Friday, January 28, 2011


 ..last night I saw movie came on netflix...and we have wii so ..its easy to xcess netflix.....
Guzaarish is an Indian movie hitting international movies of the charts....starring...the Indian spider-man ...krishh boy Hrithik Roshan...and lovely lady miss world Ashwariya rai..(pride of India)...
I came from work ...with bad weather thought of seeing this cheer up my mood...though it was not a Friday night..but still ..I could not resist....not knowing the real impact it would have on me....

The opening scenes ..of the looked like a haunted house..and patient on the bed...Oh God !!a quadriplegic ...what a tragedy....but then it moved moved my soul..ripping me to small pieces ...and then creating shivers of pain and headaches...

.Ironically it a wonderful piece of art portrays a journey towards death...called a mercy killing to relieve one from pain and is joyous, rapturous and ecstatic celebration of life....where a great magician becomes a slave and looks forward to death ....literally appealing people as it should be justified for him legally....
Aishwarya plays a graceful role this time and though her character is subdued she shows her power in few critical sequences and makes her presence felt strongly. Despite doing a non-glamorous role, her natural beauty and appeal was radiating.....The make up is little loud at certain places..(that is my general opinion!!thou...)

...I was getting sick as the movie ..moved ...scene to scene ....all goose bumps looking at how in a moment life changes and real worth is husband ..looked at me  said..are you ok? have nausea and headache !!I said...its sick....looking at me he ,he said...I have an engineer ..a team lead who is like this....a super intelligent guy...who is on wheel chair and my office moves with him....I see him everyday ..on wheel chair working ,giving orders in spite of his disabilities.... whose body is paralyzed but his brain is very active..he has all plans chalked out for a year ....I sometimes make coffee for him and put in his pipe ,where he drinks by himself....I don't feel sick....its life...!!!
...not in a mood to argue....I went upstairs and slept with nightmares.... got up with severe headaches...and popped up some pain killers!!!
well seriously if somebody tells me to watch it again ...I will never do!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Women ...and her word power!

 the eight favorite words every women says and the meaning to each....

1. Fine: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up.

2. Five Minutes: If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house.

3. Nothing: This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your
toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine.

4. Go Ahead: This is a dare, not permission. Don't Do It!

5. Loud Sigh: This is actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to #3 for the meaning of nothing.)

6. That's Okay: This is one of the most dangerous statements a women can make to a man. That's okay means she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when you will pay for your mistake.

7. Thanks: A woman is thanking you, do not question, or Faint. Just say you're welcome.

8. Don't worry about it, I got it :Another dangerous statement, meaning this is something that a woman has told a man to do several times, but is now doing it herself. This will later result in a man asking 'What's wrong?' For the woman's response refer to #3.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

guess why???

she is one my close buddy ,my cousin..from Winnipeg I generally end up laughing rather then getting annoyed...her jokes ,forwarding messages,pictures, every other news from any relative from India ...she has it all...any recipe I have to discuss I call her immediately...she is a very good cook too....

I got a call one day in my office was my cousin ,she was very anxious to tell me ...I was with a client..I told her to call in half an hour....she called again ...and again...I called her at last....
Neetu  said"Di you know something Amazing"? What?I asked
she said"I met a Canadian women in a store and she asked me what my age will be in current year ....and then told me to add up with the year of my birth last two digits!!.(26years plus 1985....26+85=111)...the answer will be 111..
I did it and the answer was triple one...but it not for me only anybody in the world if does that the answer will be triple one..and we are in 2011...for little kids it will be double one,(11)..isn't it amazing''?
I did  for was 111...
any guesses how this works???why it works for everyone!!!
(don't google,just try to answer by yourself ) I also did  calculations myself.....

Saturday, January 22, 2011


"...heer nu lagye khere ...ranjhe reh gaye majaha char de"(heer was married ..and ranjha was left grazing the cattles...)the etrnal love story "Heer Ranjha"


