Monday, March 1, 2010


..World is made of different kinds of people ..sometimes we go through a major incidence in life which changes the whole perspective of our living..

"Pessimism can be very damaging to a person’s life. On a physical level, constant pessimism can lead to low self esteem and negative subconscious programming. If you are constantly looking at things in a negative way, you could develop a self defeating "

..recently in one of the parties ..we met a couple ,I was surprised by the thoughts and critical thinking.. "Blame Game "is one big header in these kind of personalities ..where scapegoat is the other person or country and we are JUS for this world..

Mr X came to US twenty yrs back with a degree..and started working here , he started his own business with a convenience store ..(open twenty four hrs)....his business started with a bang and soon he hired three guys ,supposedly illegal immigrants ..sometimes a dream to become rich very fast makes us do wrong deeds ,which he did ..and things were in his stride but as always it was not for long... one day ..a beautiful blond stepped in the store ,MR X was not there in the store ,these guys were dumbstruck looking at the pretty lady ,she gave them a casual smile with an eye contact ..(it is suppose to be a part of good manners here)and said "hi".

as she turned after shopping one of the guys threw a paper ball at her with some message ..(I am not aware what was written on that.)..this women kept the paper as a proof ,went to the parking lot and called the cops...the cops were there in few minutes..these guys were held for sexual harassment and then deported back to their country ..the convenience store was closed and the owner was sued ...and accused for illegal and fraud transactions in court ....his savings and bank accounts were freezed a result he was bankrupt.. MR X was in hospital for few months in stress and depression .

when he came out of the hospital ..he was a different person .. A big Critique .. to him everything is bad and he was better in his country and blah blah blah..he went back with his wife BUT then came back to US after few months saying its difficult to live there now... so he started working with Ford company..But his pessimistic approach is something which brings out negative vibes from his personality!!!

Who is to be blamed here???

its easy to take credits but..difficult to accept the failures!!!


uma said...

nice pic Harman!.. there are people who are aware of their mistakes and do take responsiblity...but then as u said different kinds of people..

Subhashini said...

Jus came to know your blog through Uma's blog.I loved your posts very much.Keep it up

Anonymous said...

A person is responsible for his deeds ..directly or indirectly ..and we always learn from our mistakes Negative approach is not a solution its retaliating ..and nobody cares ,instead you become a laughing stock in the society!!

Harman said...

@ UMA..yup..I agree..with u.. but these r special kind :)

@Subhasini..Thanks.. I am honored ..hope to see u again..

@Jai..thanks.. I agree..and retaliating is not the solution..instead of blame Game ..he needs to work on his mistakes..and accept them!!

Zeenu said...

..such a ..F****in idiot.. need to kick his A**..he is the one to be held responsible..
people gotta know who is responsible ??rather then blame Game!!