Friday, September 30, 2011

A story ON Faith.

This is a very inspiring story I read ...when I was in college... Today when I went through a post by our blogger friend
 I remembered this ...thou it was already there as a draft ..I had written long back so that I never forget this story..But Pythoroshon 's post made me publish this now.
hope you all get moral of the story.
God proposes disposes.....


many years back ..there were flood in a small village ...the people of the village started to leave the place as a precautionary measure,slowly all the houses were empty..they shifted to their relatives and friends in the safer places...
In the same village lived a priest who has firm belief in God the "Almighty"...he served and did his duties honestly ..people in the village had great respect for this man ,when the priest heard the news of floods and people leaving the place he was very upset ..he decided not to leave his temple and almighty whatsoever......
.....With each passing day the number of vacant houses increased....people came to him and offered him help ,but he refused and Said"My Saviour is there ..I don't need help" last the the whole village was flooded ...the few people left in the village also gave up and left...Before leaving the village they wanted to help priest ....who was in temple holding the idols and sitting on one of the elevated places in the temple
The villagers said"Why don't you come along,no body is here wont be alive there is a huge flood warning"
the priest said"My lord will save me ,I have trust on him,But I haven't seen you in the village before ...were you new at this place?"
The villagers said..Said yes we were new and left the place.

Some people with their cattle's passed by the temple came to the priest and said" why don't you join us ? we can help you its not safe here.... "
The priest said"My almighty is there to help me you can leave"(the priest wondered how come all new faces he is seeing today)

At last the priest saw a women stepping inside the temple and saying "let me help you its really bad here we have a cart waiting outside you can come with us"
The priest said ..."No I am happy and I know my lord will save me, he has arrangements for me ,you can leave..."
The lady said "I am the last person to leave ..Come with us".
The priest smiled and said.."no I am fine.. I have never seen you in this village may be you are someone new I don't know.."
..The women stared and left without saying anything.

The end was soon ..the village and temple was flooded and the priest died ..holding idols in his hand... 

Now the scene in heaven 

Priest to Almighty" why you dint save me? I loved you all my life  ,took care of you ,had faith in you ....what example did I set for others?

Almighty"I offered help ...I came three times to help you in different forms ( the last three people which priest dint recognise people from village it was "HIM") were adamant ..stubborn ..not ready to listen..

Faith is when you help yourself ...and listen to my messages ...Try decoding them.
 this is one of my favourite prayer ..of all times true to every word..

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


hypocrisy has no levels and no age bar...hypocrites are the people who who suffer ..from superiority complex pretending to have virtues and principles which they actually don't posses .
its surprising how people put blame on others and show frustration as to they have to face the trouble times..these people never take  responsibility but want only appreciation Cuz They think they are born for that!!!
When somebody shows them the real picture and results of their mistakes they feel like hitting everyone sitting there,as they are source of embarrassment for the family now...though nobody says anything to them but its the inner guilt  of that person that brings a frown which is clearly visible.
one such case...A guy came to US with family and then decided to stay back ...(prolonged stay) ...termed as illegal ...this guy was from Services back home and always had people around him,so the complex was always there...In India power n authority helps to build this superiority complex...
..The immigration people came to know and  ...then he was deported  ...Before leaving ..he said "I am very happy to go back to my country..I will enjoy and spend quality time now with friends ,there is no problem of money as off I we have people working for us.. we are our own boss...its a boon they are sending me back"
 I was surprised ...people in the crowd smiled at each other..To me it appeared.."grape are sour"
He left ...his wife and only son stayed back..and filed his papers for immigration But he declared  ..I don't wanna come back..

...After some time we heard ..he is very happy in India and doin well.....he had enough help back home and this made him comfortable.

Then one day we heard ..he says he wanna come back to US and told his desire ..he misses his stay in US..and coincidentally ..his case that was filed was approved  and he came back with immigration .. he was happy in US now...
tthe statement of this guy changed now" there is no place like this (US)...its beautiful and clean..disciplined people I was fed-up staying back home ,no work and spending time idly I had health problems ..nothing to do made me fat and missing my family made me drink due to which I faced severe health problems ....
Any ways we welcomed him back regardless of the taunts and disrespect he showed towards other people last time.
sitting there in the crowd I nodded my head in disbelief... as to what kinda people are they ...who try to make  every other person think he/she is  A loser there ...with a  fact that he already owes an apology for all that he said at one time and having those double standards  now shows whatever they say has no compound value ..its jus time and place that makes them pass these statements....

Friday, September 23, 2011

Jagit Singh.

