Sunday, February 21, 2010

Voice Mail.

..Looking at my phone ..with missed callz ,I tried to return the call .. being courteous , redialed and the message said ...your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message system.
.it was..TAD TAD TAD TADAK... bye.
WHAT .in the name of God was that??? which language is this?? ..I thought ,unique,Crazy people..
this is one example..
another one ,
message left on the voice mail... ..pause..nothin is recorded ..and in a whisper it was bye...
Usually people are in such a hurry that they sometimes fumble in their words hilarious
WHAT UP, THIS IS Sammy's PHONE. um. It's not being answered right now, so um, leave a message and I'll get back to you later. peace. ..
another one..

Come and knock on our door! This is
shreya's phone! And I'm not picking it UP right NOW but if you leave me a message then I'll call you back! da-da-da-da. That would be so dapple...
another one ..
Hi ..we are outing and enjoying ..blah blah blah..(
sweety, we don't need personal information I thought!!..)..BYEEEEEE...

Every person has its own style of recording a message on a voice mail
.. but decency demands that it should be slow and clear with name and reason for call..for other person to understand the message.. as for automated voice messaging system..unless its pre-recorded one should sound like a mature person ,as the other person trying to reach you is for a REASON ..its not a joke!!!
Voice mail is the best way to answer a person as per
convenient time if its a busy schedule hour..

It's easy for the sender to covey their message in a short, concise manner and it's something you can casually do when you're not making the other person fumble around for their phone in a quick haste to answer it, as otherwise it might be inconvenient time for them...

what do u say??


uma said...

your observation is quite good...

Bikram said...

Mine says .. I am doing what i love doing.. Hence Cant get to phone.. So please Leave a message and I will call you, once I am finished..

No wonder i dont get many voicemails..

Have u got a voice mail from someone in india.. its like HEllo.. Hello hello hello .. Main tera mama B__ SINGH bolda hello .. hello.. hello

funny :)

Zeenu said...

My voice mail is always full,and most of the time for hearing the voice mail out of ten only one is understood,people leave messages in hurry and most of them is blank or with pauses!
yes, people from india leave voice mail like..hello hello hello.oye kithe ho.its annoying thou hilarious.

BK Chowla, said...

A lot of people are not aware of the basic manners in handling the phone or the voice mail msg.

Haddock said...

Yep, some of them are really funny, and some end up dialing again to hear those funny things once more.

Harman said...


@Bikram..YUP..most of the time the voice mail from they r talking to themselves rather then leaving a messages ,,and I still couldnt figure out some calls and Ids ..they r so mysterious!!

@Zeenu..My voicemail is also full most of the time .. at home.. my cell I jus keep it restricted for few its kinda a more personal with no junk..

BK chowla..Yes..people are not aware of leaving a proper message..its true!

@maddock..ha haa yup..I sometimes dont believe people can leave such messages on their recordings I do make sure..again..:)

Anonymous said...

I don't like really crazy greetings, but I wish people would be more creative in their greetings or leaving vm .. I'm so bored of formal office like unimaginative crappy greetings, I probably wouldn't mind a bit of hello, hello, hello ... if it reflected a love for life in that person ... at least a hint of something genuine.

My own greetings however - formal office like unimaginative and crappy :)

Harman said...

@Anonymous...people shld be more sensible in leaving their messages irrespective of the fact its formal or shld be understandable and reachable ..number