Thursday, December 29, 2011

let me know!

....during this shopping season I practically visited all the stores....and had some good time with my cousin from Canada,it was fun looking at the huge crowd with all the nationalities guessing who is Indian here..Trust me ..I usually end up at times mistaken as to who is who? the real post :)
I was at Victoria Secret (favourite store) my pinks... I love the smell of that store ..
This year I visited Victoria couple of times basically carries women's stuff ..all lingerie's and perfumes ...But this yr ..I saw more men in that store..which unfortunately doesn't carry any stuff for them.. so why pork your nose inn...Its cheap..
.... I had coupons frm this store as I visited.."all the ladies having VS credit card will be knowing wht I am talkin  about"!
standing in line to get my stuff rung ..there were guys ahead of me..holding VS shopping bag with ladies bras n panties... I could see. My cousin looked at me and gave me a wink .. "how do they know sizes " lolzzzzz she curiosity...
I laughed.. the guy ahead looked at me.. I pretended to be looking at wall seriously
..he checked one of the women's bra ..on front of me..
I muttered under my breath "besharam log" (shameless creatures)..
on a serious note...
tell me how many men visit lingerie store and buy bra n panties for their GURL.??

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Detroit river.
..its like good time of the year,spent with friends and families ,and best part is the parties where you get to meet some friends far n close..
all year around we have certain experiences and incidents  which is hard to forget...this time of the year we share with our friends that some are so hilarious that they make others laugh too.. such incident ...
This friend of us from Toronto (Canada) came for the party ... this yr and shared his ticket incident with us ...
Driving from Toronto (Canada)to Michigan (USA)which is four hours drive ...otherwise Canadian border to US is jus twenty five minutes drive,its that close!! Detroit river sets them apart .Its amazing to stand at this side of the river to see Canada on other side.
ambassador bridge
river walk(this side of Canada)

...Now this guy who was coming from Toronto couldn't reach to the party as everyone was curious and wanted to know where he was and 
as promised why he dint show up?
 he shared his experience..
he was over-speeding  by fifty miles per hour at a certain stretch.. and came to know only when he was  surrounded by two police cars as he was driving too fast.. when the cop asked him reason for driving so fast ..he dint know what to say ..and made an excuse immediately that his parents sitting behind ,his father is having pain in heart he wanted to make sure he reaches hospital before its too late. 
Hearing this the cops assured him his father would be alright they would take care of that and called emergency vehicle immediately ... in few seconds paramedics reached on highway and immediately put his dad on stature ..the dad was staring at son with anger not sayin anything to save his skin...
Soon Dad was in the hospital and they told the son will take a day as they have to undergo all the tests to ensure stability...sitting there in the hospital he dint know whom to call and  what to say.. so they had to wait patiently ...
It took overnight and all test were done...everything came negative and he was fine...they said they couldn't find any apparent reason as such for the pain ..and he was discharged from hospital.
The cops were informed too by the hospital authority,so this guy he got a ticket of $200 for over- speeding...and later in mail got hospital bill of $900 ...for all the lab work done and stay-in hospital SO all together a bill of 1100 in a day for a lie which he says he said accidentally..
...Later on when he brought his father home ..his dad was so pissed off for the lie he said and dint talk to him properly , a day wasted for no reason and above all a bill of $1100 straight out of his pocket!

 :) lesson learnt..Never tell a lie specially if laws of the country are that hard!
happy holidays ...and no drunk driving!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Marriage anniversary! is my parents ( in-laws)marriage anniversary ...they met fell in love and got married..

Dad did his masters ( india and then his ph.d from ohio (US)..he worked in india at one of the top positions and then migrated to US..As per mom  ,she worked before marriage too as a school teacher.. 
life has been so lovely with them I came to US becuz of them ..they were always with me ..whenever I wanted they took care of me irrespective of the fact and urgency on other side..
the incident that touched my heart was..when I was expecting my first kid..and the due date was very close..on the other hand my hubby's brother was getting married on the same date..Mom left that marriage..and took care of me here in US.. and dad went to india with my bro-in-law and did all arrangements for his marriage alone ..jus becuz they wanted me to be in safe hands....
..Sometimes small little things make a mark in your life.. due to which it is always loved n respected.
Mom today works and keeps herself busy by reading or spending time with dad ..she is very fit.. goes to gym.. drives herself ,does all her work..recently they made a trip to india and came back happily..they usually take vacations off n on and try to keep their life busy..
Mom today works for pharmacy as supervisor... and Dad is a senior engineer in FORD ..he works on police Cars.. (designing)..
When I see them together.. they look so cool.. 42 two years of marriage and still so much in love :)
Amazing !!
I hope we also cover those milestones in same way lovingly...

