Monday, March 29, 2010


...weekend ,while coming on my way back I stopped by an Indian store to get some indian I entered ,the Guy greeted me ..I looked around for some MP3 and a nook caught my eye..$1.80.. I looked at the CDs ..asked the boy...Do you have punjabi songs too..??? he said NO..they don't sell anymore..people download them from net .. I was like OK.. ..then picking up a CD I looked ,it said "Best of 2001 to 2009"..I asked him what kinda songs are there..??nothing is written on it..he said ..Mam it has 134 songs we cannot list all of them ....I asked it pirated???..he said,NO..its copied from original high quality CD ..not from net..
(what the *****)

Shrinking my brows I looked at him ..he laughed ..what?? he said if you wanna have a nice cover and list of songs labelled properly buy this for $19.99.... what if this doesn't work or quality is not good??I asked...its good he said...and its jus for $1.80 I thought sure..
(money grows on trees)

Anyways ..playing it in my Van ..All songs were tooooooo good.. ...My hubby heard them and asked where did you buy this from?? I told him the whole story..
he smiled and said..
OK so this is higher and better version of piracy!!


Uma said...

well narrated!

Bikram said...

he heh eeh :) no wonder people download them.. here too its the same thing.. BTW what cd was that I would like to get one too for myself :)

Harman said...

ha haa haa..Bikram ..sure!

Gaurav said...

ha ha..indeed a better version of piracy.

Zeenu said...

Morons ..tell us our existence in this world.

BK Chowla, said...

It is the same old story the world over.

Jogi said...

ha ha ..good one !!

Anonymous said...

Morons are very important people in this world Morons help us in many ways and actually increase our knowledge ,people like morons keep us happy .

SathyaSridhar said...

It's really makes me laugh,, here too in Indian DVD shops they dont print the labels of the movie and dont give the movie name printed cover,,We know that's the pirated copy but it will plays clearly like original copy,,,technology is well improved naa,,,

Tripat "Prerna" said...

wonderful words chosen :)

Sorcerer said...


Harman said...

@UMA thanks..appreciate it!


@ZEE.. love ur comment..

@Bk chowla..Yes..priacy is very common ..u r right.


@satyashridhar..yes..its very common but inspite of this people still the piracy..and best part is the quality ..its really good..same as original!

tripat prerna..thanks ..

sorcerer..thanks..I am glad ..

@anonymous..I am surprised by ur comment..MORONS..n their definition!