Thursday, August 25, 2011

friends forever.

.... do we really have time to meet our friends ..taking a vacation and pain to move out of the country to meet a classmate after years??
..can we really take out some precious time from busy schedule and spend some good money meeting our long lost friends ...found on face-book?
 ..My hubby who has found many of his friends around the globe...and try getting their numbers n keeping in touch with them through mails or texts or whatever possible... BUT I am surprised by the dedication of these friends who take time to meet-each other at every corner of the world...spending time and money both...
..if you read my MAYHEM blog .. ..his long lost friend from Australia came to meet him...he met his friends in Canada..and then my hubby  went to Canada pick him up from the border.. they had good time over the weekend..
Then came a friend from India..found on facebook- ...who made a special trip to US and Canada to meet all classmates and they had some good time talking about their past .... and then he met some female friends on facebook ...they are classmates and some of them by chance are in Michigan..we met them at a party.(they all have done engineering together)...
Last weekend I was getting ready in the morning to meet a business client ..when I heard my land line ringing again and again.... I saw the caller ID its was from Edmonton Canada..
I didn't have time to pick the call I was getting late...maybe its some telemarketing people( sucks!!)...But then I saw some body was trying very hard to reach the number...I picked..I heard a Canadian Accent ...And said"yaa ..where are you calling from?" he said.."Actually I from Edmonton  and came to US ...I am in Michigan to meet my friend...My name is JaZ..we wanted to come to your place this weekend..."
I was actually taken aback... as this Jaz (long lost friend)was jus shown to me a week before on facebook  (that was pretty quick)my hubby saying "he was the cutest boy in our school ...he is born n raised in Canada "I asked my hubby do you recognise them...faces change..."He said...his smile is Same..see,,showing me the picture ..lolz..I looked at him...I mean hats off to this friendship..."
I told my hubby... Jaz is here!!..(my hubby was sleeping till 11am)it was weekend...
he jumped from bed ...I was surprised at the alertness and dedication towards friends... He immediately picked his cell and told him ,he is waiting for him...and started giving him directions... 
I looked at them when they met ... most of them when they meet they get emotional ...wiping off the tears...(kaash hamaare bhi aisee dost hoteh...I wish I had that kind of friends)
laughing... talking..eating..punching ..pulling each others leg... talking about their past crushes.... We as wives are silent spectators and smile at each other...looking at them
...When it comes to us females..its hard to find our school or college friends as last names tend to change after marriage for females and then WE have family, kids and patidev(hubby) whom we have to abide to certain extent their whims n fancies not to be forgotten..not jus ..go for vacations to meet long lost friends..
But still I would say this is the true example of friendship!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Beauty...A bigger pay check....

...We all know that beauty is skin deep but it may not be enough for work place "Ugly people earn less then average looking person and an average looking earns less then good looking or beautiful person."recently reports by University of Texas Economist Daniel Hamermesh said in his new book "Beauty pays:why Attractive people are more successful?
...If I talk in general and people surrounding us ...Good looking people or beautiful people are like magnets  ..they pull the crowd can be in corporate,doctors office of even a Good looking waitress!no job is small ...all that gets paid is the beauty!!

Studies indicate that a Good looking man or women on an average earns $230,000 more in a life time then  a plain or homely looking person....its all on the scale of and average ..
when God made humans Beauty or charismatic look wasn't endowed to every other human to get against these odds is what needs to be seen ...all of us cannot be Angie or Brad... or Indian diva Ash... so Professor Hamermesh has been studying on this topic for nearly about twenty good years to get this data as to how it works...
it might be a discrimination ...But there is a prediction there could be an affirmative action for beauty bereft...
...looking at this recent study and  I am trying to recollect...I agree..everybody wants a young and good looking person in their office or even at work...A person may be pleasant or skill full but not a head implies to men people think beauty is jus women thing But it improves your earnings...If you have good looks and a good dressing sense to support the looks VIOLA then the chances to fit in any corporate are bright.
..Scale yourself on 1--5 and then de-construct your looks..A little money on self maintenance can pay you back in a good way.
Since we have a fashion house ..I can give you few tips jus ...very general to improve your personality..

1)..Keep you hair and women..(regular haircuts, short n crisp for men and no bhenji (aunty)style for ladies:)

2)Regular manicure and pedicure for men and women....(its jus $35 for hands and feet)
 3) keep fit... look good even if you are towards bigger size But can still manage to look smart...
keeping your self in correct size clothes...and Please never ever buy oversize clothes even if its for two bucks or free on sale!!
Now as per extra skin care... 
4)Regular skin care regime ...with facials and waxing to look radiant and crisp..
in case if you want to add some more style go for highlights or jus few strands ..
in your hair style.I generally keep changing my hairstyle and color ..its gets boring after some time.
5)Try using men's ant-wrinkle creams or moisturisers constant shaving makes the skin loose its shine and radiance turns into mature skin...there are various shaving techniques for men to keep the in -growth away(google it out)
6)Always wear a sunscreen lotion in sun to protect UV rays ..these rays are very harmful...
7)Men spend less time in their skin care and other stuff with a result looking older ..very soon sometimes even harder to recognise ...few of my class mates look like Uncle Tom.
so its jus few little things to keep you up and help you improve the over all personality and get big bucks!
keep smiling!
and before you leave this page...plz click to the weekend favourite,, its a lovely song..By an Indian legend (singer) Mohammed Rafi..