happy marriage anniversary ..mama & you both!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


...when we talk about blessings ..we think about about almighty only ..BUT to me I think our parents blessings are more precious then anything on this whole wide world.
Parents can be our own parents or in-laws too..
Now when it comes to in-laws gets harder to digest for some people as why should we be good to in-laws when they are not good to us...and the whole issue comes up.. 
In the heat of the moment we end up doing all that which is something that become s a curse for life time unknowingly ...
Many incidents happen ,some we hear ,some we see ...But when we see with our own eyes its hard to believe how the saying gets true to every word"What goes around,comes around"
(its a real story ...I wont name anyone here)
  ..I met this lady couple of yrs ago..who was very well-off and lived in a big house in one of the best areas in the city. I came to know she had some issues with her in-laws always due to which one day things went out of proportion and worst thing she threw her in-laws out at midnight...The old parents not knowing where to go at that time of night requested their son to at least let them call one of the friends take a shelter at night they called the friends but before leaving the house the parents were in tears as to they had to see this day in their life and such a shameless kid they had... whom they made an Engineer giving best family values and all comforts of life was today not ready to keep them even for one night.
The boys mom was really hurt and said few words to both of them (son n daughter-in -law)"I am leaving this house and you mark my words ,the way you have insulted us ,this house you will never live ,,,you will loose everything in life you have then looking at her daughter-in-law she said ..the things that make you happy and you are proud of ,you will crave for that but it will never come back ,its my curse!!!
... that night they stayed at one of the friends place and told them the whole their kids behaved..since they were US citizens and were on legal benefits provided to senior citizens ..they thought of renting an apartment and living on their own independently..which they did..
the only problem they had was they couldn't drive and had no license ,, so they told their friends to help them in giving them a ride n when anyone goes for shopping or trip to grocery store.
the old couple made their life comfortable ..and never talked to their son again..

one day... the same daughter -in -law came running to them asking for help as the couple had a fight and she had no place to go with kids... 
they refused and said they have nothing to do with her and their son too.

.... time flies ..slowly the things got worse in case of daughter-in-law and they started facing problems.. at last ..they had to file bankruptcy and then...a separation!!
the same house went on foreclosure and the couple left each other...the lady  had never thought in dreams to under go such hardships without any support!!

... Today when I think of those parents who are no more  and this couple who never got back together.. happiness never came back to their door ,they are legally divorced and this man is a big alcoholic and the lady is making both ends meet to keep her bread n butter intact...its like problems all over the place.
they lost all they had and never got  anything again...they never got any blessings,,,and their parents  left the world with a heavy heart .....
This guy was beside his parents during death,,said sorry many times but words could ease the pain given to them and insult they had to face in the society.
today when I see this family in-front of me suffering ,it hurts me... scares me more.. how the blessings work...what happens when we we hurt our own parents and insult them..."this is the end result" ..
I met this unfortunate family few days back...which made me write this post.
..the whole idea of telling you this story is ..please kind to your parents and in-laws..
if the relationships don't work try to get into a solution which helps in both ways and keeps up the honour of your parents too ,try balancing your relationships with parents and wife both!
otherwise...this is what happens when we fail to get the blessings!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011


I came across this picture, was actually very happy that we have place for husband too ..
We as women also need  time to relax ...and a day off from kitchen so this a good place I guess ..
have a good week ahead!

Saturday, December 17, 2011


..look at this picture for ten seconds.Focus on the coloured dots and then shift your-gaze to a plain white wall preferably ,you will see the person clearly in colour without a negative...its a magic... an after effect of the negative picture...
when I first looked at the plain wall I was totally surprised ... as to how this works..
can you guess who is this lady?
...if we have an opthomerist among us ...they will definitely give a right answer.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas JOYS

Moving towards Christmas ..I can feel the winter chills and temperature dropping.. the screeching of cars and late night shopping...(the stores are open till midnight)..I can hear the best Christmas songs this time of the year.

