Sunday, May 29, 2011

memorial day....

its a memorial day weekend...
I could see people happy and glad ,three days altogether with fun and leisure time to spend with family..its quite outside ,no traffic probably people are out of town and spending time in Toronto or Chicago or places close to Michigan.
We have relatives from California, Chicago and Virginia..its fun ..we hired a boat and took  a stroll in lake ...its like a family reunion only my cousin from Canada Winnipeg is missing everyone is here....
six kids in all,one is always crying at one particular time ...its fun to see men talking about indian politics and ladies about  Indian film industry ;) most of the time discussion is on food ....we Punjabi's are big time foodies ...
last night ..after Domino's sandwiches everyone craved for indian Punjabi food I was surprised how much we can eat when we are together ....everyone was very guilty after eating so much ..but didn't stop ..had an ice cream later which was from Indian grocery store jus  like ...street made ice cream of India (desi style) morning when I came down stairs everybody was up and into exercises ,walking or jogging some were complaining headaches ..maybe hangover from last night ...tonight we have a special party honour of my hubby's cousin who turned thirty this year everyone is trying their best to look good  ....and then couple dance tonight ...hope it turns out good!
...I have a song for this weekend which is one of my favourites...some memories from past ,check this out!

happy long weekend.


A said...

Yes. It is good to have fun. We tend to eat more on long weekends. We just came back AND tomorrow we have to recover and catch up with the work at home.

kavita said...

Holidays,family,fun,food -glad you had a great time .Good that you could find a 'desi icecream' there.This song is my daughter's favorite.Thanks for sharing.Have a great week :)

Harish said...

an extended weekend is always fun..

Jack said...


It feels as if I am also there enjoying all this. I am sure the party must have gone off well and enjoyed by everyone, even crying children.

Take care

PS : No visit or contact?

Chakoli said...

First time on ur space :)

And liked it...especially the domain... :)

njoy ur happy weekend :)

dr.antony said...

There is something good on the memorial day at 'the perfect bite'.

But do they celebrate the day? Isnt it a time to mourn?

Isabel said...

i hope you had a great weekend :)

Bikramjit said...

Good song and i hope you had a good day and a good long weekend :)


Harman said...
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AbhiLaSH RuHeLa said...

Keep enjoying my dear mam.

Harman said...

@A...good!I am proud of all punjabis.
:) wht say??

@kavita..Desi stuff is available here but we need to search,,,I like haagen dias thou or baskin robins too..But nothin like desi!lolz

@harish..yep it is..

@jack...hey uncle jack I visited you could not leave a comment somebody barged inn and definetely will contact you it would be nice
Sorry for delay Sir
regards harman


@dr Anthony...Doc I am an army officers daughter who fought for india in "71
we always respect our freedom fighter and freedom but moving ahead is life.

@Isabel ...yep I did thanks dear.

@bik..yes I did!

@abhilash thanks buddy!