In modern times where every girl considers herself  Heer( the epic beauty) ..and boys as ranjhe..( dude of all times)
the reason I picked up this topic...every other guy you talk to behave like ranjha...when their love turns sour..
recently I was talking to one of my online friends who was very upset;tho this is not the first time I heard this....I am surprised how one sided love plays its role ....and then blame the girls for not being loyal...I mean if you have guts why not ask her directly so that you know the answer rather then sulking ...or like slow poisoning your mind against the poor girl who never admitted she was in love ....
 talking of all the Heer's ...of modern times they change with time even if it was a stable relationship...lured by money or looks ..girls change with season too....which emotionally destroys the other partner....and they behave exactly like ranjha's..dirty clothes,no dressing sense ,lost in thoughts and life on edge!!
.....its  a known fact ,if  love is not given a marital status...anything is bound to happen...its like hit and trial method!even after marriage there are chances of Adultery or cheating but at least there is some legal document or parents or relatives that might help...
.....if she opted out of this ,then you move on ,otherwise its like hell is to move.. and our xperiences makes us wiser...
to be ranjha or behave like one is very simple ....but to be poised and calm not reacting but moving to wards a better life partner is  something more constructive...
God Bless!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Junk mail!

I get lot of hilarious stuff in my mails.....I sometimes think am I an idiot to get these kind of mails...All JUNK!!
now most of the names are one of its Wicton xempe (the mail says)
I have huge deposits in my bank,I was wondering what should I do?(this was an e-mail)
(I wanted to say"throw it in the trash Can,best place)
another one,
I am very poor ,on streets... totally bankrupt ..please help me with just $20 hope its not big amount as all of my past friends are helping me ,it will solve my purpose....and then sad story sob sob sob!!!
another one..
Hey you won a million dollar,now let us know how you want your payments to be made(I was okay but I never had a lotto ticket)...we generally pay in easy payments of $50000 each ,if its good for you(lol)now can we get your bank information and all fine details ...(sure,so it will be in a reverse manner,my bank will be empty in seconds)

Hey do you want to be a millionaire with just fifty bucks ,invest now ,best opportunity...fill these forms join us...I went to link was all fine details..including SSN and bank information...
Trust me all these e-mails look real..with name of companies and telephone numbers ,even people are there to answer your calls..
I tried calling one number,,,they said"you are the lucky winner ...A grand prize of 1 million dollar,my hubby sitting next to me ..smiling ...I said"so when should I come to collect my money??"they said..NO,not personally ..we transfer in your checkin a/c ..or savings we need your routing and bank a/c their is  a seminar at 6:30 am on Sunday with breakfast,we will publicly announce the winner ....I said "ok(thinking at back of my mind publicly announcing biggest fool of the year)....But I don't have any bank a/c "..then you cannot get have lost it!
Few days back I got a letter from a Car dealership with a car key..."it was Porsche "it said "you have WON this"!!the letter had a beautiful picture..I imagined myself driving  a hatchback ...smiling at my stars..I said"GOD TUSHI GREAT HO" (god you are great)everybody  looking at me so happy with the letter and key....BUT I when I read the whole letter it said "offer expires"*** was past the due date..and now you can get a brand new Porsche if you sell your existing car......another Fake one!!

these are all fake mails which appear to be very genuine! they just try to squeeze money "... in this trap my cousin lost$300 which was withdrawn every month for no reason when we called the number it didn't exist ..this  existed few months back ,one thousand dollar was withdrawn by the time we put a stop payment with the was so fast.... we thought it was for  auto insurance....but came to know when auto insurance which was real ..was charging separately!!
A thumb rule...never never give your bank information to anyone unless you are sure...these are all fraudulent transactions appeared to be genuine!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


...recently I had been hearing lot deaths due to negligence or ignorance of health ....its very common in Indian community in US not to see a doctor unless there is a serious problem....its like even if the insurance pays for it..Annual Checkups are for a reason ...its mandatory but people take it lightly,but  then when the time comes its full n final...
I recently heard an Indian women in early sixties ..died ..she had prolonged stomach ache ....and finally decided to have to have checkup thoroughly BUT it was too late...the cancer had spread all over her body  and her days were numbered ...she was moving from one hospital to another ...but nothing could help they said its too late!!..the end came just two days back...and it was very sad..everybody was repenting...but it was too late!
..such carelessness for health ? self medications another health hazard,not visiting doctor or any annual checkups..why? ignoring eye exam or dental nothing but inviting problems in future!
"prevention is better then cure"...
There is always a reason ...that they send letters at home when annual checkups are due! reminders on phone too ,to make an appointment...all annual checkups are covered by major insurances..even if its not, insurance can be purchased or annual checkups can be done by paying upfront is more important then money..after all we earn for what? its for good and healthy life!
 The maintenance also includes all this with gyms and  fashion...The idea of check-ups usually doesn't sync with most of the people ...when we talk of doctor's..most of the people olden days no check -ups were there and people still lived BUT then think life expectancy was not more then sixty or so....and people in early forties or thirties had many health problems....
In today world where we have Internet and so much awareness ,why ignorance of health??

