Saturday, August 21, 2010


..Women s liberation in 21st century where its holding positions beyond expectations and flying high but the other end same women is being abused in domestic violence and or being negotiated in corporates..
Such inhuman treatment to women where every day a women is either abused by HIS family or being emotionally tortured for bearing a heir to the family ..being sold for money or burnt to get money .....
There are numerous stories some heard and some unseen ...This article ..hit me hard for days ..thinking about this girl AISHA(how much pain she has gone through ,so much humiliation)
her nose and ears had been cut off - with the approval of a Taliban commander - by her abusive husband as punishment for running away.
18-year-old was reportedly given away by her family in childhood as a "blood debt" and was subsequently married to a Taliban fighter.
His family abused her It is amazing living in this day and age that this is happening in parts of the world..
recaptured and mutilated by her per aisha
she says When they cut off my nose and ears, I passed out,"

This story began when Aisha was just 8 years old.

Her father had promised her hand in marriage, along with that of her baby sister's, to another family in a practice called "baad."

"Baad" in Pashtunwali, the law of the Pashtuns, is a way to settle a dispute between rival families.

At 16, she was handed over to her husband's father and 10 brothers, who she claims were all members of the Taliban in Oruzgan province. Aisha didn't even meet her husband because he was off fighting in Pakistan.

"I spent two years with them and became a prisoner," she says

Tortured and abused, she couldn't take it any longer and decided to run away. Two female neighbors promising to help took her to Kandahar province.

But this was just another act of deception.

When they arrived to Kandahar her female companions tried to sell Aisha to another man.

All three women were stopped by the police and imprisoned. Aisha was locked up because she was a runaway. And although running away is not a crime, in places throughout Afghanistan it is treated as one if you are a woman.

A three-year sentence was reduced to five months when President Hamid Karzai pardoned Aisha. But eventually her father-in-law found her and took her back home.

That was the first time she met her husband. He came home from Pakistan to take her to Taliban court for dishonoring his family and bringing them shame.

The court ruled that her nose and ears must be cut off. An act carried out by her husband in the mountains of Oruzgan where they left her to die.

But she survived.

And with the help of an American Provincial Reconstruction Team in Oruzgan and the organization Women for Afghan Women (WAW), she is finally getting the help and protection she needs.

Offers have been pouring in to help Aisha, but there are many more women suffering in silence.

The United Nations estimates that nearly 90 percent of Afghanistan's women suffer from some sort of domestic abuse. This in a country where there are only about eight women's shelters to provide sanctuary from the cruelty they face. And all of the eight are privately run.

its cruel ....inhuman and I think it may be any religion ,caste or creed ..God never forgives those Acts..everybody has to stand in the same place in front of him(almighty)and each of us has to pay for our own acts one should never forget that!!


Uma said...

i just wish this could be stopped..

kavita said...

Horrified !The countries where religion is the law a woman is most often repressed and ignored progress.All we can hope for is a secular world.

Gaurav said...

Its horrific! Shivers running down my body.

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

WHAT THE F__ , and they call themselves MEN.. HA.. true MEN can only use there power against the helpless women.. I bet none of the so called IMAM's or any leader said anything against it.. ISLAM doesnot teach this..

HORRIFIC.. I was in hospital the other day when some people were brought for surgery from Afghanistan and it SHOOK Me.. its so horrific i cant even describe it the state they were in ..

NO GOD taught this NONE.. then why

pallavi said...

That is truly atrocious and inhuman!! Glad I came across your blog, Harman. Hopped over from Bikram's blog, actually. I really wish there was a God watching and punishing such barbarians. They do not deserve to even live!!!

Shahid Mukadam a.k.a Shady West Side said...

I have read a lot about is pathetic..but happens every India afghanistan...everywhere...I dont know the cause...i only wish there was a way out of this!!

AS said...


my god! the book'a thousans splendid suns' by khaleed hossini also describes the inhuman treatment given to women of afghanistan.. this case shook me up

Harman said...

This reason I brought this article was to show at what length cruelty can go,women being abused...It gave me goose bumps reading it in Time Magazine.
@UMA..Women abuse I think will never stop ..its doesn't matter which age or era we are...its sad!

@kavita....lets hope so...thanks.

@gaurav...its horrifying no doubt..think of the gurl who has gone thru this!

@Bikram... these kind of men I wud say r cowards religion preaches this..F**** the society who says that..

@pallavi,,,Yes I truly wish that too!

@shahid...Yes it happens everywhere in the world...we wish the same thing..

@AS..yes It is shocking ...its happening at this age and era!

Sh@s said...

How inhuman? Am aghast to read this.
Which century are we living in?

Harman said...

@shas..yes its kinda shocking women Abused to this length...