Tuesday, May 10, 2011


lily in my front yard.

(tree in full bloom.)

 (flower in my yard.)

(my little one in full action.)

he is saaaad now( that's how he says sad )

(his fav fake smile)

his Harley Davidson :)

(my skate boarder)

(my backyard....in winters it was all snow ,check snow pictures)

front yard

(powder pink flowers in front and back yard)

(its me :) jus kidding)


Tanvi said...

Great shots!

♡ from © tanvii.com

Saf said...

Lovely photos!

Your little guys remind me of my younger brother!


A said...

Awesome pictures. All of them except yours (just kidding).

PS:- On my screen, your links of right hand columns are appearing on the main body text. Need some fixing.


Lovely Snaps....
and the little one is so dashing....God bless him !!!

kavita said...

Muaaah ,muaah and,muaah to the little one .Beautiful colors of spring.And you look sensational (heee).

The Beautifier said...

Great pics! hhahha your little boy is so cute and bubbly, God bless him xoxo

Bikramjit said...

beautiful pics, I cant wait for the flowers here to start ot bloom.

the backyard is very green and You look amazing, beautiful and everything in that last pic.. I ain't kidding he he he he :)

the kiddo is having fun and I like that skate board.. Hmmm this weekend me going ot the local skateboard ramp for some skating ... ...

Harman said...

@tanvi..thanks dear.

@A..lol..thanks ..a very befitting reply you gave I couldn't stop laughing!
I have fixed the pictures they were too large I guess!

@kavita thanks for praising me!
I was always like this sleek n photogenic
;) tc

@bikram thanks bikram...beautiful people always look like this in last picture ..in dramatic poses!
;)I always knew my picture would be best!

@ Saf...thanks sweetie


@beautifier...thanks dear!

Alka Gurha said...

Refreshing pics.....its 45 deg in Delhi.Wish I was there.

Mini Harley Davidson rules.

Jack said...


What happened to post after this? I had left big comment on that. Hope you read it.

Take care

A said...

Your 'Door' post is not readable. Link not found..may be another issue with Google.

Harman said...

thanks everyone...
I had thanked earlier also ..but the comments vanished!!
...@A..the post "Door"is till there...But in my drafts!

@jack....the post"Door" I will put again with your comment saved..its in my draft

thanks ...

Insignia said...

All the pictures are lovely :)

Harman said...

@insignia..thanks dear!

@a... very funny!