Saturday, November 13, 2010


Words or lingo is something which can destroy or build its wise to watch your words before the shooters are out...I am surprised to see ,how people behave publicly when its a tussle between two countries or I would say neighboring countries..I would not mention the name of any country here as every individual is different and upbringing is as per environment and situation...why I am mentioning all this? its weird to even talk ..but with complete stranger ....when you meet ,not knowing about the origin of the person how can you talk like that??
This lady came for some work..she picked up a topic of India .and started talking about India and media...(she was not an Indian).so all BS(bull shit )she said that she could think of!!!
what she said?you folks must be thinking???she said
"Indian girls are shameless creatures...their movies show all nonsense dressing sense among Indian women....they believe in exposing and media shows all malnutrition people."".I was listening quietly wanted to see what was in her mind and what length she could go....
"look at the media ...bunch of idiots ..they think Indian women is very smart liberated not knowing they are whores.. they give that kinda look.."she said...for fame they do anything!!
I got up  rolling up sleeves...(I thought...high time let me give her some  "prasad"..the code word we used in the university when guys messed with us)
Oh .okay...I said" but then what are you?... look deep inside yourself ..all that malice you have ..overflowing out of you..what  made you say this?? and which movies are you watching ?? ...that you have so much experience of whores and other stuff....I wanted  to show her the door...but she looked at me and said"are you Indian?? yes!!.. do I look like a french women ??and what are  you blabbering?.most .Indian women wear decent clothes ..and most of the movies  are nice ...don't forget Slum dog millionaire or other movies nominated for Oscar...and with Media ..its always shows something that's over exaggerated ..I mean...why are you so pissed off with India...its politically motivated things on media...don't go for that!!! she kept quite..saying " I didn't know you are from India"..may be she was pretending....she said ..the media shows otherwise how do we know!!
Media shows lot of things about US or other countries too movies and other stuff ..but reality is different .country is made of every kind of people good bad or religion says to kill people...and as a matter of fact  ...its always the reality that matters!
she left quietly ...without uttering a word
living in US with different nationalities..where every race is there ...think before you utter a word against a nation or religion...its not degrading any body's nation or religion its degrading yourself it shows your character ...I was sad but really felt that day God has made some real good samples in this world no wonder why we see some samples being publicly insulted or deported back to their countries...with a label
"thanks..with no returns"


kavita said...

After reading your post i now remember a discussion on Pak tv (I watched it on you tube) between the members of different political parties member,media person and other noted personalities --they too talked in similar fashion about Indian women.This talk took place right after Mumbai attack .It was shocking !These kind of words reflect their ignorance .

Sahithi Pallavi said...

I don't know how she said that Indian women don't know the dressing sense. Indians dress nicely than the other countries women. Media says anything, how she followed that? This is the time which even we can't believe the media!!

Bikramjit said...

Good job harman, you spoke out..

IK chaped v laa deni si lagde hath..

It is a fact that there are quiet a few places in US also living under the poverty and dressing sense ah well I guess what she meant was like the mericans like the show of skin , we indian tend to not do it .. so thats what she meant .. STUPID WOMAN..

Ignorant people

R. Ramesh said...

those who throw stones at others..well..less said the better about them ya..barking dogs better ignored..good post boss this....thanks..:) n stay connected

AbhiLaSH RuHeLa said...

This type of people are meant to judge your patience. You replied in a decent manner without doing the same what she did and therefore I am appreciating this post otherwise if you would have thrashed their actresses and media in reply i would have gone in against you. But happy that you handled this wonderfully. Proud of you and I am happy to see you with such beautiful senses through which you make your living more easier in abroad otherwise it may serve in a fight or racism.. good.. Keep going mam.. wonderful. Loved your character. proud of it.

dr.antony said...

“A fool shows his annoyance at once, but a prudent man overlooks an insult”. The Bible.

Anonymous said...

What crazy TV/Movies is she watching to get the idea that Indian women have no dressing sense and they like to show off their skin and are whores?? I don't want to downgrade myself to her level but look around in North America... I mean summer hits and every single thread of clothing evaporates off women! Indian women have decent clothes in scorching heat of India... I liked the way you handled the situation though... I wouldn't have been so patient with her...

But Media... well that is a horrible topic in itself... Aaj Tak, NDTV, etc.. they really treat news telecast as Ekta Kapoor's soaps! Pretty pathetic!! But media everywhere tries to over exaggerate things to get their network ratings to go up!

Nice Post!

- Mannat

Alka Gurha said...

Interesting....The way indian women dress in our daily soaps is entirely different from reality.

I wrote a satire on that...Michelle in a Desi Soap.

Raj - Only name sake !! said...

The media is bad here!
Most them show bad and people like viewing bad and commenting on it!

Only if something happens to near and dear they react in a different way.

You have done THE RITE thing!

Haddock said...

I remember reading somewhere, if a person can carry on a conversation without getting perturbed or agitated, he/she can be called as educated.
In some way it makes sense.

Harman said...

@kavita....I didnt know was on Youtube....its actually the media to be blamed!

Sahithi pallavi..may be she had seen some films or songs but still its wrong to generalize everyone!...they show all crap on TV.

@Bikram...she was not American!!......well I dont want people to be mad at reveal the name and country...she was an immigrant too..but seems like had heart full of jealousy..I wish I could slap..if it was India...but you know very well how laws are..."for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction"!!that how US laws are!!but that helps to keep anger in contrl!!

@R ramesh..thanks...these kinda B'ches cannot tear anyones rep!! for sure
@thanks abhilash...

@Dranthony..very well said SIR!!

@blogger girl..thanks dear..she was not an American Women....she was an immigrant too!!

@Alka..thanks post is Awesome!!

@Raj..thanks buddy!