Tuesday, October 26, 2010


All  indian women around the world ...are celebrating Karwa Chauth.
Karwa Chauth' is a ritual of fasting observed by married Hindu women seeking the longevity, well-being and prosperity of their husbands. It is popular amongst married women in the northern and western parts of India,...some of my friends are doing the same ,took some time to deck up and fasting whole day for their hubbies and having some good time in the evening with food and rituals!!
I dont follow this ritual since its not in the sikh religion (as per the holy book) and nobody has ever done in the family ..though my husband would love me to do this..and see me in loads of jewelery and nice sharp saree with lots of sindhoor and nice updo with lots of bangles...and some anklets...which he always says...may be his tired of seeing me in jeans and tees.....you must be wondering where he got an idea of this kind of dressing up if nobody does it home...but Indian soaps teaches everyone ...he likes watching Indian women decked up in  soaps or serials..and often complains that I should dress up like that for work too...(his idea of leg pulling) 
I remember in our college days every gurl wanted a handsome and rich husband ...this was their Aim of life ...and to reach this goal they  observed many fasts and every other thing...I always wondered who will marry a poor guy?I being a very very emotional person once declared " I will marry a poor Guy"no matter what!!everybody was stunned at my words as if it was a crime I did! ...they looked at both my palms ..I have a beautiful crescent moon if I join both my hands...they said "tumhara pati chand sa hoga " (your husband will be handsome)but with poor guy you will get a ride on bicycle and we will get ride in a car they mocked at me!!...I had tears in my eyes (as if I was really married to a poor guy)I declared after sometime I will also get married to a rich guy ...it was age of innocence and myths,,,,We then went to a baba to know our future(the one sitting on the road)and wanted to know about future ...everybody asked the same question (where is our husband?) the baba was actually surprised looking at us...sayin CRAZY!!one of our friends she was keen on going to Switzerland ..actually asked Baba will I go to Switzerland for Honeymoon?baba had no idea about where switzerland was... baba said"woh kahan hai bacche"(where is that kid?)
another one of my friends smiled and  said "HELL"
so all of got married ..to nice guys...but none of the prediction was correct...except mine ..Baba had said "tumhara bahar ka sanjog hai"(you will settle in abroad) I was actually very happy at that time ...(it was a big achievement for me for those who said I would get a ride on "bicycle")I was on seventh heaven..as if I was moving in US itself...ha haa haaa
...so time passed away ..karwa chauth came and went....I never got decked up the way my hubby wants...the very thought of decking up like Indian soaps  stars makes me laugh loudly ...he is in Canada right now...called me and asked me again, so this year your are getting decked up like indian soap stars? I laughed..ok but how do I break the fast since you are not right here....

IT CAN BE ON SKYPE ... he said...(LOL)


Uma said...

loved the post.... baba part is funny..

Bikramjit said...

wowow JAI HO to SKYPEEEEEEE ... one good thing

the question is DID YOU :) go on tell us now ok ok will please please please do the trick

yeah the baba's know it all, show me your hand i can rpoedict a few things myself tooooo
aajoo remember bikram uk wale baba ji.. you promised to make sure my name is a big hit :) he hehehe

you take care harman and when is hubby dear coming back .. how long now ...

dr.antony said...

I know many women doing fasting here as well.Some do it regularly..on tuesdays.( It is a tradition among Hindus).Whether religious or not, it is good to fast as often as u can!.Keeps you trim and husbands happier!

bollywoodstylediaries said...

skype!! technology makes the world smaller:-)

A said...

Baba and SKype...really funny :)

Well Baba was honest ....

Shahid Mukadam a.k.a Shady West Side said...

hehhe...i had seen people break their fasts with pictures...now technology ka zamana hain....sahi!!!

sm said...

very well written
like the baba part.
Indian television shows rarely show the reality of India.

Renu said...

I also like the women in bridal style decked up on this day..so much fun and festive it looks.

