Sunday, May 29, 2011

memorial day....

its a memorial day weekend...
I could see people happy and glad ,three days altogether with fun and leisure time to spend with family..its quite outside ,no traffic probably people are out of town and spending time in Toronto or Chicago or places close to Michigan.
We have relatives from California, Chicago and Virginia..its fun ..we hired a boat and took  a stroll in lake ...its like a family reunion only my cousin from Canada Winnipeg is missing everyone is here....
six kids in all,one is always crying at one particular time ...its fun to see men talking about indian politics and ladies about  Indian film industry ;) most of the time discussion is on food ....we Punjabi's are big time foodies ...
last night ..after Domino's sandwiches everyone craved for indian Punjabi food I was surprised how much we can eat when we are together ....everyone was very guilty after eating so much ..but didn't stop ..had an ice cream later which was from Indian grocery store jus  like ...street made ice cream of India (desi style) morning when I came down stairs everybody was up and into exercises ,walking or jogging some were complaining headaches ..maybe hangover from last night ...tonight we have a special party honour of my hubby's cousin who turned thirty this year everyone is trying their best to look good  ....and then couple dance tonight ...hope it turns out good!
...I have a song for this weekend which is one of my favourites...some memories from past ,check this out!

happy long weekend.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Car Wash..

..I have been little busy these days with summer and guests at home so could not  write a lot,but summers brings us lot of sunshine in life and some fun activities which is at time amusing to see...
Car wash nowadays has been used as fund raising for school going kids ..they use the money in school and in return get credits which can be used in college for their enrolment and future development...its a noble act to help and get help in return for which we all look forward...
today at my work watching out of the window I was could see some teenagers standing on the side walk with bikinis and asking for car wash ....for which there was lot of honking on the road,probably guys were doing that....and some cars actually stopped ..may be for car wash....It was fun to see all this!
other day I was goin with my hubby and we stopped at the gas station (no ,not for car wash)I was amazed how dedicated these girls are and how people seem to be so civilised sitting in the cars and getting it cleaned...patiently without any stares...
this is very common scene now raising for school...I have clicked few pictures to show my friends and also how  Michigan is known for its scenic beauty ..where bollywood shoots are specially done in up-north (UP) its jus like ...oil paintings made by God.....

the whole street has white flowers.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

misinterpreted! blogs are usually my experience of interacting with different people ,my colleagues ,my friends ,strangers and even bloggers whom I know or even unknown...I have written my previous post on Cash or kids and there were lot of discussions on views are my own and if anybody disagrees its nothing to get upset its just a discussion ,not everybody is right and my opinion is not to upset anyone or be rude...and c'mmon its just a voice over net nothing personal.
.....being a mother ..I can never advocate that a women should not have any kids , enjoy without bringing happiness to the family you are married to...
..I remember my mom always said "A women is never complete unless she is into motherhood"
...I am sorry if I have been rude to anyone!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The punjabi royal wedding .

......think if royal weddings were owned by global Punjabi' would it be....

I came across this lovely video ..where the royal family is together and danced like hard core Punjabi's on this  song.

......the song says..

Savere hoye savere darshan....Ajj din vadiyaa languga...tere hoye savere darshan ajj din vadiyaa languga(this morning I had glimpses of  you so my day is blessed)

Sohna mukhda dekh ke tera ,dil bago bagh hoya mera,tenu hath jodh ke aankhan mere dil vich la leh dera....(your beautiful  face made my heart go berserk ,Its a request please stay in my heart forever....)

Savere hoye savere darshan ajj din vadiyaa languga,tere hoye savere darshan ajj din vadiyaa languga(this morning I had glimpses you so my day is blessed)

koi karma wala ishq tere de rang vich rango ga,savere hoye savere darshan ajj din vadiyaa languga...(some lucky person will be be getting into this colour of love ,this morning ..I had those glimpses my day is blessed)

very well made video..and they look alike the royal family!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mac Donald!

I think I have to eat this ..patato pattie when I land on Delhi air port!
the commercial says
girl: are we boy friend ,girl friend?
boy:girls are very demanding I want this I want that,I candle handle this!!
Girl :but I just want Mac patato pattie
Boy :looking at the change in his pocket agrees to buy a Mac Donald vegetable burger for the girl!

a very cute commercial!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

cash or kids!

thanks everyone...I am feeling much better now! I had to make a trip to some good prescription ...and feeling better...
but I did take my friends piece of with orange juice...and some good shots to keep Allergies at bay:D

(my son Kevin 2yrs old)

 Cash or kids

......going through a conversation with one of my friends at work ..I was surprised when she said ..I don't want to have any kids !!it will spoil my career for at-least two years..I will be out of modelling world..and getting back to work and shape is something I cant afford as a new-comer.
she is not the only one But  there are many not in  favour of having any kids !is it due to expenses incurred to raise  kids?
To have kids or no kids is a personal choice it can be either CASH or KIDS...
with kids we have to think  in monetary terms too..Cause,to raise one kid it needs all efforts and money ...not to forget when they grow up their university expenses and basic needs,,,,But then if we all think like that and jus concentrate on money or careers and having no kids don't you think we are selfish? or we at some point jus want a life for our ,huge bank balances ,mess free houses worries about kids or their future!!
we were brought to this world by our parents who made every effort share their love ,money and every thing they had with us ..and still they share even though we have our own kids?where is the dilemma? or is it  a self-centred
 person who talks like that!

