Wednesday, March 3, 2010


She always wanted me to write about her ..its kinda strange as we meet some strangers and they become our best friends forever ...
My best friend is ARSH. We’ve been best friends for a year. She is very unique in many ways. I can describe her as a very creative, imaginative, fun, exciting, and hyper person.

"Our friendship is very strong and we would always talk to each other if we have a problem. We never fought. Never. And I think we never will, because we agree on everything and we’re really similar in many ways.

I like how ARSH is very unique and has her own style of being herself. This sounds weird, but that’s how I describe ARSH..."

She’s just very… herself. The story of how we met is also interesting.
..I met her online as a complete stranger in 2009,through a common friend ..she is twenty six yrs old Jat sikh gurl, a passionate horse rider pursuing her degree in New york for business networking...She got enrolled on scholarship and came all the way from India.

When I talked to her online for very first time ,she was in pathetic state,as she was
forcibly sent to US even though it was on a punishment by her dad for falling in love ...The irony was ,this guy whom she loves happens to be in her dads unit..(gurl is from defence background)Dad is (serving) Brig ..and guy is Major in Indian army..they are from the same city ..
She met AP in a party ..for the first time,a tall six feet guy standing near the bar ..who came to her, asked her for a soft drink ,sitting beside her dad she smiled and refused , but she could see his eyes following her....before she left the party he managed to ask her name!

comes from a very good family ..her mom is neurosurgeon and has a license to practice in US and her brother is in Med school California ..

After the party
Arsh had no contact with this guy for few weeks,then one day playing tennis she saw him watching her in the club ..and after the game he came and introduced him and then they met in the club ..regularly after the game.. but her dad soon came to know about this from one of the juniors ...and then ..some good fire works at home..she was not allowed in the club ,was at house the mean time she got her scholarship and invitation from the NY university ..
AP, this guy ..tried to call her but her cell phone service was disconnected and then she was sent to NY fo
r further her uncles place (dad's brother).... for six months it was jus every other person in the family kept an eye on contact with any of her friends in India..
..I was surprised at her pathetic state when she narrated her she asked me for HELP!!!
...How did I help her ?
(will continue in nxt blog)


uma said...

Hey Harman,
like a TV serial... continued.. stay tuned for next episode..

BK Chowla, said...

Fantastic narration. But, again, we have to wait for the climax.

Raj - Only name sake !! said...

fantastic narration!
you know really wonderful people!

Zeenu said...

“Friendship is a treasured gift, and every time I talk with you I feel as if I'm getting richer and richer”
..thanks for being my friend..

Anonymous said...

...U r very lucky to have a good friend ,I will wait for nxt part..
but try to publish it fast...

Harman said...

n thanks
@BK Chowla..thanks sir..


@Anonymous..yes I am lucky..
@Zeenu..So ..did u like it?..thanks.
nthing nytime..