Saturday, February 6, 2010


Sitting in my family room I tried to clean the mess on floor with DVDs and CDs weird names.. of movies.......A whole pile of movies in hundreds ,some of the names I have not even heard, forget about playing them on the DVD player..
...seriously ..I have no fancy to any movies now whether bollywood or hollywood ..
Hindi movies are all same ,with male and females running around trees and old blind mother very courteous but ,they are very poor ,even then mother will be shown wearing a nice clean Saree and nice decent makeup and sister ..she might be a teenager but everyone is worried about her marriage as if this is only the reason she is born for!
Songs will be out of the way..
Holly wood movies are good ..close to reality but then smooching never stops..!! they need an excuse .. to smooch.. which I find disgusting .. ..most of the scenes are vulgar..though the story is good..
...I found one CD in the pile.. It was written .."Dard Bhare Geet"..I took it out and rest sorted them....
In our town n country(VAN) ..I told my hubby to play this,as we were goin out for dinner..
.. A beautiful collection of songs from kishore kumar to mohammed rafi ..lata, meaningful lyrics..
..First song was .."Dil aisa kisene mera todha"..I smiled ..beautiful composition..
.. next was.." Zindagi pyaar ka geet hai"..lata's..beautiful voice..
next was.. Sajjan re jooth mat bolo..mukesh..
...and so on and so forth.....
..old is gold doubt,we love to hear these songs again and again .. no matter even if there are melodious singers in the industry ..but very few lyrics are meaningful...
....Its a treasure!!
To me Old is Gold far music of Indian cinema is concerned,what do u say???


BK Chowla, said...

I am of the opinion that the songs we had about 10 yrs back were great songs.The music, lyrics and presentation,every aspect was great.
Sorry, can not say so much about current trend where lyrics start and end with -kaminay-bhootnike etc
These songs will be forgotten very soon.

Harman said...

ha haa..Sir this was good one..kaminey..bhootney ke..
yes..the old songs were very good..the reason we still remember the golden era!!

Dharmjit said...

i second u on that songs part .but today also the songs are great especially punjabi songs but their presentation is very poor means the video is totally vulgar nothing related to song lyrics.
but i diagrres wid u on that bollywood movies are far from reality

Zeenu said...

my favorite songs are all from animation films like shrek,spiderman ,Cars..or hindi movies ..definitely old is gold .. fav groups are euphoria
,backstreet boys, Boney M..
Punjabi is good but only few songs videos r very vulgar..Singers like hans raj hans,or manns r vanishing ..ever day there is new singer ,One song wonders!
Hindi movies only few r good,like 3 idiots recently..But avatar is no comparison, yes they r not many stories in hindi movies close to reality ,many r remake of hollywood movies but Singers like AR Rehman brought music on International platform here in NY Jai Ho is very popular even in local transport , we need more AR rehmans and good lyrics ..

Harman said...

@ Dharmjit...punjabi songs are good but only few..good singers.. like kamal heer..or babbu mann ..or harbhajan mann ..or may be handful more.. I like wadali brothers..or rahat ali ,but singers like miss pooja..( we call her lill insect) is everywhere ,with no depth in lyrics..
..Hindi movies are good but only few..if we check jus one or two movies are good in a year.. its not quantity ,quality that matters..
thanks .
@ zeenu..Babes..Grow up!! animation movie
I agree with u as rest of the comment is concerned..

Bikram said...

hmmmmmm nice.. I love old songs they had some soul in them todays songs are more of mismash..

Dila aisa kissi ne mera Toda.. Barbaadi ki taraf aisa mujhe moda.. WOW.. very true..

brought back memories, I am big fan of gazals by jagjit singh.. know eahc word by heart now ..


Harman said...

ya..Bikram Jagjit singh..all time fav..for all moods.. and Old is Gold..