Sunday, April 25, 2010


.....yesterday I was at a store to get some Towels..
usually I like white crisp towels..running out of time hubby decided to sit in the car while I grab some White towels ...
Walmart a huge super store..twenty four hours ..I ran but couldn't find one..and bumped against a sales rep..I asked her..
where do you have Towels here?
sales rep..whats that?
I said ..To-wels where are they?
she smiled ..couldn't get u..
I changed my slang...Ta-Wols
she said..what r they ?
looking at her seriously I said ..a fabric or cloth used for drying after shower..
she said ..I don't know..
I explained her using different kinda slangs..but was unable to understand..(why this happens with me only I thought..)
I got annoyed ..and said "Forget it"..
looking at the bath section around..
I found them..n..checked out...
my hubby waiting in the parking lot..asked ..what took you so long?
I told him the whole story...he asked ..was this girl a blond???
I said "yes"but how did u know?
...he said wonder..why jokes are written only on them!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


..I think the most difficult job is to get things done from others,or when we are dependent for a certain job or work to be finished..last week I had been yelling and calling every other person..different kinds of people..

Bob jerkins ..a guy I had been calling to get the job done..comes out with every other wonder..why last name is JERK-ins..
Phone companies another A..***** S..waiting for the technician ..from 8am to 12 pm..came at 2pm..
I think I never yelled so much anyone ..or wasted my time getting tiny jobs done ..
I have a deadline to get things done..but my time is running....

Suppliers in these samples but never responds to an e-mail...or reply any calls...the calling time given is weird ..after 12am US time,which is supposedly morning in India..or early morning as per eastern time...I called ,luckily got the number...after hearing five minutes bhajan kirtan on his cell ,he responded (weird) .....I talked to him..there was lot of background noise,he said.. we have a function at home ...barely minimum I couldn't understand the he said will send me an e-mail..which I never got till date..seems like people are very busy..for social reasons...seems like they don't need American dollars now..India is getting rich...

God Bless My Country!

Everything takes an effort,depending on other people is a CURSE especially when hours are wasted waiting to get simple things done!
..Jerks are all around world ,only varieties and nationalities are different...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


.Flowers....something I am in love with..I always dream t of opening a nursery of plants and flowers... most of the pocket money was spent in buying flowers or fresh green indoor plants was a passion though expensive one!! ....

Roses are the favorites ..coming to US I was surprised to see quality and colors of specially roses..spending hrs in grocery stores near the floral section and admiring hubby bringing fresh roses ... a delight ....then came Carnations ..beautiful colors and flowers...
.Holland I visited near Michigan to see tulip festival...farms full of various colors of tulips.. I felt like "Alice in wonderland"

In India my favorites were Chrysanthemums ..usually seen in winter season...our school garden was full of them ..huge big spongy flowers ..with lot of colors..white looks divine in them....
Cosmos ..another one ,its like a giraffe flower ..long neck and parallel flowers on the neck...Purple looks awesome in those kind!
..I had been to Tennessee for vacation last yr at smokey mountains..I was surprised to see wild flowers on the valley and hills ..purple ,yellow and baby decorated valleys and lush green trees surrounded by them..A MUST SEE!!

Every flower has a meaning and history behind it..where it came from?,but flowers are used for different moods and occasions...People who don't like flowers I personally feel are very dry in nature!!

Summers are here ..yesterday driving across I could see the whole street in pink and white floral trees decorated by the city .... dreamy kinda atmosphere created on streets...
Downtown baskets of all kinds of flowers are hung on the corners very fresh look has been given by every make it beautiful..

.NO wonder summer is HERE!( in spite of the chill)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nick name!

