Tuesday, December 7, 2010

comfort food

have you ever tried?
Pizza ..squeezing fresh lemon on top...try peperoni topping!!
warm apple pie.. with vanilla ice cream!
Aloo paranthas ...with ketchup...
Idlis with  sugar  :)
salsa with fresh hot samosa!
Strawberry jelly with plain paranthas :)
Buttermilk with mango pulp topping?
fritters or pakodas or bhajias with mango pulp as a dip..
blend vanilla ice cream and milk ..add some Oreo cookies on top with whipped cream ...YUM
vanilla ice cream  topped with mango pulp and pistachios ..
try....boiled rice with butter or clarified butter and crumbled jaggery on top...
Try  chicken or mutton biryani with mint chutney only
.left over...Black lentil.( Daal) mixed with yogurt ...and fresh hot paranthas!its awesome..
Masala Puri ..with hot cup of tea!
rice pudding or kheer..with ladoos ....try that!

its all unusual combination but awesome....I have tried all of them ..its works  soooo good..have you tried them ..if any ..which one?
or any other out of the world ....let me know
Share your experiences too!!


    A said...

    I did not try either one of these but...may be I should

    Anonymous said...

    Gotta say... I'm so relieved to see other weirdos in the world as me... funny thing is I usually do eat all of these... (not even kidding!!)

    Some of my other favs are:
    - Baked tortillas with sweet mango chutney!
    - chopped fresh bananas, strawberries & mango with vanilla icecream, "falooda", and warm chocolate syrup - YUMMY
    - uncooked "maggi" noodles with chopped onions, green chillies, tomatoes, and with "maggi" masala
    - french fries with mayonnaise
    - mango pulp with whipped cream and fresh chopped fruits
    - and my personal favourite when I'm sick... My mom's Soups!! DELICIOUS!! - most comforting

    Thanks for sharing the list!!
    - Mannat!

    dr.antony said...

    A recipe of unusual concoctions!

    I like biriyani with sweet chutney, dosa with sugar sprinkled,rice steam cake with honey, paratha with fruit jam. You would laugh at some of my secret recipes!

    Harman said...

    @blogger girl..uncooked maggie..I will try sounds yum....and baked tortillas with mango chutney!..rest I have tried!

    @DR Anthony...you should have shared with us those recipes...it would have been gr8!
    I love unusual concoctions...

    Harman said...
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    Zeenu said...

    hi harman
    *did you eva try that indian kaju barfi blended with milk (in small proportion ) ,pour it a glass and drink u will land straight in heaven LOL
    *masala chana with Amritsari pappad and mango picle ,you will remember ZEENU forever LOL
    *Butter chicken with plain white bread.
    *pani puri ..water with VODKA ,mix and fill in GOLGappaas..it becomes power balls.(I know you don't drink but for others)
    *plain yogurt with all fruits per choice and honey on top--A perfect breakfast.
    take care..love YA

    Uma said...

    truly unusual combinations! must try :)

    Raj - Only name sake !! said...

    I eat Idlis with sugar.. and I love it.

    And feeling hungry after reading your post at 1.15 AM :)

    Harman said...

    @RAJ..thanks..its also a comfort food!

    AbhiLaSH RuHeLa said...

    How can u try such experiments? hahaha

    STRANGER said...

    Have you ever tasted “Pyaj Ki Kachori” ?

    Onion+boiled potato fried with ingredients, then stuffed and filled in a paste of maize deep fried in oil when served with tamarind+jiggery chatni…….tasts yummy, you must try.