Tuesday, July 20, 2010

award for my frds.

I had been tagged .....so...lets go with it...
Sorry I am late in answering questions........so I will jus jump in ....NOW
:) are answered by me.

What do you think are highly unlikely things you can hear from your satellite navigation system ?

Here are Some that I have compiled funny ones.. so please add yours too what you think

1. Bear to left , On the right corner is a Rabbit
:) dont watch..those gurls on the gas station :)

2. Did you check the gas, Did you turn it off , Did you lock the door...
Did you
Did you
I think we should turn back turn back to see
:)...you can over speed here... No COP...area!

:)....rest area....very very close by...

4. At next set of light a cyclist is going to turn up and give u a dirty look.. thinking he is better then you.. when the lights get green lets seee how his balance his MUUUHA HA HAAHA HAH
:) dont u jump the red light..

5. I will tell you what darling how about You getting out of the car AND
let your HUSBAND PARK the car
:)..this is good one....I usually do that!

6. Turn right..

WRONG .. I did not say SAT NAV SAYS
:) hold your horses..I am gonna lead you....even if its at a deserted place.

7. Hold on I got the map upside down
:) need to have glasses to check the route if far sighted!

8. Where the HELL are WE...
:)you are now near the dumpster...
ha haa hahaa..yuck...its smells.....weird!

the navigation systems goes Berserk...at tourist spots....we were in Tennessee for vacation and this freak-in system led us to jungle absolutely deserted ...no man area and right in front of a haunted house ...sayin " you have now reached your destination" :)

now I am gonna tag few friends with these questions...

1)what do u wanna be in next life...ugly n rich or good looking but poor.... why?

2)how strongly do u believe in his power..? why?

3)If u win a 500 million lotto..what will be the first thing in your agenda?why?
(plz be true to urself in answering)

4)whom do u consider most beautiful person on this earth alive? n why....??

5)describe urself in three words.....

6)India....in next ten yrs....where would it be?

7)do u believe in mayan theory ...that world will end in 2012? why?

8)if the country faces trouble....would u be ready to give up ur life....for your country(u r the only child of ur parents and ur parents doesnt permit this !since its not mandatory...would u still go ?)

please ..be true to yourself in answering these ques.....



Gaurav ...



swats (beautiful me)

shanu(fullon bakwass)

sahana baker...me n my apron

tripat prerna.....

....please pick your award.......


uma said...

Congrats on the award!

Bikramjit said...

he hehehe You have come out with funny ones.. excellent loved each one that you ahve written .. and the sat nav taking you to that house end wowo... it does that doesn't it..

and THANKS for the AWARD yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
I will definetly take it THANK YOU THANK YOU ...

Gaurav said...

Nice ones.

Thanks for the award. Yay!

Harman said...

thanks everyone!

shahana said...

So Sorry being late to accept.Thanks a ton for the award dear.