Monday, March 29, 2010


...weekend ,while coming on my way back I stopped by an Indian store to get some indian I entered ,the Guy greeted me ..I looked around for some MP3 and a nook caught my eye..$1.80.. I looked at the CDs ..asked the boy...Do you have punjabi songs too..??? he said NO..they don't sell anymore..people download them from net .. I was like OK.. ..then picking up a CD I looked ,it said "Best of 2001 to 2009"..I asked him what kinda songs are there..??nothing is written on it..he said ..Mam it has 134 songs we cannot list all of them ....I asked it pirated???..he said,NO..its copied from original high quality CD ..not from net..
(what the *****)

Shrinking my brows I looked at him ..he laughed ..what?? he said if you wanna have a nice cover and list of songs labelled properly buy this for $19.99.... what if this doesn't work or quality is not good??I asked...its good he said...and its jus for $1.80 I thought sure..
(money grows on trees)

Anyways ..playing it in my Van ..All songs were tooooooo good.. ...My hubby heard them and asked where did you buy this from?? I told him the whole story..
he smiled and said..
OK so this is higher and better version of piracy!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


looking at schedule ..its busy day again ..just came from a friends place and now its time to go out and meet a client ..for my work..I like to be busy it helps me to get away with all the thoughts and I always consider people lucky when they move towards constructive reason..

Life has ups and down..
My friends always call me"BSY PEOPLE"..I don't give my cell number unnecessarily..or call people unless its really important ,we meet only in parties or social gatherings during weekend which I think is enough ..meeting or calling on weekdays doesn't make any sense unless its important..may be I might sound rude here...

My online friends I greet through emails or chat once in while ..only those I like and consider my friends me my self respect and dignity is very important ..taught by my parents ..

I think there is no desperation..more of a satisfied person in life with such a lovely companion..
this is just a personal thought....

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I have been little upset last few days is too short .One of our dear friends ,Maj Hardeep Grewal sudden demise left us in tears ...
Fondly known as" Garry" is no longer with us..he was posted in Assam came home for ten days and met with an accident ,there were two other guys with him ,they were hit by a truck carrying iron Rods ...all three died on the spot..
Hardeep thirty three yr old guy ,was fun loving very pleasant in nature...I met him couple of times he was my hubby's best friend..we all come from same town ,he was at our wedding all the time...
we don't know what is destined ..memories are left ..we are all here to play our roles ..God knows what's in store..
When we lose a dear friend, our familiar world seems to become a different place - one without joy or happiness. Finding an inner peace takes time.

In our hearts, we all know that death is a part of life. In fact, death gives a meaning to existence because it reminds us how precious life is.
may the departed soul rest in peace..

"My Blog Is Dedicated to our dear friend Maj Hardeep Grewal.."

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Women.

"A woman has amazing strengths. She can deal with stress, carry burdens. She smiles when she feels like screaming.....she sings when she feels like crying. Cries when she is happy and laughs when she is afraid. Her love is unconditional. There is only 1 thing wrong with her...she forgets what she is worth & how great she... is. Every women is beautiful , she is amazing, unique, talented & should be respected..."

