Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Truth or Dare

Sometimes we hit or press a nerve unknowingly..the blogs I write based on reality or incidents in my life is purely co-incidental if it goes with someone else ..its not to hurt anybody's feelings but to awake the people and remove evils from the society..
Laws and norms are the fear created for people to follow human behavior and lead a respectful life...may be due to this there is some discipline in life..
but sometimes people go through a lot but cannot speak or make mistakes and try keep it under wraps.. leading to another big mistake until they land in Correctional Facility(Jail)..
..Detroit Mayor(Michigan) was held case of Adultery ..and imprisonment for ninety days with fine..The veil was removed by Detroit free press.. with proofs , he was terminated and now lives in another state..
Tiger woods was another case where he landed in Rehab..for his own acts ..(adultery)
..Many more case in reality ..some known.. some unknown
Sooner or later evils come out in the society ..Accept it or ignore them ,nobody is spared ..even presidents of the countries are also held in public.. eventually everyone has to pay for his or her own acts ,."what goes around comes around "
...Its a truth..


Bikram said...

hmmm.. TRUTH always wins...


I am not os sure about DARE.. but I do stuff for a dare
now i have gone completely on a tangent from your article :)

uma said...

well said Harman!

Dharmjit said...

yep truth always came forward very right.
and my frnds in the modern world world there is no privacy just forgets the world privacy so better be aware before doing evil things

BK Chowla, said...

Sure,the truth always comes out.The cases you are referring to have been exposed by the media.
I have yet to see one, at least one, VIP being exposed and convicted.
We live in different worlds.

Anonymous said...

Bole toh..BindAAAAS likhne ka..

Zeenu said...
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Harman said...

@bikram..YUP..truth ...wins!!

Shahid said...

True...the world is round for a reason isnt it?

Harman said...

@shahid..its round for some reason!!