Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sharing is Caring!!

..We are heading towards festive season...with winters around the corner.I can feel the chill now days and dewdrops in Lawn ...Seasons start with new hopes and joys,spare a thought for those who cannot enjoy or have never seen any kind of luxuries...Sharing is caring...
Service to Humanity is service to almighty...
With winters hitting back we need to replenish the Closet and see what inn..but before that...try to to take a time to get the old stuff out from the closet ...all that has been lying and off no use or something that you had worn out ,not in fashion or d-clutter  the house..I often see people wearing over size clothes specially females getting into bargain deals and ending up giving pregnant look..for no reason jus to save some bucks...Saving money is good but not to the end of spoiling our own personality..I am not telling you to squander money but at least wear something that fits you well and in fashion saving couple of Dollars.Be a smart shopper,look for good coupons or rewards and get awesome deals at top notch stores..Get the best ,that it gives you a classy look..Simple yet good looking..not going overboard with other things,I would request you all to  donate old stuff and  buy one good apparel this season ,it can be anything... lets give a boost to economy and same time ,help those who are in need..its always the common people like us who help each other!
Whats inn..
Waist coats with double buttons ,knee length.... belted ones look good if you are fit..
Solid colors are always in fashion they never go out...

Clean ,simple seamless jackets  some with abercrombie and fitch has unique styles and lines,Gap and old navy is very reasonable, has cool stuff to offer.


For men I would suggest ..simple straight pants without pleats,they look trendy and always in fashion.Denims boot cut look great,straight or tapered denims are as per physique for men.
females..Leggings in wool are in fashion with long sweaters and belt them to give a waist cut or long sweat shirts ,Jeggings came inn..that's a combo of jeans and leggings ,they are good but not as comfy as leggings..I tried one:)

For festive season try keeping some solid dark colors for shirts ,for men with some festive ties..keeping a contrast rather then matching..underneath a suit I would suggest a small collared shirt worn without a tie gives an impression of tuxedo..(a tip)

Cuff-links are always welcome ,try some trendy one this season.
Females..keep a shimmer tops one or two in closet..for festive season works with shrugs or wraps or otherwise worn with dress pants pleated ones please..!! straight flowing pants with big cuffs.

Caps..I would suggest just simple ones wool or cotton ,men look good with simple caps or hats or jus a logo looks more trendy..

Fur jackets gives a heavy look I am not a fur person,but its good to keep furry things..I would suggest black or sand color goes well and give a neutral look in Crowd!for men and women.

Last but not the least..keep a smile and confidence with positive attitude while hitting a party..and drink plenty of water to keep skin glowing...and go slow ...
No drunk Driving!


dr.antony said...

Share good things in life.Not the unwanted things you like to throw away.It is not sharing. I wouldn't even call it charity.

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

nice one harman but too less on men :)

Uma said...

nice fashion tips! Thanks for sharing!

Harman said...

@DR Anthony..Sir I appreciate your thought,the reason I said,is most of the charity places sell these used things in thrift stores and collect cash for needy or homeless people!!
I wud say here if people cud donate something new and good to homeless it wud be wonderful but how many can afford to do that? Common man can only share what he has..something not in his use cud be a great help to other..thats what I meant to say!!..people end up hoarding or cluttering the house not giving a thought to people in need...India has many homeless people but no shelter homes?
I have shared a thought..PLZ help the needy and as you said Donate if new or good would be wonderful for those who can afford it!
Charity in Cash or Kind... is always welcome as long as it helps the needy

Zeenu said...

harman...its a very nice thought, practice and perception is not same for some people ..some say a lot its always when personally paid out of pocket ,it then matters whether its a Doctor or anybody else
Keep writing!!!

The Beautifier said...

Thanks for sharing some nice tips on fashion, girl! Sharing is Indeed caring! xoxo

Raj - Only name sake !! said...

Agreed! sharing is caring true :)

I have to forward this link to few of my friends ;)

Harman said...

@bikram..thanks..I will give few tips in one of my blog exclusively on Mens wear!

@Uma..thanks sweetie!!

@zee..thanks..yes..I agree and its always little it might be..but worth a while of the attitude!

@The beautifier..Thanks MAM..its my pleasure seeing you on my blog.
Sharing is Caring!