Friday, March 19, 2010


.Born and raised in India ..I had always seen people going for various superstitions ..but I never believed in these things ...I heard lot about them thou but never gave it a thought ..I always heard a Black Cat crossing your way is considered bad omen but nothing ever happened until one day.... not harboring this thought its just that it left me dazed as to what was this????
...In those days ..I use to commute from Ludhiana to Chandigarh during my exams just like other university students ,it was simple and easy to move back and forth..staying in university all the time I was sick with hostel and canteen food.. so this was a good option, as we four girls use to take seven am bus in the morning and after exam we were back ,before was regular routine during worked with great ease ... .. I started at seven am ..from home, as we took the car out from garage to main road for bus stand I could see a Black Cat crossing our way ..we overlooked n my bro ,who was driving ...At the bus stand I could see my friends waiting with a ticket in hand and we took the bus to we boarded after some time I could hear some weird noises from the bus ..I looked out of the window the bus was moving very slow ....I could see people moving at supersonic speed ..I told my friends to look out...and suddenly I heard noise , bus stopped ..and everyone was standing on the road.. The conductor said there is a problem with engine another bus is on the way and we will be able to take that...
The next bus came and went it was full we (f
our) were again on the road..we were able to take the next bus ..but when I reached my destination it was already eleven thirty am half an hour left for exam I couldn't find the room or the seating arrangement..running up and down the stairs I banged against a professor ..he fell down..he stared hard at me ..I said "SORRY'..and asked him the room number, showing my roll number ..where should I sit sir?..he yelled at me..pointing at his head ..MY HEAD!!
Anyways ,I turned around there was no time for argument ..and fortunately room was in front of me..examination paper was distributed I managed to get the sheet ...and started working on it..
the paper was good and I was happy..and as I came out my friends were waiting for me ..we had a cup of coffee in the cafeteria discussing the paper..and left for bus stand again....forgetting the morning episode... Sitting in the bus ..we started our way home but we could see the driver stopping at every other liquor shop ...I told my friend "Cheema"..hope we reach safely home... within few minutes the bus hit against the tree and my forehead slammed against the steel handle in front of me...all the passengers moved out of the bus some were bleeding with minor injuries ..I saw the driver body on the road..I don't know he was dead or head injury ,the other passengers said there is a bus coming...everyone rushed towards another bus...but the bus was full of passengers ..we were all stranded on the was pitch dark with forest around...not knowing what to do know..then after sometime we saw another bus coming .. with an emergency vehicle ..probably they got the news.. This bus was full of passengers ..everybody rushed and managed to get inn we were again on the the driver was about to start ..determined we marched towards the driver standing in front of the bus and told him to come down ..explaining him the situation and we being students helpless not knowing what to do...asked help from him..he looked inside the bus there was no place to stand ,he then told the university boys to get up on the roof of the bus ..and we managed to get in and got our way home...meanwhile the drivers body was taken by emergency vehicle.. ..Reaching the bus stand I could see my brother waiting there ,this was probably the last bus from Chandigarh..looking at the scar on my forehead he asked me why I am so drained out? ..I told him the whole story...its was a shock for my family what I went through..thou nobody had any myth as our family doesn't believe in all these superstitions!!! this was probably the only incident that happened .. with a black cat crossing my way.. after this it happened yesterday when I was driving at night ..the cat crossed my way again and I went back in my memory ..not knowing what to do? I took my way and reached home nothing happened.. I have no idea whether it was a bad day or my luck that saved my life or black Cat... its still a mystery .. I still don't believe in all these things!
Just Faith in his submissions..

Monday, March 15, 2010


I have been so busy last week ..with work and some guests we had from LA... sometimes its difficult to steal some time amidst of all the work in front of you..
Blogging is one good passion of mine ,even if I have few minutes I would spend to read or write something..looking few years back when I was at university as a student and coming home for vacations I had good time to kill...moving around on kinetic and reading all Danielle Steele latest book a day..with pile of novels and magazines and all reading stuff on study table.. ..
Another way of killing time was watching regional movies with English subtitles ..especially during my exams ..I always had a myth that if I watch one movie ,my score will go usually said .."you are an expert in killing time"..but my results always brought smile on her face and twinkle in her eyes for which she never minded "time killing" ..
I came to know exactly meaning of time and its value in US.. how punctuality works and people run for time.. Time is MONEY..every single minutes pays..I am on my toes ..from seven am to ten pm and I am so use to it now that if my day is not busy I feel something missing in my world..

Talking of time we recently had a time change DST..(day light saving time)
It is the practice of advancing clocks so that afternoons have more daylight and mornings have less. Typically clocks are adjusted forward one hour near the start of spring and are adjusted backward in autumn. Adding daylight to afternoons benefits retailing, sports, and other activities that exploit sunlight after working hours but causes problems for farming, evening entertainment and other occupations tied to the sun. In Indiana, where part of the state observes DST and part does not, farmers have opposed a move to DST. Farmers, who must wake with the sun no matter what time their clock says, are greatly inconvenienced by having to change their schedule in order to sell their crops to people who observe daylight saving time. Time plays a great factor in this case!!
Let's be honest here: we're all a bunch of social media addicts. We're junkies. Whether it's a new Twitter app, a new Facebook feature, or a new social anything service, we're all over it. But we may not be the norm... looking at busy schedules..
Time is precious commodity ,stuff life is made of.

Never be misled by the number of days in a year. Their number merely represents the time that is potentially available to us. If it is misspent or wasted, it all comes to nothing. What if you were told you had one hour to live? Wouldn’t you believe you had very little time? Is there much difference between an hour and a day? A day and a week? A week and a month? A month and a year? A year and a decade? A decade and a lifetime? Understanding how little time we have available is the beginning of wisdom"

Its one life,but should be well spent...

some good quotes..
William Shakespeare
Better three hours too soon, than one minute too late.

Bertrand Russell

The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

Time flies. It's up to you to be the navigator.

Kazi Shams

Time is what we want most, but... what we use worst.

William Penn

Time is a cruel thief to rob us of our former selves. We lose as much to life as we do to death.

Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey

All my possessions for a moment of time.

Brian Tracy

There is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do the most important thing.