happy weekend!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dirt Free India

its been long ...I was missing my blog and my friends...I tried my best to read every blog and  give my opinion but in case if I missed anybody...sorry for that!
Anna Hazare is currently the hot pick in blogs... the lokpal bill...I guess has gained lot of strength ..people want freedom from corruption ....
My cell keeps beeping every now n then to support this movement sending me notifications...last night ..I could hear beeps ..(Damn phone).
  ...its good to stand against corruption  ...But Guys ....honesty comes within ,Fear of law is then the next step...But I sincerely hope we have clean and uncorrupted nation ..God Bless India and its great people!
..there are many spheres where the action needs to be taken........I usually try to avoid stuff in my blogs which might offend indian community and our people...
Cleanliness is one of the main targeted problems ...needs to be taken care off...
....Lemme narrate an incident which happened few weeks back...
I was at Mac Donald ..For breakfast ...I had to leave early for my work I thought of having my breakfast there with my little one and then leave him in day care and then to my work..
There were bunch of seniors citizens(American)on my next table ..four of them ...I sat and heard some discussions about their recent trip to "Taj Mahal"..
Mr A.."its good to see Taj Mahal but India lacks in cleanliness...look at the monument and place appears to be at camping grounds,all spiting here and there..and no women would like to go there"
Mr B"why what happened with women"?
Mr A" people stare so much as if we are some aliens from other women likes to be stared"
Mr B"with this kind behaviour one trip to India is good enough"
I looked at them as to what they were blabbering ...they left immediately ..maybe they realised that it was a wrong place for discussion...
...I hope we as Indians keep the country clean not jus our houses but our localities and cities too..
..Staring is or women ...tourists should be given due respect as they are guests in our country
Mc Donald
....Tourist spots should be taken extra care and kept clean with clean wash-rooms for visitors!
....Lets hope India gets into that and we have a clean nation free of bribe and Dirt.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


what if you have a million dollar lotto?? you have a room full of those green bucks and never to work....think think think...
its gonne be , drink ,sleep on and so forth ....
its gonna spoil me my butt ;)
no ,I didn't have a lotto...don't get those ideas,But I have dreams ..which I follow and will lead me to my goal one day...I picture it ,feel it and then smile ...getting into that whole luxury would be wonderful....
My son who wants everything available on Tv ..keeps showing me up...Mom see this,see that....I keep saying ok ok....
one day he came to my hubby ...
"Dad when we have a lotto ..then ...I mean I can have lot of Boxer underwear's" ?
hubby"we don't need a lotto for boxer underwear's"he said smilingly ...
I almost fell down from the couch laughing loudly...

kids are so innocent small little things make them happy...they live in a dreamland...say whatever they like unknowingly...but then that's the reason they are called kids!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

friends .

On Friendship Day people try their best to thank all those special angels called friends in their lives from the bottom of their hearts. There are some people who believe that friendship is so strong a relationship that it needs no special day for celebration. But then  .........its a tried and tested fact that every relationship, no matter how strong needs some recognition and bonding .......this Friendship Day enables you to do just the same that is it allows you to give due recognition to the beautiful bond of friendship and love which you share with your friend.

At times we get so busy with our lives that we just start taking our friends for granted and just start neglecting them. On such occasions this Friendship Day reminds us of the importance of the friends in our lives so that we can never ever ignore the special beings sent on this earth by the supreme power just for us.

Thus take some extra time out of your busy life and try to spend some valuable time with your friends on this Friendship Day as you never know when the time will lapse and you wont even get the slightest time to say a simple thanks to your friend.

"friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life, and thanks to a benevolent arrangement the greater part of life is sunshine"

"happy friendship day"

Friday, August 5, 2011


Memories make us laugh at times....the good ones are like treasure for life....
XOXO makes me laugh at an incident hard to forget...Down the memory lane I was not married but there were few proposals and I had interest in the guy I got married I was keen and very much inclined to go ahead for this proposal..
I met him at our place when he came to see me:) ,had a small conversation and they left ...My parents knew about my inclination but they were still not sure as US is different from India ,very far and they had no inclination  towards US
...but I was very much sure about this... and spending rest of my life with him happily.
He called one morning and said he wanted to take me out as he had to talk and spend some time with me...(Indian parents will not allow official dating unless wedding is on the cards)
Anyways ,after some arguments my parents agreed and we went for an official date:) I was curious to know what he wanted to say I didn't know him properly , jus seen his pictures...
He came to my place ,everyone greeted him with a plastic smile as they would never approve dating like this but had no other was 11 am and we went...
   He was driving and I looked at him...before I could say anything he told me we are going to a so and so...

