Wednesday, January 12, 2011


(the Big bull)

We as humans always learn from experiences ...sometimes its hilarious and Comic...Surreal..I also had some kind of experiences in past,but never felt bad or considered myself as Dumb coz every instance gives an opportunity to learn and be wise...
this happened sometime back ...It was on friday and we had a get-together at friends place...I, as usual was late from work and had to go home and then get formally dressed for little upset for running late I was in big rush...
When we reached there and as I entered I could see some Aunties sitting on the couch and looking very sad..I greeted them and sat next to them on the chair listening to the discussion that was me it appeared somebody expired as they were saying"what will she do in this young age?? the community is not ready for her other marriage and with a small kid..??and there were mutual condolences from every other friend..I thought I am always late in everything..never I get time to call or formally pay my grievances rude of me!!..I joined the discussion and said" Life is very short..unexpected things happen and death  is not under control..then trying to be little more philosophical I said .."life is like a play" ..and everybody has to play its part and go..its sad for a young girl without husband!!..everybody was looking at me seriously..then one of the aunties said"Betaji(my dear)are you coming from work?I said "yes"she said "go and eat some snacks and have a cold drink ...looks like a long day for you!!
everybody sitting there started laughing....I asked "Hey what happened"??they looked at me ..and said.."we are discussing Indian serial  and nothing more!!!which was aired last week ,,some BS(bullshit..Indian soaps)I thought..
its was hilarious though..but the way ladies were discussing were like they had come on funereal I people get involved into these wicked dramas and soaps..Crazy!!!
or may be I dont follow them nor do I have time to get into this stuff otherwise I would have been queen of discussions like them...But on a serious note..I jus cant handle those wicked conspiracies they show which creates an ugly scene at every house hold!!


A said...

Haha. It is funny. I am sure Aunties won't be serious when someone real dies. Sorry..sometimes they just pretend.

Uma said...

i watch the beginning episodes of a soap, say 2 or 3.. then just leave it coz of such irritating twists and turns..

Bikramjit said...

:) he hehe
anything for gossip and what more then a india TV serial

u miss 10 episodes and watch it you are in sync again

bollywoodstylediaries said...


Anonymous said...

See... this is what our world has come to?! WE pay more attention to who is married to who and who is cheating on whom and whose has a wicked mother-in-law and who has a bitchier daughter-in-law in wait for it.... TV SERIALS?!! Like we don't have enough of problems in real life already... and we really need to invite issues from the TV world!!

What's ironical is that... I used to have this feeling that these women are going to only see Two-dimentional things in very near future and then they released 3D tvs to keep things in their real perspective!!??

God Bless these stupid aunties with some work and brain to keep their otherwise worthless lives busy to some extent!

Aren't you glad to not be one of these!?

Harman said...

@A..Aunties lol..all matajis(lol) no work and gossip...eating and gossiping...their emotions are gone with the stupid Indian soaps!!they will pretend to be very sharp and smart ..even speak english knowing punjabi very well to be a hip in the crowd!!

@UMa.. jus stay away from will poison your mind..

@Bikram..very true bikram!! quite an experience lol

@Bollywood dairies!:D

@mannat..hey gurl!so very right yes, people are so stupid if everything is fine they want to bring home some kind of agony tokeep up with this crap!!haa three
I am not part of this fraternity..India soaps and gossips..I am glad about it!!

dr.antony said...

This is the real face of life.All are acting in a drama.Nothing is for real.

STRANGER said...

TV keeps ppl busy this way here.

I advise all to watch "TARAK MEHTA KA OOLTAH CHASHMAH" , this is full of fun and for all.

AbhiLaSH RuHeLa said...

same with me mam.