Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mac Donald!

I think I have to eat this ..patato pattie when I land on Delhi air port!
the commercial says
girl: are we boy friend ,girl friend?
boy:girls are very demanding I want this I want that,I candle handle this!!
Girl :but I just want Mac patato pattie
Boy :looking at the change in his pocket agrees to buy a Mac Donald vegetable burger for the girl!

a very cute commercial!


Anonymous said...

awwww shooo Cute!!

Bikramjit said...

God bless them , wish it was this esy to keep a girlfriend :)

lovely ad ..


Harman said...

@mannat...its cute ..isnt it..look at their expressions...of these kids!!
seems like experience says it all!

kavita said...

Cute and interesting !Kids are very camera friendly now a days.

A said...

Nice ad. I wish I could impress a girl with a coffee instead of Mc. I hate M now

Harman said...

@A..Galat need to impress your wife only NOW...
coffee or tea!

Thinking said...

hmm...really its very cute...

So you are in India now...Enjoy your stay.

I wish I could visit India too....hmm...

A said...


Wife is already always look for new challenges.

Harman said... challenges are always hard to hand ...stick to the old and gold ones..

Harman said...

@kavita..yes kids are very confident these days!

@thinking..the kids are cute!
no I am in US..but plan to visit india soon!
you must see India too!

dr.antony said...

That is a lovely ad.I love watching some of these ads,they touch you,sometimes.

The Beautifier said...

haha! Such a cute commercial! Patato pattie must be really yumm!