypocrites.
My good wishes on NAVRATRI.

Asma Khan said...

Hypocrisy is only thing that annoys me a lot... :/
Anyways nice writting... :)
Visit my blog--> Stay Blessed

Renu said...

regarding US.its always like that saying in Hindi..shaadi ka ladoo jo khayae woh pacchtaaye aur jo na khaaye woh bhi.

its very difficult to feel complete anywhere,.even I.when in US miss India and when in India miss US,nevr at complete peace anywhere...so I think both countries have their own pros and cons.

Bikramjit said...

he he he he Beleive me I have had so many stories ..

The worst are the people who live in a country that feeds them, that made them something and they say nasty things about it .. then they do a U turn ...

I tell you harman NO matter what majority of the people back home is given a chance to come abroad - uk-canada-usa they will grab it with BOTH hands ...

Kehan nu jo marji kahi jaan
Aun nu sab ne tyaar

otherwise why will we have so many illegal people.. not jsut usa but all over the world there are indians everywhere living illegally ... and many of the people are willing t risk their Life to reach the foreign shores
yet it makes me smile and when someone says I will never go abroad ...

The worst are the ones who are not thankful to the country that feeds them .. have you heard the song

Lakh pardeis hoiye
apna desh nahin bhandi da
jede Desh da khaiye usda bura nahin mangida ..
Lakh pardesi hoiye


Mishi said...

lolz..a classic example of Ungoor Khuttay hein! yes people do that all the time..they find it a good FACE-SAVING POLICY..and the worst part they dont even get embarrassed when you trap them in their own words!

Uma said...

i have seen this attitude too about staying in US..

shuchita said...

people do this all the time and I feel like hitting them on the head of course in reality I just cut them out of my life

Krrish said...

Interesting Story.... Your post makes me conclude one thing (as per my experience)...
"Never Leave Anything that You have in hands, otherwise, You will have to regret for it".

Krrish said...

In Previous Comment : Assume word "You" as "We" or ""Anyone".

Anonymous said...

what else we can say, we are humans we are like that only


At times it does irritates but it is so common in our society you know......and unfortunately these people think that no one is able to figure them out......

Haddock said...

Like the Indian saying goes "some people are like that only"
Frankly speaking I can't stand such people and make it very clear to them, and in the bargain rub them the wrong way.
The problem with them is that they are very self inflated and can't bear it when that bubble bursts.

Babli said...

Very well written. We come across different people and ofcourse there are people who are hypocrates and we cannot ignore though its really annoying. I appreciate for your wonderful post.
Wish you and your family a very Happy Navratri.

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...

Hypocrites are just so irritating. I cant relate to them.

Harman said...

hahaa haaa..
I heard this Muhavara after long time..
very appropriate.

Harman said...

@kunwar kusumesh..
thanks ..
happy Navratri to ya as well.
God Bless All

Harman said...

it is annoying..
these kinda people are never satisfied.

Harman said...

@renu..I can understand..But..these kinda statements doesn't ..make sense..specially what respect will a person have to pass on these false statements...
Exactly what Rachhna said..

Harman said...

You know these kinda people have no values ..who insult their own country and the country who feeds them too..
I dont understand the frustration ...of these kinda Jerks ..I mean you are never satisfied ..and
You know bick..its all lies ..a Hypocrisy when they say We hate to go out of India or foreign land..My own relatives left for good to india... And came back after two weeks Saying ..all bad things..I jus dont get it why people are so frustrated..
India we are born and Raised we love our country But we shld respect place we live inn.
I have heard that beautiful pnjabi song.

Harman said...

ya..it was perfect Example ..
Jerks of all kind!
how r u?
I couldn't talk that day..you know I couldn't read the messages somehow the window was too small
I was at social networking got your message there..lolz
Then I tried my e-mail..window for chatting ..which was kinda ok..seems like load shedding transferred its effects here in USA ..
keep smiling..

Harman said...

@UMA..sure ..you wud have also seen these Jerks ..
they are everywhere.

Harman said...

ha haaa haaa
..very nicely interpreted.

Harman said...

I got it..
nice proverb.

Harman said...

these are the people who try to be.. Superior ..and think other made wrong decisions ..But they are biggest fools of all times.

Harman said...

Yes..self inflated.
..and the whole thing is making other feel that they are fool and cannot understand them.
I am surprised by the values they carry and wht they teach their kids.

Harman said...

love your poetry..Few words but very powerful.
Happy Navratri.

Harman said...

hi how r u?
I see all your wonderful dresses and Charisma you carry..
thanks for your comment

The Beautifier said...

I can't stand Hypocrites! What really annoys me is that they have got the justification for every single thing they say!