Thursday, January 20, 2011

Junk mail!

I get lot of hilarious stuff in my mails.....I sometimes think am I an idiot to get these kind of mails...All JUNK!!
now most of the names are one of its Wicton xempe (the mail says)
I have huge deposits in my bank,I was wondering what should I do?(this was an e-mail)
(I wanted to say"throw it in the trash Can,best place)
another one,
I am very poor ,on streets... totally bankrupt ..please help me with just $20 hope its not big amount as all of my past friends are helping me ,it will solve my purpose....and then sad story sob sob sob!!!
another one..
Hey you won a million dollar,now let us know how you want your payments to be made(I was okay but I never had a lotto ticket)...we generally pay in easy payments of $50000 each ,if its good for you(lol)now can we get your bank information and all fine details ...(sure,so it will be in a reverse manner,my bank will be empty in seconds)

Hey do you want to be a millionaire with just fifty bucks ,invest now ,best opportunity...fill these forms join us...I went to link was all fine details..including SSN and bank information...
Trust me all these e-mails look real..with name of companies and telephone numbers ,even people are there to answer your calls..
I tried calling one number,,,they said"you are the lucky winner ...A grand prize of 1 million dollar,my hubby sitting next to me ..smiling ...I said"so when should I come to collect my money??"they said..NO,not personally ..we transfer in your checkin a/c ..or savings we need your routing and bank a/c their is  a seminar at 6:30 am on Sunday with breakfast,we will publicly announce the winner ....I said "ok(thinking at back of my mind publicly announcing biggest fool of the year)....But I don't have any bank a/c "..then you cannot get have lost it!
Few days back I got a letter from a Car dealership with a car key..."it was Porsche "it said "you have WON this"!!the letter had a beautiful picture..I imagined myself driving  a hatchback ...smiling at my stars..I said"GOD TUSHI GREAT HO" (god you are great)everybody  looking at me so happy with the letter and key....BUT I when I read the whole letter it said "offer expires"*** was past the due date..and now you can get a brand new Porsche if you sell your existing car......another Fake one!!

these are all fake mails which appear to be very genuine! they just try to squeeze money "... in this trap my cousin lost$300 which was withdrawn every month for no reason when we called the number it didn't exist ..this  existed few months back ,one thousand dollar was withdrawn by the time we put a stop payment with the was so fast.... we thought it was for  auto insurance....but came to know when auto insurance which was real ..was charging separately!!
A thumb rule...never never give your bank information to anyone unless you are sure...these are all fraudulent transactions appeared to be genuine!!


STRANGER said...

If compiled properly, wonderful article can be prepared with these junk mails.

Just give a try.

Bikramjit said...

and what about the ones coming you Googlemail id has won a award or
yahoo is closing down send ur account etc to keep it live

and the bank emails saying they have had a scare security breach please click this button and re-enter ur account and passowrd ..

and the millions found from some dead general in Africa

but a lot of people fall fool of this scam , I got a call from my mama ji saying his son who has not touched football, has got selected for MANCHESTER UNITED.. junior team should he deposit this amount so he can come to uk..


Uma said...

you might be the first one who finds fun reading junk mail.. liked the way you narrated it..


its really fun going through these junk mails occasionally.....
BTW thnx for dropping at my space, really glad to see u giving so much time there.... thnx again... irfan

A said...

New methods of marketing and FRAUD.

Great job in adding humor.:))

Despite grumpy start of the day, I smiled....

Haddock said...

Sometimes it is a real pain.
I just blindly delete most of them.
I just fail to understand how people fall for the trap when it comes to money.

Harman said...
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Thinking said...

hmm....yes these JUNK emails are sometimes fun....

I still remembered one and even wrote about it in my blog....

NIce post !

Anonymous said...

These junk mails are really funny in ur case the porsche one is really enticing who on earth don't wanna ride it...but I usually delete them without reading them even once...

Harman said...

@stranger..yes..but this was my personal mails I shared and my reactions on each of then!

@bikram...yaaaa..ur right they stop the website we visit and say its not joke ..u won.....million dollar
its fun thou to read these mails..I got one today..from china...they thought Canton in US is in so they asked me to pay monthly fee of $35 to canton a charge for website!
lol(bunch of jokers)
...its was fun reading ur mamaji;s experience.

@UMA..its fun thou..reading..all know its always we have to find humor in life otherwise its so boring!

@irfanuddin..thanks I managed to hop from bikram's blog..but found ur blogs very was fun reading!

@A..the humor is actually what I think about junk .mails..sometimes I clarify from my husband ..who always laughs at my assumptions hope we get one day similar kind of letter ..a real one!!lol

@Haddock..its fun to read..I don't del ..but trap is like web if we fall ...have to be very careful...

@thinking...yes..its fun
thanks dear!

@rolling shld read..look at the new ideas of people in fraud business!!