my hubby took a day off this Monday I am off on Monday's too from work...
so sending kids to school ..having a cup of tea (I guess after a yr) together in the morning ...He said" what do you want for Christmas??"
I smiled.." honey ,remember you brought me a diamond pendent last year..I looked at one of the sale papers ..this ring goes exactly with that...its jus for $500"
he smiled... this is even better he looked at the ring "Ahaa.. jus $20 ..beautiful and would suit on your finger too"
he was pulling my leg... I kept quite...
today morning ..I got a call from him.." whats your ring size?"
hope its $500 and not $20..
every year we exchange gifts with-in our family ..and we open them on 25 th DEC that's the official Christmas morning...its fun and I love to see kids jumping with joy..
Christmas is celebrated all over by friends and relatives,, its time to get together share,enjoy and be merry... marked as official time for party..
...People usually ask me,, do you do Christmas thingy?
..I end up saying ,, whats wrong,,?? it doesn't have to be religious aspect necessarily...jus celebrate and share the joy ..

hope the Christmas brings joys and tranquillity and we are all blessed with this wonderful celebration at the end of the year.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Holding my key chain as Owl in my hand I entered the grocery shop..
The grocery shop is a family owned business selling fresh groceries around the corner...The lady smiled at me looking at me standing in the line...As I came closer she asked"" do you like owls"?
I looked at her " owls?? then looking at my key chain I laughed..o yaa.."
she observing me closely said" we consider owls as bad omen ...not good..its our cultural thing"
I looked at her and then looking at the beautiful owl in Rhine stones and cubic zircon ... I said it?
I came home asked mom ...Are owls bad?
she looked at the key chain ,,, and said"In india we do consider it bad..but its your faith n belief. "dont get into that".
is it bad? wht do you say??

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Snow !(2011)

today when I got up this morning ,a very obvious surprise ...snow all over the place shining with pride....winters officially in Michigan.
We are heading towards Christmas is it possible that we don't have white Christmas... last night after putting up Christmas tree till 11pm ...the boys were jumping with joy at the decorated Christmas tree ... We are late this yr putting up the tree ,usually we do after thanks giving...But my house was packed with guests so dint get time ..
its official winters now ...I got the feel when I had to put my snow boots , cap and gloves... then removing the snow from car and heading towards gym... which was wet too with snow on the door and carpet filled with water...
Oh Boy!!
Dark gloomy sun for weeks ,jus snow all over the place..there is no other option jus be happy and take it as gift of mother nature,its part of the package I guess ...
my drive way.


my backyard.



(sukh bhare din beete re bhaiiya thand ayoo ree :)
Sunny days will be here again in March....

(Picture courtesy :harman

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Sad ...its very sad...A legend is no more... 
Debonair and evergreen are the two words that come to mind when you think of Dev Anand, who passed away in London at 88.
The evergreen romantic hero of Hindi cinema, whose career spanned six decades and whose romancing skills set millions of female hearts aflutter for a few decades from the 1950s, will perhaps be best remembered for his unmatched rendering of timeless melodies.

Dharam Dev Anand , better known as Dev Anand, was an Indian film actor, director and producer known for his work in Hindi cinema. The Government of India honoured him with the Padma Bhushan in 2001 and the Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 2002 for his contribution to Indian cinema.
A great Actor ..a very good looking person  and best films under his belt..
Famed for his roles in dozens of movies, including "Jewel Thief" and "Guide," the veteran actor, director and producer was working up to the last minute, with a new script in the works.

Dev Anand died in his sleep at the Washington Mayfair Hotel where he was staying. The hotel is owned by local Indian businessman Joginder Sangar. 
His son Sunil Anand had accompanied him to London for treatment. The hotel staff called an ambulance after family alerted them, but he died before he could be taken to hospital.
Anand lived and died on "his own terms," his nephew and renowned film director Shekhar Kapur said in a posting on Twitter. "He was working one minute. Sat down and smiled. And was gone the next. So much to learn."

Born on Sept. 26, 1923, as the son of a Punjabi lawyer, Anand studied English literature and law, eventually moving in his early 20s to India's film capital of Mumbai, then called Bombay, where he pursued a love of acting.
Dev Anand is the second of three brothers who were active in Hindi Cinema. His brothers are Chetan Anand and Vijay Anand. Their sister, Sheel Kanta Kapur, is the mother of renowned film director Shekhar Kapur...
he has many good movies..
my favs are
*Jewel thief
*Tere ghar ke samne
*Hum Dono
*jhonny mera naam..
*Asli nakli
*prem pujari
(I have seen all of his movies ...he was my fav songs book marked ..favourite scenes captured on you tube,,, )
the playlist is too long ....But  I really like this one )
this yr we lost many celebs ..and known figures..
Kuldip manak a punjabi singer n legend also died jus fews days back...
God bless these departed souls!