My favourite singer and I guess favourite of millions around the Globe Jagjit Singh is hospitalised ...for brain surgery ...he had a brain haemorrhage ..he is on ventilator in critical condition..
The  Ghazal king and pioneer in modern ghazal with a career  span of over five decades and many albums under his belt  known by Indians world wide and music lovers all over the world...He made his name in Music, ... the only person who existed ..out of Indian film industry ..

O God, Not Again...Hope he recovers soon and that lovely voice is there with us very soon.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

God makes mistakes?

When we make mistakes they call it evil. When God makes mistakes they call it Nature! 
I had always pondered over this thought and kept a very close look on when God makes Mistakes!
He, the Almighty ..creator of the universes who loves all ...can he do that..??
YES HE DOES...But to rectify the error..he helps us with strength and vigour hope and help.. how it happens..
I have seen many cases ,many... Accidents where the family suffers due to death of a main earning person of the family... wife is young are small ...and nothing saved for future...
then other cases ...where a natural calamity occurs and everything was its a suffering .......period
A bed ridden person... and family suffering from long medical bills and then no money..and  ultimately...ends comes one final day..
all these people survive ... and some are very successful after long battle ..
people say...its all scripted by him and story moves as he wants it...But I have always noticed there is a bright Rainbow after that whole misery and suffering..
Today if we pick the most successful people  in or around us... they had ...all kinds of problems and then ...after that it was only success and more starts from a problem and then success all the way...
 ...sometimes I am surprised  to why this happened later...
I will narrate you a story of some family friends who are very close to us..
A family of two sons ...and they got married...Brought inn two wonderful girls as their daughter -in personal problems... they had their own business of Iron N steel mill... A happy family..BUT after some time..the Business started declining... and as a result it  came to an Actual stop.. huge losses and then...the younger son decided to go for job.. But the older one went into depression... and the depression was so Acute... that it led to Mental asylum ...when ..the older son came home from hospital...he was bed ridden for many yrs.. the whole family faced ... problems.. financially.. kids grew up deprived of many things.. but couldn't see dad same happy person ever...
One day we got news From India...that same older Son who was sick committed Suicide and his body was  not found...later we came to know it was found   mutilated condition in water... it was case of suicide..
...Any ways..the mental trauma and problems added... kids were going to college now... ..but surprisingly they came up with bright colours.. both of them did good in studies... and were professional now by help of grand parents...(it was a joint family)
the kids Changed the line of business  and sold the company ...started a new business ..which flourished ..and one of the son Got married to a physician..other one got married to another professional... they had never seen so much happiness in life as they were experiencing now... 
I met them in India few yrs back and was surprised why this decision was not taken to change the business ..before ,and start something different..this could have been done before too?? 
Was this a mistake and rectified in such a beautiful way... isn't he Great??
if he does something wrong...Don't blame..there might be another good thing coming up...go for the commandments...try decoding the messages... I know its hard..But then the rainbow is always  after storm!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


..A friend of mine came to me ...little upset ..I asked"hey what happened...???"Sophie.."I am little upset.. my bank A/c will jus blow up with this  big bill..."
why ..wht happened? I said..
These Men can never improve matter how much you tell them:)
My hubby was driving and passed an intersection...It had a camera on the crossing and his picture got clicked...
He thought ..may be it was an illusion as of the flash ...he was not over-speeding so he went back to the same street  to check and passed ..under the speed limit...
his picture still got clicked..
He said this is total BS(bull shit).. its not possible ...he went back and again passed driving slowly like a snail..
His picture still got clicked..he was furious ...
He went back to the same street ...looking at the camera  uttered some swearing words ..and his picture got clicked....

After few days he got a letter with five tickets in different POSES for violating the law in amount $ 1000 with he was not wearing a Seat Belt....Sophie told a very sad tone..

;)I guess we have all kinds of SAMPLES in this world..
hope you had a good weekend!
keep smiling.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A patient listener..

....Going through a discussion on tv..I was taken aback when..the whole big group were talking to themselves and the host was quite not knowing what to do...A group of adults behaving like kids! or should I say are better then adults ..they at-least raise their hands if they have a question...
...Most of the time gatherings I see people wanting to jump in the discussion not even knowing the real cause of discussion...that itch is there all the time.
its not only offensive but creates an ugly scene ...shows up the personality ..these kinda people are generally very talkative and other wise very shallow...its jus they want the whole discussion in their hand...
..its an insult to other people sitting there discussing an issue..when one jus jumps out of his/her turn and tries to be Jack of all Arts... 
imagine if you are in the shoes of the host?
You show respect and honour to a person when you’re listening.....It also demonstrates you think what they’re saying is important... You may be validating the person by listening to them.  Did you ever think you may be building someone’s self-confidence by listening?  You could be..... Listening is also beneficial for building a credible reputation.  The more you listen, the more others will listen to what you have to say.  Those are just a few reasons why listening is important..
Have you ever noticed that the words listen and silent are spelled with the same letters? Perhaps this is no accident, because in many ways they mean the same thing..

please it will take a minute ..and try solving this quiz.. it will help you to know more about yourself..

