Wednesday, July 14, 2010

clothes &Comfort...

looking at the comfort I think...with summers and humidity all in Michigan surrounded by lakes cotton clothes provide comfort......I usually keep comfort in mind when buying something for myself......
Summers with heat wave going up and colors provide extra relief and keeps us breezy!!!I usually prefer light colors during summers.....though indoor it hardly matters since the areas all over are centrally air conditioned!
White dress shirts are my favorites at work with dress gives a clean look and at the same time keeps me comfortable ,though white is hard to maintain....
Parties in summers outside ....specially barbecues are painful.....its hot with grill it gets even advised to keep casual...with cotton dress (if u wear) or shorts or Capri or leggings...with cool tops for air to flow....usually its a preconceived notion that barbecues are casual it always in lawns...or near the beach!
Formal dressing to me is very uncomfortable ...I always end up tired and coming home as soon as possible....usually we have dress codes for formal parties......Indian dress are fine with me But Saris I give up after some time ...though its very graceful dress.....I personally like it but cannot carry for long time.....I guess it needs practice and more patience!!!!
.....Colors to me for evening wears for indoor and red is my favorite.....Red..I have a closet full....every kind of red..... but good ones only:)....they stand out in gatherings...
black is always welcome but skin color has to be light needs an attitude to carry the dress and colors!!!
For Men....I would say more solid colors subtle and button down shirts with dress pants for formal gatherings or parties ....or tees for outdoor .....but definitely NOT PINK. :)
Its all personal choice and depends on confidence level too to carry the has to be courteous in gestures carry anything.
With summer and parties....its wise to keep comfort level in mind before getting formally dressed!!!
this blog is dedicated to all party lovers!!!
(I am tagged again...I will ans those set of ques in my next blogs...thanks )


Uma said...

fashion tips straight from a designer.. nice post!

Bikramjit said...

he he he as the first comment FASHION tips.. but why not PINK.. I got three shirts of different shades of pink , now what do i do with those and theyu are COSTLY ones.. :) he he he he

Anonymous said...

I usually wear carpenters for barbecue parties and definitely shorts,ur dressing sense seems to be very doubts.
I dont wear pink or shades of pink as I consider it more feminine.I usually avoid even blacks for outdoor parties as it traps heat but my recent trip to India I got more of BENETTON shades..all good one!
nice post
informative too,
its a request harman...try writing a blog on colors only and the moods it catches!

Zeenu said...

I is my fav and black makes it even better.

Abhilash Ruhela- The Blogger said...

Harman, I found ur blog right now...Read some of them....I liked them...So happy to see sum1 writing what I love to read... I am following u now..u can check out my blog too -

Harman said...

@UMA..thanks dear!

@bikram..u can get those t..shirts dark solid can be done at dry cleaners.
@Jai...Sweet! thanks..I will write on colors will be fun!!!

@zeenu...yes red and black ...u will look stunning me on that...with ur blue eyes ;)

@Abhilash thanks...u write very well...too

shanthi said...

nice post and wonderful tips