Thursday, February 4, 2010

For the Love of God , WE..are Indians!!

Reading all the blogs and news online ...I was thinking about the issue that has been raised by the so called "thakereys", that Maharashtra belongs to marathi's..... and Blah blah blah...
We ,who live in a different countries and stand tall and high ,referred to as Indians, irrespective of which state or region we come from India .. ,its shameful when we hear that now in our own country, people will be referred to based on the states they belong to or religion they practice, rather then being Hindustani or Indians, by our so called politicans or the Big "thakereys".
Its very easy to pass judgements sitting on a throne in your own country. Worth is seen on an International platform, how good you are in words and worth..
The primary needs of common man are sidelined and all other dirty politics are played even if its is to an extent of splitting up the country..
..... ..All Indians outside .. or NRIs meet each other with respect and love with the fact that we are from the same country ,and the world looks upon us as Indians with respect to our culture and hospitality ...
We have earned this respect with our noble deeds and culture, this stigma will put a permanent dent in our nationality if not taken care off..and we will be soon be laughing stock for international community .
We should rise higher instead and not fall for these political games which are nothing but devious attempt by the corrupt minded politicians to segregate our unified society.. Let us all stand for a unified India without any boundaries and be proud in the fact that we are Indians.


BK Chowla, said...

What is happening in Mumbai is shameful,but I would blame every one for the mess.
We,in India, are and will be united except for these damn politicians who won't let go of any opportunity to divide us on the basis of caste-religion-region.

Tripat "Prerna" said...

very well said..actually no one wants to be united..every relationship is just scattered

Zeenu said...

WE are all Indians.... at the end of the day..All states has people from different region.Maharashtra is not separate.. end of the day, during attacks in Mumbai it was our force who protected our country ,which has all kinds of people and regions.. why this discrimination now..
These ideologies of thackerey SUCKS..
Yes Come on international platform..we will see your weight-age..

Haddock said...

Indians behave well when we are out side India.
Actually its the politicians who create all these issues (and a few aspiring politicians are there to say aye aye sir)