Saturday, October 2, 2010

Baba Culture!(so called preachers of society)

Its surprising to see Discourses on channels and number of these so called saints seen on every other Indian Channel..seems like this business is flourishing...and not to forget to mention number of followers they have ,make them sit on pedestals like God.. its a pity..on those who are still lost in that darkness never had opportunity to listen or hear the genuine people...
My blog is for all those Dhoongi Baba's (fake Saints)who not only fool people but also exploit men and women in the name of God.
Recently I went through a Video where a Baba (saint)who was pissed  and using some vulgar language against the common people who tried to expose him...this so called baba is a renowned personality and Carries an Audi with a red light as a VIP..He said ..Why cant I enjoy luxuries like a common man and move in luxury cars ..gone are the days when saints use to walk bare foot...he was pointing out at a singer ..who tried to expose him and the baba was appealing to people to slap these singers and they are worthless people was like a mad house pointing fingers at each other!!!
I remember an Incident ..few yrs back ...We had a similar kind of baba, this incident I am narrating is a real one..It happened in Canada, people from Canada might be knowing whom I am talking about..
we met this baba in Toronto one of our relatives took us to this place to meet him and attend his sessions..
we generally dont believe in all this Baba Culture..but sometimes its a mark of respect to some older person to listen to them.
As we enetered the hall I could see lot of people sitting...we went ahead and wished him..he told us to sit down ...the lady told mom to keep $50 next to him...not less then that!!!this guy was like in late sixties..wearing white clothes...and observing everyone...he told everyone to close eyes and meditate and started his "JAP"(humming) ...he said ,you will see almighty but have to remove all the thoughts cluttered in mind..most of the people I could see were behaving like lunatic people ..trying to catch something ..or crying for no reason...he said they...they are repenting on evil deeds they did ..some were clapping....I was actually Scared..We sat there for some time ...he was sayin again and again to close eyes...I opened my eyes in between to see what baba was my surprise he was staring at all the women' was ridiculous!!
Anyways..after coming home we decided to never visit again....but this baba had regular visits and session all over US too ,we kept on knowing from our friends....he came to US at somebody's place once we were at their place coincidentally we met him again....but this time I was surprised of the friends had a beautiful wife named M...I could see Babas inclination towards her ..and he was having converstion with her most of the time...this baba was married had his kids and family..his wife was with him most of the time.
Not to stretch the story...Soon Baba was millionaire...he had a house on Suburbs of Toronto...on Hills...we came to know..he had immense fan following....and people started attending his sessions...everybody could see God now ,they said!!!
..Now one day we came to know that Mrs M and baba are together and Mrs M publically announced in one of the sessions that this is a case of reincarnation and Baba was her husband and they are meant to be together and Mrs M's husband agreed on this too .(disgusting)And said its true!!..babas wife agreed too...everybody was a fool sitting there mind of their own..A Bunch of idiots!!...and soone Mrs M and baba had a house of their own...had a kid also... things got worse when he started abusing the holy book of Sikhs..Guru Granth Sahib... and termed himself the ultimate guru of all....someone made this video in the sessions and broadcast-ed on You- tube ..
The Drama then started....A big Mob came destroyed the whole place,looking for baba..who like coward was hiding inn somewhere...all the members attending that session were injured..their bones were broken..some of them were in was in local newspapers and every where..In michigan Gurudwara they announced publicly not to attend sessions as these people are fraud they know to hypnotize and look for money....protect your women at home..
 Baba was out of scene with other members ,nobody knew..people looked for him..but never found...him.

where is baba now?...he lives somewhere in Canada..but nobody knows!!Mrs M never came back ,still with that Baba... inspite of all requests by friends and family members...Mrs M;s husband left her,no clue where he is!!!
everybody knows the ....
Its might not be first time you heard this,there are many other cases too..but still I fail to understand why people follow they need an Anchor for life?
We are in the age and Era where we have internet ..nobody can fool around...the youth needs to wake up and keep these people aside..learning or looking for spiritual side is nothing wrong....meditation is a healing power....But please beware of these incidents and follow the preaching of holy book as designated ...which has a meaning to all ...
God  or Almighty ..has not or never will be seen.those who claim are liars!!...its his power that can be felt!!!



