Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Organics or Conventional!!!

Standing in the grocery store with a huge range of organic foods ...I was in dilemma as to what is good..
Organic or the non -Organic?

increasing concerns about food safety and the fact that many processed foods are made from genetically modified products...seeing the size one can easily figure that out!!
Organically grown foods mean that these organic foods have been grown on land that is absent of any chemicals for a minimum of 3 years. The crops are grown without the use of pesticides or any chemicals whatsoever. Organic foods are processed and packaged without the use of artificial preservatives, colorings, irradiation or any other additives...
Growing up in India and eaten every kind of food from home cooked to street food I think I was more concerned about level of hygiene and nutritional facts rather then worrying about organics or non organics..may be it was not there at that time...

Today when I talk to most of my friends their concern
is ..Organic or non organic?so I brought a gallon of organic milk to start with..quite a yellow color,as I put tea bag ..it came out as milky white ... for obvious reasons I drained it and made it from conventional milk .. I think a substitute to organic milk would be soya milk..in bowl of cereal..for me.. but looking at the wide market of organic products from fruits to vegetables, eggs..I have switched to few of the products in organics with my grocery bill goin up but then we all work hard to a good and healthy living ..
"The rich looked inside their food and didn’t like it, so they voted with their wallets to set up a parallel agriculture system: organic food. They could have lobbied the government to restrict pesticide use. Instead they said, “let the poor eat pesticide-contaminated, low-nutrition cake”.

I am not advocating here for conventional food or organics jus a thought, I have existed on this earth for so long without knowing the word ORGANIC..


uma said...

Organics are healthy but not pocket friendly..

Bikram said...

IT is healthy but yeah Expensive. On other hand I lived in india for 20+ years eaten everything, so its ok i guess. moreover Whats gonna happen will happen.. so why worry , worry is not gonna help..

Fresh food will be the answer i guess..

Zeenu said...

We all live on non organic when eating outside ,or in a dorm or cafeteria even in schools ..its organic at home only..so I will go with conventional fresh food..

BK Chowla, said...

I can not understand this sudden discussion on ORGANIC food.
I have lived on fresh fruits and veg and that is the way to live.

Anonymous said...

I have organic products at home..but I have a touring job so most of the time I am eating out..
So it evens out everything..
Organics or non organics..it should be healthy and fresh.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of my terror of "Organic Chemistry" :)

I don't believe its for the rich, I guess its expensive because there is a limited market for it.

Chandrika Shubham said...

Informative post. :)
Be healthy. :)

Harman said...

@ UMA..True!!

@Bikram..I agree with u.. people who eat organics all the time get panicky when it comes to conventional ..but I guess most of the population lives on Conventional food!!

Zeenu..YUP!.. not available everywhere..n not affordable too ..

@BK chowla..yes sir I agree with u..

@ jai..JAI HO..(jus kiddin) yup.. so where r we then? organics or Non organics or both!!

@Anonymous..Good my post Reminds u of organic chemistry..:)I would appreciate if u open ur ID..
..As for organics, there is a whole wide range available..ITS jus a choice of spending!!

@ chandrika..Thanks ..appreciate it!!

Anonymous said...

.WEll I would say HARMAN we need to ultimately switch on ORGANICS ..as healthy way of life ..and I think as demand goes up with supply the prices will come down..
JAI..(yes ,JAI HO)

Harman said...

@ Jai..ok..thanks..