putting up the music ,the first song I heard in his car,,,I smiled ,when I heard these lyrics(above) ...and this restaurant was between the woods ..I never knew about this place ...since we both come from the same town...
We took the corner table as the whole place was vacant .....The waiter asked about the order....we placed an order and I asked him "what did you want to say"?..he was smiling ..probably nothing to say...I thought I didn't ask again ..
I took a paper napkin and asked him "do you know to play this game xoxo"?? he said" yes"...and we started this game .....I won the first game and rejoiced my  small victory..he kept smiling looking at me ..then again I won the second game and so on and so forth ...he didn't say a word and kept smiling ;) looking at me ...then the waiter came ...he had ordered for vegetable club sandwich with coffee and I ordered a  cottage cheese parantha with bowl of yogurt and glass of lassi ...(buttermilk)...( I am punjabi kudi(girl) ) ..
when we left the place I noticed the paper napkin on which we played he folded it neatly and put that in his wallet.
We left the place ...on our way back ..he said..."I hope you have no problems in moving to US and adapting the lifestyle and doing this on your own free-will ...not under any pressure ...."
I was kinda surprised ..and said "its my decision and my free-will"
Now the XOXO part....for which I wrote this post...
That was probably last time I won those games and never again .... he told me later as he did it intentionally and lost all the games to see me jumping and smiling ....
...I mean guys are so smart they know which button has to be pushed exactly at what time to impress the girls..later he told me the trick to the game when there are ninety-nine percent chances of wining as he had played in school all the time.
Today if any-time I play the same game with him I remember the first time playing with him...

~Memory is a way of holding onto people you love, those gifted moments with your dear ones ,the best part of your life ,memories you never want to lose.~

~ Some memories are realities, and are better than anything that can ever happen to one again. ~

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

thanks !

...its been long since I wrote....with work and busy schedules ..have nothing much to say....some drafts I have saved but didn't publish ...
...Special thanks to Mishi for the award she has given of my favourite bloggers. She is very expressive in her thoughts and writings....

..the condition was to write seven things never told before!
...Well if its never told before ..why now? :)

1) About my food,I am very choosy ...jus cant eat any crap on my table ...I have stayed hungry for days (hunger strike) jus for the heck it should not be cooked at home again...( all ...eggplant and tinda family)

2) I am very particular about my dressing ...for me or my hubby or kids... I will not walk out of the house if its not appropriate....or even my sleepwear's ..I am jus paranoid!

3) ... I always judge men by shoes and ladies by their purses (name brands)...whether they will fit in designer stuff and how good is their purchasing power...usually my guess is right ..(this is at work)

4)not many of my friends know about my blog...;) cuz most of the matter is written on them...Good ,bad or ugly.

5) I like all my blogger friends...But there are few whom I keep looking  and checking if I missed something ....Bick(UK), Amrit(US), Alka(India) and Asian beautifier(UK),Uma ...(US) Dr Anthony(india)Mishi (Pakistan)Abhilash(india)

6)I hate people who smell bad...dont use deodorants or sprays or change their clothes regularly...

7) ...and last ...I am great believer in God ...and anything which I am not able to do at that moment is a clear message to me .... stay away its for my betterment and nothing else...sometimes I had felt I missed an opportunity but later it was a boon!...I am and will always be grateful to almighty. part was to ans the set of questions ....

Fav color.../RED 
(my closet has all kinds of red!frm my bridal attire to my western dresses to my Saris and Indian dresses ...)

Fav song.../Eurhythmics
"Sweet dreams are made of thee"...( army mess had that all the time during parties and gatherings)

*Fav dessert...Tiramisu cake

*What pisses me off.... /liars

*when you are upset..../I am very quiet

*favorite pet..../My little one... 

*Black or white.../Black...makes me look ravishing!

*biggest fear... /nothing ...

*best feature... /Eyes

*everyday attitude... /To give my best at work... I usually drive thinking there is a surprise for me today!

*Perfection.../Is hard ...anything closer will be great!

*guilty pleasure.../ eating sugary stuff or Indian sweets..

The people I would like to tag...
1)Bikram ...the versatile blogger

2)Abhilash...the versatile blogger

3) lovely blog award

4) lovely blog award

5) lovely blog award

6)Asian beautifier..Stylish blogger award

7)Nilu..butterfly award

8) lovely blog award

9)Ramesh..kreative blogger

10)Kiran..styllish blogger award

11)shadow of my lovely blog award

12)Stranger..kreative blogger

13)Jack..lovely blog award

14)Scribbling on the wall..kreativ blogger

15)Coco and olive..stylish blogger award

and friends those who have been tagged has to pass on this award to your favourite bloggers with these set of questions..its 15 favourite bloggers you have to tag.

Congrats to all my friends!