Friday, December 2, 2011

love evaporates??

 (most of blogs are on real life and incidents ...only names I change to protect the personal ids,these blogs are not meant to hurt or offend anyone ..)
its sad to see relationships break or love evaporates...
I was at school on parent teacher was an open house...
A beautiful girl  crying standing against wall(I guess so that nobody could see her)..
I asked Anita (one of the parents)... who is she? why is she crying??
Anita said" she is a mom of these twins (girls) and her Ex-husband is here too ..."
I looked at the corner ...where Anita pointed out ..there was this guy reading news paper..very calm n quite...
First I couldn't believe such a young girl mom of twins and then this guy who was sitting has a blue eye ..looked like some kinda accident..which left a mark..
Anita said"she is upset to see her Ex-husband..and dint want him to come here to school..."
 Looking at the twins when I go to school now...I don't understand what went wrong and what is  fault of these kids when parents go for divorces or separation have a disturbed childhood are the one who suffer the most,its sad!!
..the same girl who was crying would have married some time back happily taking the vows and having dreams of all kinds... now what happened??they got  exhausted ..hate each other? have big egos.. I mean can't they sacrifice their big egos for these cute little girls?
Is life to move on?? jus forget the past ..and keep yourself happy as long as we live?
Another example...
I was at store shopping in the mall ...a lady maybe in early thirties... was standing next to me looking at the same dress... A guy came a looked at her started talking crap like " you B**** ..never ever enter my house or try to steal my kid... F**** ..I looked at her ..tears trickled down she was quite... 
before he could be more abusive she took her cell out"I m gonna call the cops right are harassing me" 
I saw the guy ran out and slammed the door hard!!
people in the store were all looking at her...such a shameful act ..publicly by this guy!!
she turned and went to wash-room...
I was surprised as to why people cant stand each other...the same people who were in love before...

so much hatred!! love flies out of the window?is it such a temporary thing ??or do we live in temporary world where nothing is stationary...?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


..Everyone has to grow old... Age is something that doesn't  spare anyone..when we are young we are on high ..not knowing we are jus following the same foot matter how much we try to keep up or stay in good shape But ..the truth, the universal truth is ...all of us have to go through the same path or should I say "Patli gali se"(narrow street)
Beauties of indian cinema name ,fame and money ...Today when we see some of them we cant recognise them..its AGE ,that shows up... and nothing can be done here..Botox ,laser ..implants ..facials .. gyms everything fails!
Take it gracefully and enjoy thats what it shows up here...
take a look at this picture closely!
below are the pictures of these stunner's... starting from left... Nanda , Wheeda rehman , Helen  and the  beautiful Sadhna... during their age and peak of their careers.....
Compare the recent pictures with old black n white....
Can we stop aging?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

thanks :)

Kevin wanted to say thanks personally a special thanks to all of you for lovely comments on his birthday! he wrote on piece of paper ...he could have used my laptop but I wanted him to write personally as mark of respect to all my friends ...
thanks to all of you once again.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

My little Boy..

(these are my personal pictures ...if an attempt is made to copy them I can take a legal action against it)

 ... how can I forget this day after thanks giving ...when my bundle of joy came to my life...
Soft like a cotton ball pure naive ..eyes full of hope and tranquility .. a cute little smile and hugging to me..I was an honoured mom ..I thanked God many times..
A women is complete with motherhood ...blessed are those who are moms!
Kevin my older Son came to my world  26 November 2004 Monty (hubby) and me could not take our eyes off from the little boy ..
I never imagined this how beautiful my world would be...
We named him KEVIN ... as we decided on many indian names ..hindi punjabi ..but looking around ... as names change in schools as kids grow up...Jasbir becomes Jaz...ramesh becomes Ronnie.. Sidhu becomes Sid... and so kevin was the name means ..Handsome ,smart n intelligent ..(all in one)..and it wont change in school.
Kevin was a cranky kid in a month or so I came to know..had a stranger anxiety in beginning ...due to which I faced lot of problems ...and never got opportunity to visit friends or relatives ...But with time he became very sober and unexpectedly well behaved kid any one would imagine...
His paediatrician still remembers how Kevin made big noise in doctors clinic and nurses had hard time in handling him..
I had put Kevin in private Montessori  school But his problems made us pull him out of the school... and I ended up putting him in  elementary where he came up with flying colors...
kevin four yr old.
kevin two year old
kevin three yr old.
kevin eight yr old.

kevin two yr old.
kevin five yr old.
kevin grew up ..became friendly and very obedient .. he is still introvert kid but  very confident.
His major milestone was when we got a letter from principal that your son has been selected as star kid for his academic achievements and being invited by principal for lunch... 
Second milestone was when got a gold medal in running ...on sports day.

