Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Age appropriate dressing!!


we were at party ..on Saturday,usually all parties or gatherings are on weekend due to our busy working schedules..so we happened to meet some friends, some relatives and some extended families..
..this was a party at banquet hall ..with a good gathering...and the dress code was mentioned in the invitation card......Men in suit and women in sarees..well if you dont have a saree buy one or just stay away..it was very clear and I think there is nothing wrong in that,its a respect to the host.
 In that party I noticed,.. people don't know to wear age appropriate clothes..Like this lady in her fifties or may be little more..was wearing a Saree with huge floral print ,very bold ..(I thought who is this phoolwati?(flower girl))with big chunky jewelery ..and a big flower in her hair(fake one)..Hilarious!! my hubby looked at me as I giggled..he said"everyone has their own choice"...true..I agree, but still I think with age comes grace and with Grey hair such bold makeup and jewelery ..its like a laughing stock!
then came this guy...probably the only one...wearing a coat with jeans in formal party... the color of the coat was Maroon...looked like he had borrowed ... to attend this party....living in US..cant afford a Coat?..we have sales all around year,every store has formal coats or suits ..its matter of spending..
A women in early forties  dressing up like a  twenty  year old girl...I mean.. what the Heck!!does it look good..trying to be a chic...your age shows up from your face ,ever if you have those streaks of highlights!
then there are girls in their early thirties dressed up like "this is the last day to dress up,you never know about tomorrow"they will wear whatever is available at home..all hair accessories.. lots of bangles ..chunky jewelery ..Oh my God.."jewelery shop"
now the teenagers...they will wear moms saree..its like wrapped around a stick ..and an ugly hair updo..bright eye make-up..whether it suits your skin or not...more like a witch ...my little one I was holding said"her eyes are like monster." I turned around before she could hear! ..seems like her mom was busy in her own hair accessories and other stuff.
I think dressing sense comes with environment and upbringing ..then with our close friends we try to improve and make choices ...its not just money that matters...I had seen in that same party...people who are jus average middle class and other side  rich people ..dressed very decently..there is no fixed criteria ..as to who will dress better regarding income,or religion, race or age..its very personal...and most of the time girls pick their way of dressing from their mom...
I think whether its a male or female..age appropriate dressing is must...it gives you a due respect and you create an example for others!


šmaryam said...

Agreed! I've seen many woman in their 40's dressing like their daughters! Ahhh.

Anonymous said...

so true...
its quite a common place here also..
some of the women are like
'budhi ghodi lal lagam'..hehhehe.
btw nice observation.

Bikramjit said...

where was this prty pehlan eh daso.. mainu v invite karna si .. i would not mind he heehe

I agree with what you say one shud dress as there age its no use me putting tight tees and my stomach showing or jeans this and that..

I dont know whats the problem and one has to hide there age .. why cant one age gracefully .. :)

Shahid Mukadam a.k.a Shady West Side said...

dressing is a sensitive topic for many....dunno why prepare so much...just be what u are

A said...

I completely agree. We shall wear age appropriate as well as event appropriate dress.

Harman said...

@smaryam...yes..Indian soaps are perfect examples to that! :))

@rolling stone..LOL

@Bikram..yaa..If I was a host sure I would have given the invitation.
But I agree.. age and waist appropriate too..:)

@Shahid..very true..I agree..try to be what you are! and age gracefully!!

@A..yes..very true!!

Thinking said...

hmm...maturity comes with age...but aging not always means that we are heading to be more wise...not in all cases...and you had vitnesed yourself...few...

So...be happy and let the people wear what they like...nothing can change one's perspective about their looks and age...hmmm....

Though...it gives good enjoyment in party...what else one can do while sitting on chair doing nothing whole two to three hours...?