Wednesday, November 17, 2010

parody .....Bill Gates


Billl To Pagal Hai……(.Bill is mad, )
Bill Deewana Hai…..(bill is Crazy)
Achhe Bure Softwares Banata Hai Yahi,(makes best and worst of software's)
Hasata He Yahi, Rulata Hai,(makes us smile,makes us cry)
Usme Phir ‘Bugs’ Daalta Hain Wohi,(puts virus in software's)
Aur Solutions Bhi Nikalta Hai,(gets us solutions too)
Bill To Pagal Hai…….(bill is mad )
Bill Deewana Hai…..(bill is crazy)
Is Bill Ki Baton Mein Jo Aate Hain,(those who gets into his softwares)
Woto Oolloo Ban Jate Hain,(he is fooling them)
Software To Dusare Bhi Banate Hain,(others make softwares too)
Banake Magar Kho Jate Hain,(but are lost ,once the new version is out)
Hmmm Bill To Pagal Hai…….(bill is Mad)
Bill Deewana Hai…..(bill is crazy)
Softwares Ko Main Na Pehchanoonga,(I wont ask about software)
Working Bhi Na Mein Uski Janoonga,(I wont ask its working)
Microsoft Ka Logo Bass Mein Dekhoonga,(I will jus see the Microsoft logo)
Bill Jo Kahega Wohi Manoonga.(I will jus listen to bill)

Bill To Pagal Hai…….( bill is mad)
Bill Ka Kehna Hum Sab Maane,(everyone listens to Bill)
Bill Na Kisi Ki Maane,(bill doesn't need advice)
Uski Strategy Jaan Li Hamne,(we know his strategy)
Ek Wohi Na Jaane.(but he doesn't know his own strategies)
Bill To Pagal
Hai…….(bill is mad ,bill is crazy)
Bill Deewana Hai…..

Chhoro Ye Bill Sab Kahaniya,(leave all these bill stories)
Bugs Ki Hain Sab Nishaniya,(these softwares are having those bugs for sure)
Programmers Ki Sari Pareshaniya,(hard time for programmers)
Is Bill Ki Hain Ye Meherbaniya.(thanks to bill)
Hmmm Bill To Pagal Hai….(coz Bill is mad,bill is crazy)
Bill Deewana Hai…..

(I pity this Bill) hope you like the parody!


AbhiLaSH RuHeLa said...

waaah ... waaah.... good to see that our Harman mam has turned into a pyrics writer and that too a funny one. Really liked it. nice sentences and a meaningful one.. hahaha... Bill to Paagal hai... Bill deewana hai..

bollywoodstylediaries said...

nice one!!

Harman said...


@bollywoodstlyediaries...thanks dear!

dr.antony said...

Wow..So there was a poet hidden.You can easily make it to Bollywood.

Raj - Only name sake !! said...

Its a very nice parody :)

Harman said...

@Dr Anthony...thanks:)