*Kevin has always been good in studies and made us proud ,he has few selected friends out of which Marc is his best friend.
*Kevin loves Indian food ...unlike most of my friends kids who throw lot of tantrums on indian food.His favourite food is Paranthas for breakfast which I make sure he eats before he leaves for school.He loves vegetarian food too specially Pizza.
*Kevin loves skate boarding  he can sleep with his skate board ..
*Kevin Loves to read books ..he makes frequent trips to book store ..his room ,his draws ,his table has all books...
his most fav is" Diary of the wimpy kid"
* kevin Loves his Dad more then me ...I always noticed this unlike my other son who loves me more :) he can share all his troubles with his dad only ...may be he knows mom is very strict!
* kevin is very clean freak ..he jus cant tolerate used  napkin on the table and ends up leaving his dinner ..unless I notice it as to what is troubling him.
*Kevin usually ends up smiling to himself whenever he looks at the girls ...
* Kevin Loves Salman khan ..he generally talks about Salman with Marc and about indian movies ...which I find amusing...he  generally watches english movies of his age and interest.
...Today kevin is nine years old ...he got his first laptop today which his Dad gave him as surprise gift..for which he was delighted.
Kevin is very good in computers ..handles most of his stuff on computer and fixes minor computer problems himself ...
Happy birthday to my little boy!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


..happy thanksgiving to all! has always been a top priority in my life..all the best colors of summers and winters..
shocking pinks to lovely summer green coats in my wardrobe..including my fall color formal shirts and lovely scarfs at work!
we are heading towards Christmas and winter now ..Snow on the way and lovely black friday sales coming up...What can I ask more from God... he has been so kind to me... 
Every year I leave the house for black friday sales at five am... prior night I tick mark the stores I have to visit and my shopping list ...
... I had already visited mall this week to check the prices and check sale price on black friday so that their are no gimmicks ..and I don't end up being a fool..
Stores like American eagle and express has some good tunics and denims ...which will show up on black friday..
...Target Massimo ..wide leg flares (latest) denims looks cool and awesome with striking pencil heels...Macy can be caught for some ...women's knee length shoes for winter with fleece lining and some purses..and now comes the Gap and old navy Sweaters and sweat shirts twenty bucks or so...the deals are awesome..time is short and efforts should be put!
lets hope to catch few of the deals!
happy shopping!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011

tag time.

 Thanks for tagging me I am honoured.. Renu ..that was nice of you..
...tags are actually telling about yourself ..likes and dislike...
If I were a month, I’d be july ..its my Birthday ..:)

if I were a day of the week, Friday....where the weekend begins!

If I were a time of day, I’d be to hear the chirping of birds ..the  fresh cup of coffee ... my Favourite Golden temple infront of my eyes ..on Tv..the hymn and chants of early morning..

If I were a season, I’d be Spring to see nature and fresh green leaves ...the path full of flowers and bushes dancing with lovely smell of lavender.

If I were a planet, I’d be Moon....(Mera chand sa chehra:)
If I were an animal, I’d be the peacock...lovely and grand.

If I were a direction, I'd be the north!(as I am a north indian:)
If I were a piece of furniture, I’d be a centre table in my living room ..a Centre of attraction.
If I were a liquid, I’d be Water!(nothing as fresh as that)
If I were a tree, bougainvillea..people would love to stand next to me for pictures :)

If I were a tool, I’d be hammer ... straighten everything out.

If I were an element, I’d  be  Gold..pure n divine...

If I were a gemstone, I’d be RUBY!(my birthstone)
If I were a musical instrument, I wud be dilruba!(its a musical instrument)
If I were a color, I’d be Red!(my favourite color ... matches my per my horoscope too)
If I were an emotion, I would be Courage.

If I were a fruit, I’d be a lychee favourite.