Saturday, January 15, 2011


keeping you  updated with weather conditions,,,see for yourself....
the snow conditions!!
the first picture is hilarious...thou
 this is what happens when you are caught by COPS in US....don't miss the Dog(lol)
 Dude..nothing works in this kind of snow,Snow blower was pissed off.

 Look at the Cars ,whose going to clean this stuff,it will take hours of hard work...and then Pneumonia...for sure

 nice view..but only from the window.
 this is my Barbeque in the back yard on my deck(lol)
 see my back yard and snow dont miss the bush on the side!
 Thats how my car was the other day,imagine how I had to clean this mess!
 this is all lush green in summers with sprawling lawns,look how it is now!!
Cut the cake please!!this is my patio table ...

Crazy women cycling in snow.....

 everybody has to clean their property side walks,no domestic help here!!
route for children to walk to bus stop

snow came and left..its marks on everyone's backyard!
my deck ..aligned with snow!!

weather condition's in Michigan is too bad ,we have winters for almost six months and spring is very short...
every season has its own charm BUT  if given in moderate quantity....otherwise its like this, inn pictures above~!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

happy lohri

today is lohri!!I am so happy ,but at work ..thinking about lohri reminds me of..
Bonfire..some good sweets,rice pudding and dance all night!!
but scenario in US is different..parties only at weekend!!which starts tomorrow today is thursday,
Lohri is celebrated with great joy and fervor specially among the farmers fraternity as this festival is associated with the harvesting of the Rabi (winter) crops. The festival of Lohri is an Occasions that urges people to extend their thankfulness and prayers to the God for being so kind and bringing prosperity for all. Lohri is celebrated by Sikhs & Hindus alike, in the North Indian states of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and parts of Himachal Pradesh. ...
For Punjabis, Lohri is more than just a festival, and also an example of a way of life. The essence of Lohri is celebration of fertility and the spark of life. An extremely auspicious day, Lohri marks the sun's entry in to the 'Makar Rashi' (northern hemisphere). The period, beginning from 14 January lasting till 14 July, is known as Uttarayan. It is also the last day of the month of Maargazhi, the ninth month of the lunar calendar.

May all your wishes come true
and may you achieve everything you desire.
Enjoy your day and don’t forget to put revari,(jaggery balls)
popcorn & moongfali(peanuts) in the Lohri fire...or in your fire place :)
It will definitely bring luck to you!

God bless!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


(the Big bull)

We as humans always learn from experiences ...sometimes its hilarious and Comic...Surreal..I also had some kind of experiences in past,but never felt bad or considered myself as Dumb coz every instance gives an opportunity to learn and be wise...
this happened sometime back ...It was on friday and we had a get-together at friends place...I, as usual was late from work and had to go home and then get formally dressed for little upset for running late I was in big rush...
When we reached there and as I entered I could see some Aunties sitting on the couch and looking very sad..I greeted them and sat next to them on the chair listening to the discussion that was me it appeared somebody expired as they were saying"what will she do in this young age?? the community is not ready for her other marriage and with a small kid..??and there were mutual condolences from every other friend..I thought I am always late in everything..never I get time to call or formally pay my grievances rude of me!!..I joined the discussion and said" Life is very short..unexpected things happen and death  is not under control..then trying to be little more philosophical I said .."life is like a play" ..and everybody has to play its part and go..its sad for a young girl without husband!!..everybody was looking at me seriously..then one of the aunties said"Betaji(my dear)are you coming from work?I said "yes"she said "go and eat some snacks and have a cold drink ...looks like a long day for you!!
everybody sitting there started laughing....I asked "Hey what happened"??they looked at me ..and said.."we are discussing Indian serial  and nothing more!!!which was aired last week ,,some BS(bullshit..Indian soaps)I thought..
its was hilarious though..but the way ladies were discussing were like they had come on funereal I people get involved into these wicked dramas and soaps..Crazy!!!
or may be I dont follow them nor do I have time to get into this stuff otherwise I would have been queen of discussions like them...But on a serious note..I jus cant handle those wicked conspiracies they show which creates an ugly scene at every house hold!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Snow...(its not a fiction)