The time quotes reveal to you the importance of each and every second that you live in your life. These quotes inspire you to value time and thereby live your life to the fullest so that later you have no chance to repent. These famous sayings also remind you of the fact that it is always better to wind up your works well in time before it actually slips out of your hands

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The pursuit of happyness!!

its was 10 pm ..I usually sleep by this time,but while watching this Hollywood movie I didn't realize how fast it ended ....but when I saw this movie.."The pursuit of happyness"...Man!!! it gave me Chills...I got up from the couch and wore my fleece jacket ..I can never imagine this kind of hard ship in life..
...this movie is based on real story ..starring Will Smith..I always consider him as a fine actor but this movie ,his acting is par excellence ... Its was released in 2006 and nominated for Oscar..I saw this movie now,Actually its my hubby who keeps track of all good movies worth seeing ...
After seeing this movie I consider myself a very fortunate person who has never seen this kind of life and hardships..

Life gives up without money ,so much humiliation and misery..All broken relationships and life for homeless..Its A Pity...

Chris Gardner, the man who is always running around to earn some money ,living with his wife and son..ends up homeless ..without a single penny in his pocket and a five year old kid to take care of... his relationship with his wife gets sour and he is kicked out by every single person..but persistence and hard work pays back after lots n lots of
struggle... A worth watching!!! ...
Who is
Chris Gardner?..NOW

Christopher Gardner is the owner and CEO of Gardner Rich LLC with offices in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. Conquering grave challenges to become a successful entrepreneur, Gardner is an avid motivational and aspirational speaker, addressing the keys to overcoming obstacles and breaking cycles. Gardner is also a passionate philanthropist whose work has been recognized by many esteemed organisations.. A RAGS TO RICHES ..story..

Monday, March 8, 2010

International womens day!!!

..Celebrating the Womanhood ,my blog is dedicated to all those wonderful women who made a difference and setting up an example for their fellow beings ..

For the first time, women pilots operated Air India’s Mumbai-New York non-stop flight on March 8 to commemorate International Women’s Day.

Captain Rashmi Miranda along with Captain Sunita Narula were given the command of the Boeing 777-200 long-range aircraft which will fly through 10 time zones for 14 hours. Captain Swati Rawal and Captain Neha Kulkarni were the first officers.
The flight to the John F Kennedy airport in New York is approximately of 14 hours duration and operated with a double set of an all-women crew and supported by women of the National Aviation Company of India Limited (NACIL).

The National Aviation Company India Limited (NACIL), which operates Air India, has more than 136 women pilots flying on various international and domestic sectors...
..Isn't it wonderful??

Happy Women's day!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Its spring around the corner,day is bright and sunny..with little chill and twittering of birds..I am so happy to welcome the spring its been four months since I have been out of my sweat shirt I mean not the same one but different styles ..and skinny jeans ..all bundled up with gloves, cap and muffler in my neck my big snow boots and big long jacket ..most of the times I got the feeling of Sherlock Holmes a detective going out on Spy work..but since Friday it has been so nice ..fresh bright morning with no heavy coats or jacket and a clean Car in my drive way not waiting to be warmed up or tension of cleaning the snow...though there is still pile of snow on the side walk but most of the area is clean..I value the spring season and its advantages ..unlike in India I never knew about the extreme winter, here steaming hot coffee if spilled in the parking lot immediately turns into Cold Coffee... or ears start paining without ear muffs.. GOD!!
thanks there is spring season and everyone is out of hibernation..
I can see people moving around ,kids on skateboard in streets ..couples cycling and MYSELF..

Friday, March 5, 2010

My Best Friend Part-II

Arsh wanted help from what?

she asked me to do a favor on her and get AP's no me fine details of his residence and office as supposedly the no was changed...

Getting no for her was not a big deal but authenticity of situation was more important for me as there are many fake IDs online and most of the time its someone else ....(male behind a female ID) so I told her to show me some pics and some proofs though I sounded rude at that time but there was no choice..

She did show me some personal pictures and proofs and I was convinced.....

I got her the no a week and she got hooked again... :) but not for long ,her mom came to US as a visiting a hospital and was here for six months.. she came to know very soon..and then ..another major fireworks at home..

Panicked ..ARSH called me and said to talk to her mom..I convinced her mom that I got the no for her and they should accept this relationship otherwise its gonna be a big trouble ,but I think my advice went into TRASH..

Then they found a guy in IT professional settle her down..then as a matter of fact..I decided to talk to her mom..and then told her about US laws and repercussions ..its just a phone call away..

Arsh is avery nice girl in spite of so much extortion she never complained..but this action crossed all the limits we (arsh &me) decided to do this if things didn't fall in its place..

It worked and her mom understood the situation and consequences ,talked to her dad and tried to convince him.. it took almost an year to convince him though but happened...

