Friday, March 5, 2010

My Best Friend Part-II

Arsh wanted help from what?

she asked me to do a favor on her and get AP's no me fine details of his residence and office as supposedly the no was changed...

Getting no for her was not a big deal but authenticity of situation was more important for me as there are many fake IDs online and most of the time its someone else ....(male behind a female ID) so I told her to show me some pics and some proofs though I sounded rude at that time but there was no choice..

She did show me some personal pictures and proofs and I was convinced.....

I got her the no a week and she got hooked again... :) but not for long ,her mom came to US as a visiting a hospital and was here for six months.. she came to know very soon..and then ..another major fireworks at home..

Panicked ..ARSH called me and said to talk to her mom..I convinced her mom that I got the no for her and they should accept this relationship otherwise its gonna be a big trouble ,but I think my advice went into TRASH..

Then they found a guy in IT professional settle her down..then as a matter of fact..I decided to talk to her mom..and then told her about US laws and repercussions ..its just a phone call away..

Arsh is avery nice girl in spite of so much extortion she never complained..but this action crossed all the limits we (arsh &me) decided to do this if things didn't fall in its place..

It worked and her mom understood the situation and consequences ,talked to her dad and tried to convince him.. it took almost an year to convince him though but happened...

In the mean time AP was in a devastated condition COZ..Arsh dad is his senior (boss) and they met each other most of the time .. its was kind of hilarious situation..(to me)

Last year December ARSH got engaged to AP....she was on her Christmas vacation to India..

..One wonderful person I met as a stranger N now she is my "The Bst Frd"

..some wonderful quotes..

"A Friend is one who walks in when others walk out"

"A good friend will never let their friend do stupid things..ALONE"

"There is nothing worth the winning, but laughter and the love of friends."

..Some wonderful friends, some good stories ,life is full of surprises and every package is amazing only ..some need a helping hand generous and this generosity will come back to u..

"For Sure"

(I am sorry ,my computer went crazy while publishing this blog was so stubborn to accept the text ,if there are any mistakes just pls ignore them!)



uma said...

Thank God Arsh's parents agreed.. and thanks to u a true friend..
I liked the qoutes at the end.. specially ALONE...

Anonymous said...

That was one kind gesture ..
'friends for ever"I really like the second part ..especially where the parents were not ready and how they agreed... sometimes we have to remind our elders for shortcomings and moreover staying in USA cannot mess with the LAW..
keep up the good work..
God Bless!!

Anonymous said...

that was a happy ending ..
good work!

Zeenu said...

thanks..from bottom of my heart ..I think this will always remain a memory and for yrs to come will be an exemplary friendship ..

Harman said...

@ZEENU hey.. ya online? thanks ..for? c'mmon..
It will ba a hardcopy in my pc and how can I ever forget that ? so howz weekend goin?

Zeenu said...

.yup.good ,so nice of u as always,weekend I was at the course jus had some fun in manhattan, monday it will be back to dorm! how abt ya?

Harman said...

ok..nice ,had gone for riding ?its spring around the corner ..nice n bright here too.. I was at dance class ..had some fun following the steps on "bhangra"such a hip hop song ...a full workout..

Harman said...

@ UMA..thanks ..I am glad u like the quotes..
Arsh is wonderful friend ..this blog or article was for our friendship!

@Jai..thanks ..u r good wishes r always with us..


Raj - Only name sake !! said...

Wonderful! wonderful!
3 cheers to you , you have done a great job!

Yeah the part-3 is published!

Harman said...

@Raj..thanks..its always love and support of friends that helps us to do or help someone in trouble..