My hubby who  has a Boss who is in the office at 5;30 Am sharp ..and keeps an eye on other engineers and staff ..
I asked my hubby "how come he is never late and always at work"?
my hubby said"this Guy has no kids ..they are like fifty years or so..both of them are holding(his boss and his wife)executive positions in different companies and they sleep around eight and had made a decision to keep life simple and easy!! you think they will need no help or any emotional support when they reach old age? or their decision is good?
..this Indian  married couple we met ...they had married each other on this agreement that they will never have kids they just want to keep it simple and easy going.
when we asked why that so? their reply was"it s lots of effort and money to raise one kid and one partner has to sacrifice their career in raising the kid for at least year or so and then we are not fond of kids"
People like them will have money for charities ,adopt pets or take vacations they will have all material luxuries ..and they try to bring happiness in the world.....But a guy with family will try to spend time at home take his wife and kids ..and keep himself happy and try to raise a responsible citizen for future and growth of the nation.
you never know who is the future president or player or artist raised in which family which bring accolades to the nation.
There can be a debate for ever and no end to this...I have kids and I am very fond of kids me its a good experience to raise and educate the children to be responsible future citizens and it also has its own charm to see little ones moving ,sleeping and talking in their own language ..they are adorable ...and can never be a pain for any mother.
Rest is personal choice!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

..Weekend! (7)

it s weekend again...and I am down with allergies and fever...its been two days with all sickness around gym  lots of rest required but we had lots of work instead... a pre planned party at my place with all the pills and work ..I waz zoombie ,and jus smiling at everyone being a very humble host!
....But now its even worst.....I think I need to catch with lots of sleep and get ready for work on monday!

Life is not bed of roses! A working women,a mom, a wife and a above all to be nice and humble to everyone during any kind of adversity...
..this is one of my favorites..its a punjabi song...singer "Satinder Sartaj "I like this composition ...its basically more devotional Sufi sangeet....
this songs boosts my morale ..I hear it many times .......
it has english subtitles and is very much for everyone!

...God Bless and all prayers answered with time!
happy weekend!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


lily in my front yard.

(tree in full bloom.)

 (flower in my yard.)

(my little one in full action.)

he is saaaad now( that's how he says sad )

(his fav fake smile)

his Harley Davidson :)

(my skate boarder)

(my winters it was all snow ,check snow pictures)

front yard

(powder pink flowers in front and back yard)

(its me :) jus kidding)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

mothers day .

....A feeling of being a mom is something beyond words unless you experience it yourself....
M - O - T - H - E - R
"M" is for the million things she gave me,
"O" the only one for me,
"T" is for the tears she shed to save me,
"H" is for her heart of purest gold;
"E" is for her eyes, with love-light shining,
"R" means right, and right she'll always be,
Put them all together, they spell

A word that means the world to me.
 the experience of mom!
..Never before I had so much patience to stay awake all night looking at my child.
...never before I wept looking at any kid getting his vaccinations.
...never before a kid puked on me or poop I have cleaned without hesitation...
....never before I had  carpet cleaned without a frown when somebody spills grape  juice.
....never before I woke up early in the morning to make a fresh breakfast for anyone .....
....I am into my mom s shoes....I grew up looking at her,jus wanted to be like looks,in patience and all great qualities she had ...I am where ...she was was when we were kids ....
Miss you mom!
happy mothers day!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


...Dropping my kid to school ..when I came back I saw car scratched badly with a car key or sharp instrument leaving ugly marks on the door!
it was done intentionally...which to me appears to be prank by high school kids!

My brand new car with not a single mark or was very upsetting for me..why do people do that??
....Dad usually puts his car in the garage now even if its for short time ..he had similar experience his brand new black car had scratches when it was in the parking lot...when he came back from work it was shock for him to see ugly marks!

The people who have bad intentions usually do this....they try to spoil  something that's nice and clean or jus for fun sake...
I could never understand these people and their mentality...may be some abnormal cases of some kind! ..if they are caught it would be serious offence but we cant actually keep track of these people or keep an eye on our vehicle all the time, it not feasible ...

Most of the time when we travel we drive carefully so that there are no accidents and our insurance shouldn't go up or unnecessarily we get a ticket ..But what if somebody hits your car in the parking lot and you don't know about it??
....isn't it sad?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

...9/11... s been hectic week.... and lots of happening around..Major blast was the news of osama bin laden no more or deceased....which made people jump with shock on their respective places!
I remember 9/11 incident uncle was in Manhattan running for his life and the country was on high alert.. I got a call from one of my relatives that uncle was in much chaos and thousands of people crying....I called uncle on his cell but it was not responding ....he called after hours ,he is alive!
not many were lucky like him.....
Terrorist have no religion or humanity ,the are brutes on this earth..they belong to no community or country.."what goes around ,comes around"
I had seen the whole 9/11 episode on tv and still very clear to me....
the people who died were civilians..they didn't belong to one country,or one religion...the people who debate or criticize one religion are actually taking out their grudges on other person....
I also read articles where President Barrack Obama is called superman or cracked jokes upon..tell me what wrong did he do? I heard his speech and felt he was very precise as had thanked the troops and country for achievement..never bragged about himself..
finding a criminal in the world and wiping it out from the earth needs precision and guts ...which AMERICA showed up to its word!
....Before taunting or targeting other countries....make sure your facts are correct and it doesn't hurt those people who have lost their dear ones in 9/11 episode!