its been crazy since last two days..snowing for twenty four hours..super duper cold outside ...all chilled up I am totally freaked out with this awful thing called SNOW...
I was driving back home last night from work ...first went to parking lot to clean the was snowing was like a white comforter my car is wrapped inn..I took out the brush and oops!!! half of the snow went on my drivers seat..pissed off !!..I removed it with my glove hand ...and started the car with heater on rear  windshield little less work for me...then started cleaning I brushed the roof ,a thick layer of the snow was everywhere on cap ,jacket ,snow boots all white ..I tried to brush my self first looking like a clown a parking lot ..then noticed the roof has snow again ,the area I cleaned ..I thought of doing it fast and finishing off to get started and go home...but it was not that simple ..It took me half an hour to clean..when I reached the front of the car there was lot of snow again on windshield and wipers were jammed...I started the windshield spray sitting on drivers seat..and started the car the way it was....But was so misty nothing could be seen zero visibility..I improved the speed of wipers which were now working...and started spraying more often,  I wanted to take the right turn ...oh my God!! the brake is not working its moving towards the main road was so slippery heat beat getting faster I was trying my best keeping my foot on the brake but it was not stopping ..I will sure Die today if not accident then heart attack ...I remembered my hubby's advice he always told me not to leave the brake keep pressing it the ABS system will work that is installed in the car...I kept praying to God I don't want to die so soon..plz help me!!! ..the brake was making lot of noise..but then  a miracle it stopped at the middle of the road ..the traffic was slow they all stopped looking at me ..nobody honked ...I was saved ..
thanks to almighty and some good blessing If  ever I got..I will never forget this.. it was horrifying moment..I had been literally begging for life...during those few moments ...
But God Saved me!!

Friday, January 7, 2011


 "All that we are is the result of what we have thought"
we all try to be calm...but how many actually do? usually situation creates problems and theories are forgotten .
1)comfortable shoes
any reflexology will tell you ,true relaxation begins at feet..think putting yourself in those comfy padded light weight shoes!!

2)try to look at best in people and situations with simple optimistic approach leads to calm..

3)Brush or get brushed your hair in a light way ...goin through each strand ...a simple way of relaxing...

4)pretend you are human and jus love yourself the way you are ignoring imperfections you will be more content and calm!

5)steal thirty seconds a gather your thoughts and workout how to calm yourself..this could be the best time of the day.

6)physical disarrays adds tensions to life,clear the clutter and keep it orderly way(garage and basements:)

7)ignore small prints while reading it induces frustration...

9)Warm shower induces calmness and freshness...

10) switch off the cell or ignore the landlines for sometime...

11)except only one deadline at a time..ignore stress!practice saying NO..

12)shed few tears ,it helps to calm and soothe!!!
and last but not the least
"smell fresh cut blooms"

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Beauty Comes with responsibilty!!

..When God created women it was considered as most beautiful thing on earth ,irrespective of its color ,class or creed..
Beauty is a gift, bestowed at random on an unsuspecting individual, usually at birth. But unlike those other gifts also allotted at birth: talent, strength, wit or intelligence --which you have to cultivate to fully develop before you reap rewards-- beauty is instant...
A face in a crowd or center of attraction are few words given which makes every head turn...I am talking about  beautiful women.."beauty Comes with responsibility"...Usually at young age ,at teenage the scenario is different ,there are many temptations and lot of fan following ..
the ditch  is also very close..everything is sparkling but not gold...many a times girls fail to understand and get lured by money or looks and get into  deep down trouble called abyss..many cases and hundred of examples where beauty became a curse cause it was difficult to handle so much fame..
whether it was beauty queen madhubala..(bollywood) or Marilyn Monroe(Hollywood)these are example of celebrities but talking in general...Its how responsibly and maturely one handles the friendships and affairs and don't go overboard....but that age one fails to understand where heart governs the brain and many a times good looking girls they never  settle properly one or the other problem keeps coming up..I wouldn't discuss since this is personal but few girls in our family and between friends had same problems when I see them its SAD!! so beautiful but things didn't work as wanted...who's fault it is?  our own because parents try to teach or advice but "isq ka bhoot sawar hotah hai"(crazy for love )Responsibility comes with age and maturity but then the time is lost and cannot be come once ..its like a sunshine ..but with a time and dawn its over..left with its imprints and stories..
Indian girls in US ..most of the time I see parents are worried and want to send them back home for higher studies so that they are not into that open culture or freedom of right..but I would say if you cant take care of your daughter who else will take care?the scene is same every where India or US, culture and rights are known ..we have to educate the kids ..girls usually want to move out where they get independence and no restrictions ,so they look for apartments and stay alone or share it with friends..which is kind of scary too cause my unknown murders have been lately seen...its like love triangles..and whatnot!!
Every girl in this age thinks herself to be Hollywood or Bollywood star..not knowing this is the time to make right decisions of life to reap a rich fruit later  whether it studies ,any professional degree or partner for life.Beauty is appreciated but not forever..age shows up But to be witty or intelligent goes forever...
so Beauty comes with responsibility
some quotes!
1)"Beauty is the first present ,nature gives to women and the first it takes away"
2) "It is good that the young are beautiful;it is the only advantage they have."
 3)"Beauty is a short-lived tyranny".

