Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oh Boy!

...Kids sometimes act very funny....this incident happened two weeks hubby was at home that time luckily...My older one came from school ..who is in third grade...he is usually pampered by his dad he probably looks for dad if he needs something...I being  little strict ..he usually tells my husband about his needs...
so kevin said..Dad I need a Bible..the teacher asked for it.
..looking at him I said...why do you need a bible?..I had mentioned during your enrollment our nationality and religion in the forms..
Shrinking his brows...he said...
I have to get that ,most of the kids in my class got it!I asked ..Did Mukund get that too?as he is the only Indian boy with him..
he said ..yes!I told him to wait for a day I will talk to his teacher over the phone and confirm the reason,but I he said its the last day today ..and if I don't get it I am not going to school tomorrow..My husband looked at the clock it was quarter to nine... he told my son to come with him to the store ,the book store closes at they reached the store he took him to bible section and told him to take one which  the teacher asked for...
Kevin looked around and said this is not what I want ...this is not a" bible" teacher asked..there was a lady standing next to him she laughed looking at my son.
Its big one...has holes and spring in them...the lady laughed louder...
my husband standing next to our boy felt embarrassed ..and told him this is the only Bible in this world OK
then ..looking at him he tried to figure out the description he was giving ...he asked my son it a Binder? they want!!
Yes..he laughed ..ya..I want that! my husband then took him to school supplies and showed him one!
he picked one and came home..
I looked at my son who was laughing ,looking at the binder ..and I thought its good, I forgot to call the teacher as it would be embarrassing for me too!!!
Kids can be so funny ...its like a real life joke...


kavita said...

Very cute ! He sure knows how his Bible looks like (lol).Kids do add a lot of innocent charm to our otherwise stressful lives.

Dr.Sameena Prathap


Cho chweet..Nice to teach kids rite from their childhood..great way to go..!!Cheers


Shahid Mukadam a.k.a Shady West Side said...

Sahi....aisi gadbad hoti rehti hain

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

wel well i could come with loads of funny stuff..

My nephew came upto me and wanted to know a few things ... wich embarassingly i did not know how to answer...

But this one was hilarious ..

Bikram's Blog

xyzandme said...

bible vs binder

one divides, the other unites.

This instance is a perfect example of why kids shouldnt be taught about religion at this age.

Satya said...

very cute ...this be one of the memorable incidents when he will grow up ...nice one :)

dr.antony said...

Enjoy every moment of their growing up.They soon grow up and then you will miss these embarrassing moments and wish there were more of them.

Uma said...

too cute :)

Sahithi Pallavi said...

Soo Sweet. Cute boy done a very cute thing!!
You really strict? Why so?

Raj - Only name sake !! said...

Very nice :)

Yeah moms are always strict :)

AbhiLaSH RuHeLa said...

so sweet... Ur son is really sweet...

Harman said... are like breath of fresh air in our lives,they are innocent but try to outsmart everybody!:) happens wid Kevin most of the time :)

@XYZANDME..I had hard time getting your its so difficult...what is the actual meaning of this!

@Satya!ya..he will be embarrased when he grows up..these incidents I have are hard copy and proof of his worldwide knowledge!lol

@DR..ya ..true..we will miss them..they r so innocent rght now!

@uMa..thanks dear!
that recipe I tried Coriander Chicken was awesome..people have actually started asking me the Chef name now!!lol

Ya..he is very cute everybody says that, in US are really spoilt ..they want every other thing their frds have or from TV..without knowing the use and price..
@RAJ..thanks...ya I agree!


Harman said...

DR Sameena parthap..thanks..ya..teaching right thing at the early age!

@bikram...thanks..ya sometimes I think..that too..these r too smart for their age..

xyzandme said...

Wow this is the second time someones telling me about the difficulty in spelling my nickname..
I mean how hard can " X Y Z & ME " be!!!

Three letters, an ampersand and "me"!!!

PS the "z" is pronounced as "zee" not as zed.

Harman said...

@XYZANDME..I know its ZEE..I am livin in US and its pronounced as ZEE here unlike India.

xyzandme said...

And you still found my nickname difficult..tch tch tch :p

Harman said...

@XYZANDME...ha haaa haha ..CUZ..its confusing may be jus lke u..

xyzandme said...

Yea thats true.

A said...

Kids are too smart these days...but this one is really funny.

AS said...


thats cute!
and kelvin is very very cute :D
bada sona baccha hai :)