.........Few yrs back down the memory lane ..I was at wedding with my cousins.. It was family friends every evening there were sessions 0f rituals and drinks ...
We were sitting on the terrace ..A guy with a big Dog..came to the party...we were delighted to see the pet.. so he left the dog with us...and went to the bar.........
We didn't know the name of the dog ..but heard somebody saying "sheru"to the assumed the dog was "sheru"..
Happily we started petting the dog ..and calling him......... "sheru"..when the guy heard the name ,he came to us and staring at us ..asked what, Sheru?
..I AM SHERU..this is "Deepu" my dog..
..saying Sorry.. quietly ,we left the place..
I am still surprised how the names got exchanged!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


.. Marriage makes an incomplete human being a complete one..but it goes with age and nurture the relationship...I Believe only in marriage! no live-in relationships or any other kind of involvement me its a blessing given to us with the permission of almighty and parents ..its our responsibility and efforts to make it into a beautiful relationship and proudly be a part of the society..I may sound old in my thoughts but ..I always believe in norms made for the "best of society".
A marriage is based on trust and love and the promise to be the best partner possible.People take it lightly and say "ITS A TAG"..Nope its not..Why?I think marriage is a great bond and tie between two people who truly love each other and they don't need to keep their relationship at test or give it a try before a wedlock..
Those who are sure about themselves and their love go for marriage ..otherwise its like keep trying and looking throughout life for an appropriate individual ..
..N remember..Life is Short...
for all those who r getting married on 11 April..
God Bless!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


..I was on vacation at NY for four was Easter holidays so decided to take a break..and make it a family trip..I have visited NY couple of times ,but for work only ...its one n half hour flight from Michigan to NY I usually commute for work which is easy and convenient.
My uncle (moms brother) moved from NY to Scotch Town ,suburbs of NY ..he bought a property up in the hills and invited us...
As we moved up the hills was very narrow the road seem to be like thread in the hills ....I looked outside it resembled like a ridge of
Shimla but in a broader version..all hills and cottages mounted on night I could see only lights everywhere...
Elevated at a height I could see a white cottage ..outside it was written "
SINGH'S"and uncle came out to receive us..My aunt brought some mustard oil and put few drops on the entrance ..its a Punjabi tradition to welcome the dearest people..and considered auspicious..
The house was all wood ..very tastefully decorated,It was ten hrs drive I was tired so after dinner I crashed immediately.
In the morning sun peeped through the hills ..I opened the door and went to the wooden deck was beautiful ..all hills and forest..with little chill as I sat on a swing looking around was breath takingly beautiful..Indeed a vacation a perfect location.
....Next day we went to NY city ..Manhattan ...5
th was like "kumb ka mela"its easy to get lost!Mad house..hawkers and peddlers on the steeet..I looked around and tried an orange cap..with flowers was weird.then tried a hairband with looked like I am goin for hunting...
Anyways we decided to go to time square..It was huge ,people dressed for party ..all decked up..I went to
Mc Donald with kids was huge two floors ..all place to I went to another floor and sat near the window ..looking outside I could American rickshaw and people taking a ride so very cute...then my cousin Ritu told me to see ..police on horses moving around..very interesting,but this was something weird ..when I saw a whole huge group of bikers showing some stunts on the streets of time square..weird bike noises!!!
I looked around a black women staring at me..then I saw her coming towards me ..quite a tomboy style..short denim jacket and cropped pants with short hair and all metal chains hanging from her bracelets...
she said ..Hi Hun(honey)..I said hi..Are u a member of union?at fifth avenue..I said no..u are not a member of the committee?..No ..I am not from NY I said...BUT..she said; you resemble so much ...she is a millionaire here in NY..I smiled and thought ..(wish it was true)..I said ;you are mistaken I am from Michigan....she was surprised ,So was I...
I stepped out of
Mc Donald outside four beautiful girls standing with boards ..written "FREE HUGS HERE"I told my mch desperation..he laughed ..and said ;its jus fun...
Another character standing on time square with board in his hand.
People are crazy..with so much crowd I think I was lost n looked around I was alone ...where are the other family members ???
I ran and ran ,saw my uncle with turban the crowd ..thank GOD..

It was fun ..but jus for short span,If I have an option I would never live in such a crowded city!