Monday, February 8, 2010

Paranthas ...(indian stuffed pitas)

..Last month we were invited for Parantha party...Invitation said..( Parantha's...All Kind)
I laughed at the invitation and theme of the party...
..Parantha is an integral part of the north Indian breakfast....Parantha which is basically a N.Indian fare are unleavened flat breads similar to tortillas .The art of cooking up a parantha is something that is mastered over time..practice,practice and more practice,to make tasty paranthas.
As we entered the party there was a special aroma ,I could smell the Paranthas..
All kind .. of Vegetables and plain paranthas were served in a basket..the table was laid with salad ..Mutton gravy , Potato with vegetable balls in Gravy and yogurt served with spring onions.
lots of pickles to compliment the food..followed by traditional Kheer( Rice pudding)
It looked very presentable..
talking of paranthas,Frozen parantha Industry has progressed very well in US and Canada..looking at the frozen section I was surprised to see chicken tikka parantha..I never heard that so to me it was new and funny but in Canada I was surprised to see ..A whole big section of paranthas only ..Name it and you will get it,Some of these indian parantha stores are open twenty four hours for service ..punjabi style Paranthas ,I always loved with mango pickle and yogurt me anytime parantha time.. my favorite is Paneer parantha (cottage cheese ),I always relished but I can never forget Indian punjabi Dhaba paranthas ..they are simply awesome ,thou one can eat jus one at a time may be they are fried or stuffed heavily..But no match to those paranthas.
I usually prefer cereal now days for breakfast keeping the calories in mind but during weekends I prefer making fresh dough paranthas ,atleast once a week,and relish it with butter and Lassi(butter milk) sumptuous it sounds?
.."Reminds me of my Punjab"


uma said...

Hi Harman,

thanks for stopping by..
your blog has such a nice design.. i liked the name stuffed pitas..

Dharmjit said...

no match for paranthas that is very true.
if one compromise on diet then also he cannot stop himself eating one more one more
then i came to last of ur post and see this heart stealing beauty of punjaban and forget all about ur post

Anonymous said... nice sumptuous post "The Paranthas"

BK Chowla, said...

That how our Pujabi community is known,we live life king size besides having Paranthas king size.
But,I can say this proudly that my wife makes some of the best Paranthas. You name the stuffing-you will have it.

Harman said...

@ UMA :thanks ...hope u like the blog..

@Dharmjit: match to paranthas,ur comments are always very good .. so much simplicity and innocence in comments .. with no airs..I always appreciate people with those qualities who think and write in the same way!! thanks for being a friend!!

@anonymous: thanks ..seeing you after long tyme!!

@BK Chowla:thanks Sir,punjabis are known for king size living and generous hearts...Paranthas are integral part of punjabi cooking and one can make good paranthas only if you do lot of cooking..

Zeenu said...

I love all paranthas..but fav is Aloo parantha..Aloo rocks

Harman said...

@zeenu..aloo paranthas r loved world wide..:)