Friday, March 19, 2010


.Born and raised in India ..I had always seen people going for various superstitions ..but I never believed in these things ...I heard lot about them thou but never gave it a thought ..I always heard a Black Cat crossing your way is considered bad omen but nothing ever happened until one day.... not harboring this thought its just that it left me dazed as to what was this????
...In those days ..I use to commute from Ludhiana to Chandigarh during my exams just like other university students ,it was simple and easy to move back and forth..staying in university all the time I was sick with hostel and canteen food.. so this was a good option, as we four girls use to take seven am bus in the morning and after exam we were back ,before was regular routine during worked with great ease ... .. I started at seven am ..from home, as we took the car out from garage to main road for bus stand I could see a Black Cat crossing our way ..we overlooked n my bro ,who was driving ...At the bus stand I could see my friends waiting with a ticket in hand and we took the bus to we boarded after some time I could hear some weird noises from the bus ..I looked out of the window the bus was moving very slow ....I could see people moving at supersonic speed ..I told my friends to look out...and suddenly I heard noise , bus stopped ..and everyone was standing on the road.. The conductor said there is a problem with engine another bus is on the way and we will be able to take that...
The next bus came and went it was full we (f
our) were again on the road..we were able to take the next bus ..but when I reached my destination it was already eleven thirty am half an hour left for exam I couldn't find the room or the seating arrangement..running up and down the stairs I banged against a professor ..he fell down..he stared hard at me ..I said "SORRY'..and asked him the room number, showing my roll number ..where should I sit sir?..he yelled at me..pointing at his head ..MY HEAD!!
Anyways ,I turned around there was no time for argument ..and fortunately room was in front of me..examination paper was distributed I managed to get the sheet ...and started working on it..
the paper was good and I was happy..and as I came out my friends were waiting for me ..we had a cup of coffee in the cafeteria discussing the paper..and left for bus stand again....forgetting the morning episode... Sitting in the bus ..we started our way home but we could see the driver stopping at every other liquor shop ...I told my friend "Cheema"..hope we reach safely home... within few minutes the bus hit against the tree and my forehead slammed against the steel handle in front of me...all the passengers moved out of the bus some were bleeding with minor injuries ..I saw the driver body on the road..I don't know he was dead or head injury ,the other passengers said there is a bus coming...everyone rushed towards another bus...but the bus was full of passengers ..we were all stranded on the was pitch dark with forest around...not knowing what to do know..then after sometime we saw another bus coming .. with an emergency vehicle ..probably they got the news.. This bus was full of passengers ..everybody rushed and managed to get inn we were again on the the driver was about to start ..determined we marched towards the driver standing in front of the bus and told him to come down ..explaining him the situation and we being students helpless not knowing what to do...asked help from him..he looked inside the bus there was no place to stand ,he then told the university boys to get up on the roof of the bus ..and we managed to get in and got our way home...meanwhile the drivers body was taken by emergency vehicle.. ..Reaching the bus stand I could see my brother waiting there ,this was probably the last bus from Chandigarh..looking at the scar on my forehead he asked me why I am so drained out? ..I told him the whole story...its was a shock for my family what I went through..thou nobody had any myth as our family doesn't believe in all these superstitions!!! this was probably the only incident that happened .. with a black cat crossing my way.. after this it happened yesterday when I was driving at night ..the cat crossed my way again and I went back in my memory ..not knowing what to do? I took my way and reached home nothing happened.. I have no idea whether it was a bad day or my luck that saved my life or black Cat... its still a mystery .. I still don't believe in all these things!
Just Faith in his submissions..


Uma said...

life has both good and bad incidents.. the best part is you didnt superstitious because of that incident.. my personal experience... whenever cat crosses my way i get a good news.. something good happens.. well narrate post Harman!

Bikram said...

he heehe YEah .. But u see now that u r in USA and here in UK, people have cats as pets.. and how many times does one cross ur path .. If we stop everytime it will be chaos.. SO i am sure it was the LUCK and god looking over you..

Raj - Only name sake !! said...

You believe or not it depends on the individual.

But whatever is written to happen will happen!

BK Chowla, said...

Destiny cant be changed. Yes, they say if the cat goes left to right-it is lucky and not the other way round.
Also, if the black cat cute through on Saturday-it is lucky.
But, the fact you are still writing good ,cats don't matter---ones deeds do.

Zeenu said...

I am surprised what you went through, OH God! life has different colors and winners are always the ones that come out with flying colors.. gotta know thats comin in and decisions at right time play a significant role!!
Nice post.

Harman said...

@ UMA.. thanks dear.. so sweet of u..I will keep this in mind!!
@Bikram..thanks..I agree with u...

@Raj..ya..its always matter what!!

@BK chowla..yes sir..I agree with u...superstitions r man made things..

@Zeenu..thanks dear..I think I was always on GO..
but almighty has been kind to me..