Sunday, September 11, 2011


....In my last blog I asked... as to where I am in the picture...

 few could answer that correctly....But thanks to all of your comments and efforts to find me out..lemme introduce all the ladies...
First one is tania ..Chicago,my cousin who had a baby shower.
Second one on right is deepu from Newsland
Third one is Kiran (deepu n kiran are sisters) from Newsland.
Fourth one is ME..from Michigan ;)
Fifth one is Meetu in white scarf from Washington DC
Sixth one on Right Dr Sartaj(girl with bangs) ...from Michigan
Seventh on Exteme left is Lubna from California.
Those who guessed it right....
1)Rolling stone...thanks,it was a good surprise.
2)Gaurav...I dunno how you came to know as you have hardly seen me...
but it was a good surprise...
3) were very confident...may be you had seen my picture sometime.
4)Uma..I knew would definitely come to know ...:) thanks... you have seen so many pictures of mine...She is in on my Social networking site.
5)Krissh...thanks I dunno how you guessed that..A wild Guess may be.
Rest friend ..Bikram who is in my social networking ...surprisingly you could not recognise...Amrit thanks for your lovely comment...I couldn't stop laughing N
thanks to all of you...
Renu ,thinking...Abhilash was so nice of you.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Guessing Game.

..helloo to all of you...We are again towards the weekend... One more week down ..
You all have been good bloggers friends of mine ,some of you know me very well ..and some don't ..jus blogs keeps us connected... there have been some silent followers since 2008 :) my sweet little birdie keeps a check...thanks to all ....
I jus wanna see how many of you can recognise me....
I am gonna give you a small quiz...its a guessing game...
last week I was in Chicago for a baby shower of our dear cousin...we had some some wonderful pictures...can you guess where Harman is?

jus locate me!lets see who how many of you know me ;P
happy ya all keep smiling!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


....Busy with work and long weekend ...I am back to my office,,,today
Its raining...lots of rain,,,
if sunshine makes you happier then a bad rainy day does it effect your mood??
My body seems to function better in thinking too when its sunny well I have more imagination and my cognitive skills that show to my advantage.
 I like changing seasons though..But overall every season has effect on me

today its raining...and I feel like going to bed...wish I could sleep with my cosy comforter ...
I came at work  visiblity was zero...hard to drive ..with my head lamps on..still it was terrible when it started raining...

The whole atmosphere ...jus cant believe how dark and scary it became...
I managed to click few pictures this was something different I saw after yrs,,,
The last time I saw this was in india .... 

there are several songs written on rain...many movies and poems...
Usually in Indian movies ...specially murder scenes are shown in these kind of stormy nights...villain with a knife :)(those old gold movies)
then there are love scenes in rain.... getting drenched ..I remember Chandini movie song... or old M adhubala song(barsaat ki raat)...
this song was my favourite one time...kishore kumar (indian singer) where he describes his love story in one stormy night!
..then comes the eating rain ..
some comfort food Steaming hot.....I jus had some fried chicken strips with cup of coffee in my was too good for the weather...enhanced my mood and caffeine gave me a kick ...So I am all set  for work..
surprisingly plays an important part in lives!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Aging is a slow process.. which helps humans to accept it by default...Its sometimes scary to see with age comes the general health and behavioural problems..Aging should be graceful  with demands respect from every other person..especially from younger people.
With age there are  people who  become either too talkative or complaining ...not necessarily mother nature has mercy on everyone,which is sad. comes to a full circle with an old age.
let us pray...
O lord... thou you know me better then myself and As I  am growing older and will be finally old one day ...keep me away from being too talkative and specially a fatal  habit of thinking of something I must say on every subject...

Release me from craving to straighten out everybody else's affair...make me thoughtful,but not moody,helpful but not bossy...with my my vast store of wisdom its a pity not to use them all ...But thou ... you know the the best where to use or be quite...keep my only few genuine friends in the end...

keep my mind free from recital of endless details ..gimme wings to get to the point to seal my lips on my many aches and pains,they might increase but rehearsing them is becoming greater as years go by...teach me the glorious lesson that occasionally I may be mistaken ...

Keep me reasonably sweet ...thou I don't wannabe a Saint..someone hard to live with   ..Extract all possible fun out of there are so many funny things around us which I don't want to miss...
You had taught me everything that I know But  I am still a layman in many ways...