Saturday, March 5, 2011


...its yet another weekend!
one my favorite songs ....One of the most beautiful compositions...and lovely words... only when you feel that for someone you love and respect!
lets finsh the weekend with one of my favorite songs..

Juhi of the cutest actress indian industry has...I think...even if she is seventy years old she will look same!I  am not a big fan of Sharukh khan!as a actor he is good!but with lots of airs and attitude..

the song says...
"I never thought We would meet like that......and flower's to bloom in our the way like this,
never thought life would be  be so nice,..looks like the earth  and sky.... singing for us!
my heart has those branches of love like buds , when our eyes met....."

Never thought..we would loose our senses..when we are going to be together....:)
I never thought it would be like this when we meet each other!!
"....its a twinkling night, when we..are awake.....
looks like ..a caravan of stars moving in the sky......."

"never thought one would be like this ,when our path
would be filled with lamps and light like this....."
"Never thought life would be so beautiful ...when we meet each other"
 have a nice weekend!


kanthi said...

Its for the 1st time i saw this song,very very melodious.

A S said...

hii Harman

yes! i love tis song too. and u have translated it pretty well!

Shahid Mukadam a.k.a Shady West Side said...

Wonderful i will have to hum it all day

Thinking said...

hmm....happy weekend too...though its almost at end.

A said...

I really like Juhi. She is awesome

The Beautifier said...

It's such a lovely romantic song!!

Bikramjit said...

lovely song but i loved the other one FIR BHI DIL HAI HINDUSTANI

ok ok is it from the same film.. ooops i dont know

and Juhi is a class actor.. SRK i dont like he is very over rated and has same facial expression in all movies ..


bollywoodstylediaries said...

its a beautiful song! Juhi was really great in comedy roles.

STRANGER said...


dr.antony said...

You bring back memories !

Harman said...

@kanthi..thanks..dear I m glad you liked it!
its a very popular song thou!


@Thinking...yep...true!the excitement of weekend ..makes it pass very fast..

@A..yaa..I like juhi chawla a lot!
but somehow missed a chance to meet her..she was at our school once! is! an actor is good...I am surprised...when people from other nationalities..asked me about his Movie.."My Name Is Khan"its very popular movie in US.has English subtitles.. love her commericial where she is dreaming about chaat papdi...its hilarious!
I am sure u must have seen it...
its frm some frozen food company..
(Swaad..or Deep)

@Stanger..yaa...its a beautiful song!

@Dr anthony..thanks..DOC.

Haddock said...

One of those songs in Hindi movies where the picturisation was perfectly done.
Two others that I can mention off hand is "Kabhi din dhal jaye...." from Anand and "Sona ugle moti...." from Manoj Kumar's Upkar

Tanvi said...

I too share your views on Juhi and SRK! :) ... It is a nice melodious number !!!

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