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

wealth and happiness...

Wealth in monetary terms is one important factor to run life ,one should be self sufficient and not live on others mercy,if you have,you can enjoy and as well spare a thought for others..but if you don't have money at all its like a curse living on mercy of others and looking for a new hope everyday..
I always believe that wealth if in moderate quantity can bring happiness and fulfill most of the desires except the princely treatments but if in abundance this wealth is me on that!
...happiness is a very subjective matter... what makes one happy might not be for the others..its only inner peace brought about by self acceptance can bring happiness in real sense...I don't believe in collective happiness..if there is such a thing then it could be pronounced in some group or society and not on others..
I have always written for women rights in most of my blogs...where a women suffers from one or the other problem...and trying to highlight the problem areas..
  Women's right to parents property...
its always a right of every kid to inherit what their parents have ,but the law equality lacks here..

The Indian Succession Act, 1925, everyone is entitled to equal inheritance, except Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and Muslims. Under this act, the daughter of a person dying intestate would be entitled only to one-fourth of the son’s share, or Rs. 5,000/- (Sthree Dhana), whichever is lesser. 
 for equal rights in property the will has to be amended as per the willingness of the other family members...

usually a girl or female in the family has no right on any property unless there is lot of wealth ..the property goes to the sons or otherwise decided...
The female is given whatever was there in her wedding and as per the parents ...but nothing unless a will is made by the deceased...

 discussing this point cause one of my friends here in US ,her dad has some family disputes between a father and a son ..where more then half of the major properties in India are given to son but the leftover wealth, they wish to give them to their daughters...but the son kicked out the parents and they were living with the they have gone back to India in Chandigarh where they own  a house and some properties..
The will can be be written again as per the wish BUT then conflict is for ever ,,,usually the Boys in the family respect their sisters if property is distributed is in their favor otherwise the brother sister relationship is broken forever...its out of mutual respect the daughters of the family leave their right and give more weightage   to the relationship..which is valued...
I would like to say ..why? when the parents are same why is this biased?and what have guys to loose in this?I mean they will get equally what their wives bring inn if that's the case!why not equal rights in property and whatsoever without any will or law!it should be understood by a common man!
Giving a property right to a girl is like giving her a secured future and some bank balance before she gets married ..she has her money too  if the husband doesn't support her...its pathetic to see the family in court fighting against each other... this wealth which was happiness one time is Curse now!!
its should be a law to distribute wealth equally among all kids without any discrimination  and should be understood by everyone unless anyone is willing to leave their portion to their more compulsions or misunderstandings,,,it should be clear ...
Universal Queens
Indian women have not just made their mark on earth but they have engraved their name in the whole universe by flying to space. Kalpana Chawla, who was the member of Colombia Space Shuttle, which exploded on its way back, was the first Indian women astronaut who visited space station. And now following on her footsteps another women of Indian origin Sunita Williams has become the second one to be the member of International Space Station crew.

Indian women have mastered anything and everything which a woman can dream of. But she still has to go a long way to achieve equal status in the minds of Indian men...

which is YET to Come!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


.its been long,I thought why not give a new look to my blog and keep up with new thoughts...
 a great wonderful beginning ,lets hope we all have a good time all year around.
..I am posting one of my favorite song...lets start the year with this kind of energy ..and keep up the with the pace..full of life , meaningful , hope you guys like it too..