Sh@s said...

Its the age of Skype Karwa Chauth :D
That baba must have been wondering you all to be a bunch of funny girls. I found it funny n weird during my college days when unmarried girls kept any kind of fast for a good husband. I wondered if guys ever kept such a fast for a good wife.

Harman said...


Bikramjit....yea..."jai ho skype ki"
nope..I did nt deck up..and no fastings...was at work till 7 pm ...but did talk to my hubby on skype...
Bikram baba is getting universally acclaimed..so mch fan following and Comments in abundance..no doubts predictions r so very accurate!!!
so whts the secret?lemme know that!!
Monty is gonna be in Canada till december..they have multiple bulids goin on...for the release nxt yr...he comes to michigan sometimes durin weekends!!

@Dr Anthony!!
Sure Sir..will keep that in mind!

@bollywoodstylediaries...yea..its a boon..(technology)

@shahid..yea...even I heard that too..with pictures they break..the fasts and so on so forth!!

@SM..thanks...your blog I had visited..its has tons of information about India!!Good Job!!

@renu..yes Dear..the fancy stuff for festive looks ..gives a reason to celebrate!!

@A..yep..baba was honest about not knowing Switzerland!!...but predication were wrong..

@shas...ye..it was infact very funny when we were asking him about our future (husband)..as same question was asked by everyone!!
girls ..will do all kinds of fast and pujas for good Husband material...but its always destined...thats what I believe!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!, nice blog overall. My comment is about your friend Anu's expectations entry. It was an interesting entry. I have to say, I am very lucky to be married to the guy she is looking for. Everything that and much more, that she is looking for. But there is just one issue, I loved this guy when he had none of these. Of course he was tall and handsome.But the riches and doctor and car, and house part was missing. I will be with him and love him, even if he was not all this. True love and life partnerships cannot end and start at riches, physique, degrees, his large family, that I love very much (just becoz that family had him first before me). First you have to love someone, just for them and every thing else comes later. All those perfect things and no true love cannot make a marriage last.
When I am preaching all this, mine is just a 9 yr old marriage. I am not a an old women taking about times that are long gone.
So be honest to yoruself and the other person, and love someone more then yourself,and you can be happy without any thing at all.

Harman said...

-@Anonymous...Okkkkkkkay.sweetie.Got ya...life is like roller coaster ride...all rich people can be poor or vice versa...but...we do have expectations and we r humans...to be true..to myself and honest...I love my guy sincerely ...he says "you are my lucky charm" brought me all the wealth of happiness..thats his love makes him say that...but I jus cant or cud marry someone sitting or begging on the street ..ought to have some family values or something professional ..grounded and if gets poor in future has some talent or zest to get back his stuff,,,I mean all parents think same way for their daughters..
As far Anu is concerned ..she is an IT engineer herself ..why wud she look for someone uneducated as you have quoted her here...every person has right to choose..and has some expectations from life partner...it works both ways for men and women...whats wrong in that?
If you married a guy with no expectations jus love its gr8....but each person is different sweetie..I dun wanna a sound rude..but life runs on many things not jus love...it flies out window after sometime...for a healthy relations all ingredients are essential..
thanks and tC

Anonymous said...

Did not mean to offend you or your friend. Inspite of all the perfect things in place, marriage is something that needs much more to work. Never mind, Just notifced that you are in Canton, MI, we live pretty close by.

Harman said...

@Anonymous...Oh really..where in Canton?? temme ..I know many indians here!!! personally and by face....whats ur name and Id..we can meet and be good friends..whats ur husband doin?
I wud appreciate if u tell me...it wud be wonderful!!!

Anonymous said...

We moved to MI recently from Chicago. I donot know many ppl here. My hubby is a doc and me a software engineer. I had a baby couple of months back, so I donot get out much. Hopefully will meet you soon. My hubby is from Punjab too. Hopefully we will meet soon.