If I were a sound, I would be song of Ar rehman..(love his songs)

If I were a car, I’d be Buick la Crosse (GM).. (my hubby designed it)
If I were food, I’d be gulab jamun!
If I were a taste, I’d be sweet!
If I were a scent, I’d be fragrance of rose!
If I were a pair of shoes, I Would cross any hurdle!
If I were a bird, I wud be Dove

If I were a Fast bowler, I’d be the Kapil dev
If I were a Batsman, I’d be the ...Sachin tendulakr
...thanks ..
I would like to tag ...mishi n Uma.:)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Change for good...

I am not able to understand these people ...who cannot change for good...
Coming to US and still keeping up with same kinda behaviour and environment back home... Its strange ...its sad  when people cannot understand your lingo or pronunciation then its difficult to communicate..
Few weeks back I was at work and an old couple came to me .. they knew none other then Gujarati ...I was like shocked ...they said  "no English ,no Hindi  jus Gujarati":)..I asked are you guys from Hindustan?? and dunno to speak Hindi ..why?...they looked at me ...I looked at them ...and they kept mum.
They started speaking in Gujarati.. I smiled and remembered my dad...
thanks to my dearest Dad who was posted at every corner of India and my communicating skills... so communicating in Gujarati after long time was very interesting but the fact is why??.. why cant we improve ourself..

My hubby 's friend an automotive engineer ..from Delhi and  they did masters together in same university in US..he dint learn correct pronunciation even after studying here...I asked my hubby ..why  does he speak that way?? my hubby replied "he doesn't want to change for what he learnt back home ...he says "its others problem to understand me ,not mine to make them understand ... " very soon he was laid off from work and is now in Seattle...

This same friend once gave us directions to reach a certain office on College road..we ended up looking and wasting one hour ( we dint have navigation system that time it was few yrs back) couldn't find the place ...came back home and my hubby went online to check ... it was Coolidge rd and not College rd it was pronounced wrong :P

We change for good its for ourself to make our life easy ...its not for others or we are getting into some different life style or we sound too Americanised .. there should be no shame in accepting the same accent to communicate properly otherwise you will end up pulling your own hair or hair of others in frustration :)

hope you guys had a good weekend!keep smiling.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


 After Celebrating Diwali ,it was Halloween' s turn now..Basically kids are  having a blast at this time of the year ...and ending up with Christmas and  New year!
recently ...we had halloween festivites in US ...
when I first came to US I was quite surprised as to what kind of festival is this where every house has been decorated as haunted house? wearing Halloween (scary)costumes ...may be to appease ghosts?I was kinda scared myself as it gave me a creepy feeling ....I dint celebrate  this for sometime  ...But then later I had kids who really liked this trick n treat and fun behind this humongous festivity!
the history behind Halloween is...
ancient religion of the Celtic tribes (circa 500 B.C.) from whom came the Britons, Scots and the Irish. Present day Britain's, Scots, Welsh and Irish are all descendants from these ancient Celtic tribes,believed in the spirit world. They worshipped over 300 gods. Their chief god was the sun and they celebrated two festivals revolving around the sun: Beltane, to mark the beginning of summer and Samhain or Saman to mark the start of winter.
The Celts believed that at the end of summer, Samhain, the lord of death becomes powerful and overpowers the sun god. On October 31, Samhain assembles all the evil spirits who had died the previous year and allows them to return home to visit the living. 
Today, Halloween is a festival of fun for kids. An occasion to dress up as little monsters, ghosts or witches. Over time the custom of adults dressing up as demons changed and the children took over. As they went from house to house they would knock at each house and cry "trick or treat". People would then give the children apples or buns and later candy to keep from being tricked...
 Many halloween parties are kept on weekends where adults dress in ..different costumes ..there are special stores which carry costumes and all kinda scary things for this season ..these stores show up only during this time and are otherwise closed through out..the spirit of halloween shows up!!
The cops are very vigilant  during this time as to no mis-happening should take usually starts with police siren (an indication as to start officially ...trick n treat)and stops with a siren (as to be an indication that trick n treat is over.)
Most of the time parents accompany their kids and get dressed themselves too for trick n treat!

I was with my kids this year for trick n treat( no I dint wear halloween costume )...every house in the neighbourhood was haunted ...but there is always one best in Sub ...I have clicked few pictures to show my friends ...

the joker I guess.

the best haunted house in the Sub!

witch on the breakfast table :)

the best haunted house.

the skeleton ..there was a huge smoke when we enter the house.

dont miss the fall colour behind Harry Porter.



my little one.
my older son.