Zeenu said...

keep it up! No greater kudos could have been bestowed. one lovely post after another !!
looking for wealth and women that's the agenda for them ..
its sad that M is no longer with family ,its always we learn from our experiences but it should not be at this length where you leave your home and never come back.
sad story.

dr.antony said...

These kind of fake Sanyasis are there in all religions and at all places.There are thousands of preachers who make millions on the name of Jesus.They own TV channels of their own,and fly their own Jumbo jets.They cheat people in the name of healing.
I had written a blog some time back "Swami Nithyananda got enlightenment". He was a popular and upcoming Sanyasi who was caught having sex with a film actress.
Who is to blame? There are fakes everywhere,in any career.The people who after them should be blamed.

kavita said...

I hope people learn some lesson from these kind of stories .Its surprising how educated people fall on their trap.Scary !

Uma said...

very good post!
its because of the blind preachers such babas are still around..
its sad about Mr. and Mrs. M

Gaurav said...

It is so sad people still believe in Babas.

Rakhshanda said...

just saw your blog and love it..great job dear.

Bikramjit said...

ha ha haha BABAS

thats why the song
ik baba Nanak si Jihne tur ke duniya gaah ti
Ik ajj kal babey ne batti lal gaddi te la ti

Thats what they r good at, BTW i am rooting for BIKRAM UK WAALE BABA JI... please spread the word ...

He is goood

Sachin muchi

Raj - Only name sake !! said...

Believe on God!! not these babas!
There is a similar story in India as well. his name is Nityananda you can search in google! he is another idiot of same kind!

Nice post!

Harman said...

@Bikrmam...ha haaaa ..exactly the song I am talking about.,,,Babbu Mann..A gutsy guy!!so..when did this Baba thing start with you? seriously looking at your blog and fan following in such a short span of time amazing ..ur no less then a BABA with an inspiring Blog!!

Haddock said...

All said and done, it the people who promote these Babas that are to be blamed.

Harman said... ya gurl!! you r my biggest doubt..I always thought my husband was one!!but thanks dear...yes experiences makes us wiser but not to this length at the cost of leaving the family!

Dr anthony..ya I heard from my hubby once about some sanyasi being exposed in India..Nityanand..its pathetic..we r still living in that age and era of the babas!!

@kavita..thanks..yes..its a trap they make to get wealthy people and beautiful ladies coming inn..

@UMa..yes..its true..I appreciate your thought and comments..yes..M never came back!we never saw her again!!

@Gaurav..ya ..baba business is flourishing so we..have people coming into this field!!

@rakshanda..thanks dear!I will visit yours sometime!

@Raj..yes..I know little bit abt nityanand!but people r foolish!

@haddock..yes i agree!!

AbhiLaSH RuHeLa said...

mam.. thanks for your beautiful comments on my blog.. I have replied to them.u can see them on my blog.. thanks.. be in touch thru blogs.

Meera's World said...

Reading about this for the first!There is a well known'holy(business)man' in india too with more than enough followers.His classes are very expensive.I guess why people follow these people is,sometime in life some people miss the meaning of life,they might feel empty or sometimes guilty of things they did or didn't do or just feel aimless.They need something, somebody they can hang on to and may be thats where the 'holy people'come in to the scene.Good post.

Meera's World said...

We watch sometimes those 'God' channels when we feel like getting some fun time:),the translations are hilarious!

Chandrika Shubham said...

Such incidences really hurt.

The Beautifier said...

Great post, girl! It really hurts to see ppl blindly believe in babas!

Harman said...

@Abhilash..thanks...ur blog on Mom was wonderful...something you can be proud of as being her son!

Meeras world..I really feel sometime these BABA's r jus like big Ambanis or Mittals ..who can brag ...and people like fool follow them losing their loved ones!!
I am still in Dilemma what kinda power they have that pulls the crowd!!


@the beautifier..Thanks Mam...yes..people follow these Babas thinking they would get everything...but not knowing these Babas r fraud!!

Pythoroshan said...

at the risk of tooting my own posts, just wanted to share this one with you :

its an old post.. but even 4 yrs later, it remains true sadly..