Thursday, December 2, 2010


Its a beautiful song sung by Punjabi singer Harbhajan Mann...basically about the Indian Punjabi tradition depicting as to how  a girl who had stayed with her parents forever had to leave them after marriage..its a very touching song with lyrics ...
I am translating every single line ..which is very touching.
which says... just like a flowering tree which was in their yard..(Babbul de veede ambi da buta)(ambi nu boore peya)now ready to bloom..
.(vas da rehe mere baabul da veedah theeian di ehi dua)daughters always pray for well being of their parents..

(sakyon bachpan de din payare enha galiyan de vich guzare)friends childhood memories are precious spent in playing on the streets...
(bachpan beetiya ayi jawani aagye mehaka de vanjaare) the flower blooms and its taken by somebody else ..
(babbul de veedeh chamba si khidya ek phool tod liya)there was garden full of flowers one flower is taken now..
(vaasda rahe mere baabul da veedah theeiyan di eh hi dua)I pray for well being of my parents and the garden to bloom forever...
(veedeh goonj pehiyan shenaiyan ki sakhiyan doli pavan ayian)the same house has today celebration goin on with friends together to set her for final goodbye.
.(baabul par latha tere sir toh loki ake dean vadhiyaan)..people are congratulating father as his burden of getting his daughter married is finally over..
(rona ni mayen punjh le athroo has has kar de bidaayee )dont cry mom wipe your tears...and happily say good bye..
(vas da rehe mere babbul da veedah theeyian di ehi dua)I pray for well being of my parents...
(mera veer sandahra layaya lambe cher ke paande aya)my bro has come with gifts after traveling  hours..
(mere toh khushi na sambhi jaandi aaj khar aya ambhdi jaya)..I cannot express my happiness that apple of moms eye is here...

(Ambdi de jaye gal lag mileye a doove pehan praa...).apple of moms eye ...give me a hug we are brother and sister..
(Vaasda rahee mere babbul da veedah theeyan di ehi dua.....)..I wish for well being of my parents!!

I have translated the lyrics best of my ability....with tears in my eyes all the time...


A said...


I don't want to sound racist or biased towards any state but I noticed in that a lot Indians don't (wrongly) consider Panjabis or Sikhs to be good in literature, music, dance or art.

However on the same time, whole world dances to beats of dhol and knows Bhangra. No movie is complete without a good Panjabi song and Panjabi dance.

This song is another example of deep music sense in Panjabis.

On the literature side, while we had people like Amrtia Pritam but on the same time we have people like Khuswant Singh who is unmatchable.

Sometimes I wonder when will people be objective

Thanks for posting this song.

Zeenu said...

harman what are you doing? I have yet to get married plz plz don't make me emotional its very nice song but very heart ripping.
I was in tears listening to whole song where did you get it?
harbhajan mann 's voice itself is very emotional kind and on top of that he has sung this bidayee song?
call me I have to talk ,its been long since we had some girly talk :)

GardenLane said...


I have to say, please donot post things like this. We girls live far away from our parents here, let alone getting married. It is better to forget this part of life to live normally. I cannot even dare to click on this song to play. Your lyrics alone made me cry.

When I got married, I pretended that I am never going away from my parents. I did not think I could live throught the crying, if I let the reality sink in.

This is one thing I always prayed that my good bye was not the final kind, and God answered my prayer. Now here, my parents can come and stay with me for longer time and life is almost the same as it was before marriage. I still cling to my mom like a baby, and leave her only when she promises to come back soon.

Bikramjit said...

beautiful song .. thanks for putting it on ..

God bless ur parents and all parents


Dharmjit said...

@harman this is not good u r making everyone cry here.Even i am feeling bad seeing everyone here in tears

AbhiLaSH RuHeLa said...

logon ko rulaana atchi baat hai kyaa??

Agar meri biwi bidaai k samay jyaada roegi to usse jyaada main rone lagunga or usey kahunga k theek h tu apne hi ghar reh .. Main roz shaam ko yahiin milne aa jaaunga... ;)

Anonymous said...

beautiful song...

Just out of curiousity... why do girls always have to leave their house, their parents, their friends, even their surname... to go live with (often times) completely unknown family and they not only live with them... they accept them as their family and do every thing in their best capability to keep every single person in the household happy!! They adapt themselves to blend into the new family trends and ways and habits of doing things...

Sorry to say that but not all men can do the same thing!! I have seen men who avoid their in-laws and are proud of doing that!! Sorry, took the discussion to another direction... But, Harman can I add this as another reason to why not to get married??? ;-)

You have a beautiful soul and a wonderful way of thinking!! I wish more girls could be like you!

Cheers - Mannat!

Harman said...

@ abhilash ..Buddy ..that was really a cute answer...wish world would run like that!
I didnt mean to make anybody cry...I cried myself too:( but jus the song is too good!

Harman said...

@A..thanks !!I support your comment its not biased but in general where Punjabis ..have made a name all over the world ..and I think made every nationality ..(forget about Indian states )made their mouth water with sumptuous Punjabi food!

@Zeenu..I got from one of my online friends she had posted it..
dont be upset..plz!!

@gardenlane..I am sorry if got upset..parents are precious to everyone!have a gr8 time with your parents!


@Dharmjit..Sorry if Ihad upset anyone!

its very sad part for girls that changes their identity after marriage..yes she has to change..adapt a different atmosphere ..but still I would never say .."not to get married"...marriage has its own charm ,a good partner you can always share your problems and help each other seeing ups and downs in life..and then old age when you can actually see a transformation in everyone but your life partner remains same...
evry thing has its drawbacks and assets too..
tc!God Bless!!

dr.antony said...

We are sensitive,sentimental and emotional.And that is why we are touched by songs like this.

Bringing up a child with so much of love and care ,and then sending her away to an often unreachable destination, is not easy for a mother.

Harman said...

@DR antony..Yes..its very sad part of a girls upbringing..but thats how its been a tradition!