In the mean time AP was in a devastated condition COZ..Arsh dad is his senior (boss) and they met each other most of the time .. its was kind of hilarious situation..(to me)

Last year December ARSH got engaged to AP....she was on her Christmas vacation to India..

..One wonderful person I met as a stranger N now she is my "The Bst Frd"

..some wonderful quotes..

"A Friend is one who walks in when others walk out"

"A good friend will never let their friend do stupid things..ALONE"

"There is nothing worth the winning, but laughter and the love of friends."

..Some wonderful friends, some good stories ,life is full of surprises and every package is amazing only ..some need a helping hand generous and this generosity will come back to u..

"For Sure"

(I am sorry ,my computer went crazy while publishing this blog was so stubborn to accept the text ,if there are any mistakes just pls ignore them!)


Wednesday, March 3, 2010


She always wanted me to write about her ..its kinda strange as we meet some strangers and they become our best friends forever ...
My best friend is ARSH. We’ve been best friends for a year. She is very unique in many ways. I can describe her as a very creative, imaginative, fun, exciting, and hyper person.

"Our friendship is very strong and we would always talk to each other if we have a problem. We never fought. Never. And I think we never will, because we agree on everything and we’re really similar in many ways.

I like how ARSH is very unique and has her own style of being herself. This sounds weird, but that’s how I describe ARSH..."

She’s just very… herself. The story of how we met is also interesting.
..I met her online as a complete stranger in 2009,through a common friend ..she is twenty six yrs old Jat sikh gurl, a passionate horse rider pursuing her degree in New york for business networking...She got enrolled on scholarship and came all the way from India.

When I talked to her online for very first time ,she was in pathetic state,as she was
forcibly sent to US even though it was on a punishment by her dad for falling in love ...The irony was ,this guy whom she loves happens to be in her dads unit..(gurl is from defence background)Dad is (serving) Brig ..and guy is Major in Indian army..they are from the same city ..
She met AP in a party ..for the first time,a tall six feet guy standing near the bar ..who came to her, asked her for a soft drink ,sitting beside her dad she smiled and refused , but she could see his eyes following her....before she left the party he managed to ask her name!

comes from a very good family ..her mom is neurosurgeon and has a license to practice in US and her brother is in Med school California ..

After the party
Arsh had no contact with this guy for few weeks,then one day playing tennis she saw him watching her in the club ..and after the game he came and introduced him and then they met in the club ..regularly after the game.. but her dad soon came to know about this from one of the juniors ...and then ..some good fire works at home..she was not allowed in the club ,was at house the mean time she got her scholarship and invitation from the NY university ..
AP, this guy ..tried to call her but her cell phone service was disconnected and then she was sent to NY fo
r further her uncles place (dad's brother).... for six months it was jus every other person in the family kept an eye on contact with any of her friends in India..
..I was surprised at her pathetic state when she narrated her she asked me for HELP!!!
...How did I help her ?
(will continue in nxt blog)

Monday, March 1, 2010


..World is made of different kinds of people ..sometimes we go through a major incidence in life which changes the whole perspective of our living..

"Pessimism can be very damaging to a person’s life. On a physical level, constant pessimism can lead to low self esteem and negative subconscious programming. If you are constantly looking at things in a negative way, you could develop a self defeating "

..recently in one of the parties ..we met a couple ,I was surprised by the thoughts and critical thinking.. "Blame Game "is one big header in these kind of personalities ..where scapegoat is the other person or country and we are JUS for this world..

Mr X came to US twenty yrs back with a degree..and started working here , he started his own business with a convenience store ..(open twenty four hrs)....his business started with a bang and soon he hired three guys ,supposedly illegal immigrants ..sometimes a dream to become rich very fast makes us do wrong deeds ,which he did ..and things were in his stride but as always it was not for long... one day ..a beautiful blond stepped in the store ,MR X was not there in the store ,these guys were dumbstruck looking at the pretty lady ,she gave them a casual smile with an eye contact ..(it is suppose to be a part of good manners here)and said "hi".

as she turned after shopping one of the guys threw a paper ball at her with some message ..(I am not aware what was written on that.)..this women kept the paper as a proof ,went to the parking lot and called the cops...the cops were there in few minutes..these guys were held for sexual harassment and then deported back to their country ..the convenience store was closed and the owner was sued ...and accused for illegal and fraud transactions in court ....his savings and bank accounts were freezed a result he was bankrupt.. MR X was in hospital for few months in stress and depression .

when he came out of the hospital ..he was a different person .. A big Critique .. to him everything is bad and he was better in his country and blah blah blah..he went back with his wife BUT then came back to US after few months saying its difficult to live there now... so he started working with Ford company..But his pessimistic approach is something which brings out negative vibes from his personality!!!

Who is to be blamed here???

its easy to take credits but..difficult to accept the failures!!!