Friday, March 11, 2011

weekend and my favs!

...its weekend again......
"Subah hoti hai shaam hoti hai",
Zindagi yoohi tamaam hoti hai"
...(with every passing days and night....we finish an whole Era)
this is one of my favorite songs,from movie Guzaarish.....
 this is very close to my heart!
when I saw this movie I was in much suffering and misery....I couldn't sleep whole night thinking about it...followed by headaches and nausea...But every phase teaches us something ..and movies are actually made or picked up from realities!
 I pray sincerely..nobody should get this kind of suffering in life.....
Hritik Roshan...a great Indian actor and a very very good dancer,with Miss world Ashwariya Rai..(pride of India) as female artist....Done a fabulous job....
movies made on realities where we learn something how life changes in  spur of moment!everything is there but cannot enjoy,its a waste now..that what it never know whats in store for you!
God Bless N stay healthy!!

Happy weekend!:))


The Beautifier said...

It's a really nice song. Have a nice day, Harman xoxo


Guzaarish is based upon a great idea (as were the English films ‘The Sea Inside’ & ‘Whose Life is it Anyway’) and has some terrific moments.... and this particular song you mentioned is really nice....:)

STRANGER said...

"Subah hoti hai shaam hoti hai Zindagi yoohi tamaam hoti hai" waaaaah....

Zindagi tamaam hone se pehle, complete Ronie ki shararat zaroor padh lena apno ke sath nahi to shikayat hogi........yahi tamanna hai meri !

Have a nice weekend !

Jai Shri Krishna

Tanvi said...

Love this song. :)

from ©

AbhiLaSH RuHeLa said...

People suffering with such diseases are really giving us an example of how happy and peaceful we are. we should thank God and our life for it.. many of us ignore this.. hope we understand it soon.

dr.antony said...

I love that song.Haven't seen the movie yet.
You are very sentimental !

Shahid Mukadam a.k.a Shady West Side said...

I will now have to watch the movie is a wonderful one

GardenLane said...

A very nice one, However this is not a new one and not origially from this movie. This is from Mirza Galib, a great Fav of mine. I like one more and this truely applies to all of us:

Umre Daraz Maang ke laye the char din,
Do aarzu me kat gaye, Do Intezar me!!!

This is Urdu.
Let me know, if you need translation.

Bikramjit said...

Have not seen the movie yet ..

but i will never pray for such life on anyone ... :) apart from one he heheeh


Harman said...

@Bikram..learn to forgive..!thats all I "ll say....
wht goes around comes around!

as if blogs are end of the world!

@gardenlane..very nice!
I do understand it hindi and urdu.

A said...

Very good movie with excellent music. Hritik Roshan is probably the best male actor today - he can do serious cinema like Gujarish and commercial like Dhoom and act like a mentally challenged person like in Koi..Awesome actor.

Harman said...


@irfan...I will see sometime the original thing.


@Abhilash..Exactly!I agree

@Dr must see!

@Shahid...yes you shld!

@A..analysed very well..