Sunday, March 7, 2010


Its spring around the corner,day is bright and sunny..with little chill and twittering of birds..I am so happy to welcome the spring its been four months since I have been out of my sweat shirt I mean not the same one but different styles ..and skinny jeans ..all bundled up with gloves, cap and muffler in my neck my big snow boots and big long jacket ..most of the times I got the feeling of Sherlock Holmes a detective going out on Spy work..but since Friday it has been so nice ..fresh bright morning with no heavy coats or jacket and a clean Car in my drive way not waiting to be warmed up or tension of cleaning the snow...though there is still pile of snow on the side walk but most of the area is clean..I value the spring season and its advantages ..unlike in India I never knew about the extreme winter, here steaming hot coffee if spilled in the parking lot immediately turns into Cold Coffee... or ears start paining without ear muffs.. GOD!!
thanks there is spring season and everyone is out of hibernation..
I can see people moving around ,kids on skateboard in streets ..couples cycling and MYSELF..


uma said...

Yeah Harman.. nice pleasant weather!..

BK Chowla, said...

Oh yes, Delhi weather is changing too.Winter is just over and mornings are so pleasant--till about 8am.

Haddock said...

Ha ha like that....steaming hot coffee if spilled in the parking lot immediately turns into Cold Coffee...

Anonymous said...

its spring ..basically fun time .

Zeenu said...

Summers r here I can wear my funky clothes and best part is the outdoor pool.
its all fun in summers.

Harman said...

@UMA...yes..grand rapids is not far from here its part of michigan ,so I guess you r enjoying the weather.

@BK chowla..yes..I came to know weather is getting better in India too..

@Haddock.. ha haa..thanks

@Anonymous..yep, I know..thanks

@Zeenu..yes..its all fun in summers but they for short period..