Thursday, February 25, 2010

lady with a Golden Braid...YULIA

Women has always been a symbol of Beauty dignity and Grace,legendary poets have defined women as best creation of God...There have been women who made a mark and left people spell bound by their looks and wisdom ,they were one among us but courage and an urge to do something unique made them different from all of us...In all my blogs I try to portray a modern liberated women of today ....
One women I happened to come across was...

Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko...
Tymoshenko was born in the eastern Ukrainian city of Dnipropetrovsk in 1960. Her maiden name, Hryhian, has led some to speculate that her father, who abandoned the family when she was 3, was Armenian. While generally quite closed about her private life, Tymoshenko has said that her background is Ukrainian and Latvian...
After graduating from the local university with a degree in economics, she worked as an economist at the Dnipropetrovsk Lenin machine-building plant for five years.

At 19, she married Oleksandr Tymoshenko, whom she was said to have met over the telephone as a result of a wrong number. He was the son of an influential Dnipropetrovsk family. Their only child, Eugenia, who was born in 1980, went on to study at the London School of Economics and marry a Yorkshire rocker and market trader named Sean Carr.

With her braided blonde hair, fiery speeches and designer outfits, Yulia Tymoshenko was nicknamed the "princess" by Orange supporters.
Tymoshenko worked as a General Director of Ukrainian Petrol Corporation, a company that provided the agriculture industry of Dnipropetrovsk with oil products from 1991 to 1995.

As per Yulia Tymoshenko.

"I love Ukraine so deeply that Ukraine has become my life. Not my family (may they forgive me), not my personal affairs, not my ambitions. Ukraine is my lift. I swore to her once, and I will be with her until my last breath - in any status, in any place - in power or in opposition, outside of politics or in politics. This is simply my life. I have long understood this. And I no longer resist this fate,"

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Organics or Conventional!!!

Standing in the grocery store with a huge range of organic foods ...I was in dilemma as to what is good..
Organic or the non -Organic?

increasing concerns about food safety and the fact that many processed foods are made from genetically modified products...seeing the size one can easily figure that out!!
Organically grown foods mean that these organic foods have been grown on land that is absent of any chemicals for a minimum of 3 years. The crops are grown without the use of pesticides or any chemicals whatsoever. Organic foods are processed and packaged without the use of artificial preservatives, colorings, irradiation or any other additives...
Growing up in India and eaten every kind of food from home cooked to street food I think I was more concerned about level of hygiene and nutritional facts rather then worrying about organics or non organics..may be it was not there at that time...

Today when I talk to most of my friends their concern
is ..Organic or non organic?so I brought a gallon of organic milk to start with..quite a yellow color,as I put tea bag came out as milky white ... for obvious reasons I drained it and made it from conventional milk .. I think a substitute to organic milk would be soya bowl of cereal..for me.. but looking at the wide market of organic products from fruits to vegetables, eggs..I have switched to few of the products in organics with my grocery bill goin up but then we all work hard to a good and healthy living ..
"The rich looked inside their food and didn’t like it, so they voted with their wallets to set up a parallel agriculture system: organic food. They could have lobbied the government to restrict pesticide use. Instead they said, “let the poor eat pesticide-contaminated, low-nutrition cake”.

I am not advocating here for conventional food or organics jus a thought, I have existed on this earth for so long without knowing the word ORGANIC..

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Voice Mail.

..Looking at my phone ..with missed callz ,I tried to return the call .. being courteous , redialed and the message said ...your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message system.
.it was..TAD TAD TAD TADAK... bye.
WHAT .in the name of God was that??? which language is this?? ..I thought ,unique,Crazy people..
this is one example..
another one ,
message left on the voice mail... ..pause..nothin is recorded ..and in a whisper it was bye...
Usually people are in such a hurry that they sometimes fumble in their words hilarious
WHAT UP, THIS IS Sammy's PHONE. um. It's not being answered right now, so um, leave a message and I'll get back to you later. peace. ..
another one..

Come and knock on our door! This is
shreya's phone! And I'm not picking it UP right NOW but if you leave me a message then I'll call you back! da-da-da-da. That would be so dapple...
another one ..
Hi ..we are outing and enjoying ..blah blah blah..(
sweety, we don't need personal information I thought!!..)..BYEEEEEE...

Every person has its own style of recording a message on a voice mail
.. but decency demands that it should be slow and clear with name and reason for call..for other person to understand the message.. as for automated voice messaging system..unless its pre-recorded one should sound like a mature person ,as the other person trying to reach you is for a REASON ..its not a joke!!!
Voice mail is the best way to answer a person as per
convenient time if its a busy schedule hour..

It's easy for the sender to covey their message in a short, concise manner and it's something you can casually do when you're not making the other person fumble around for their phone in a quick haste to answer it, as otherwise it might be inconvenient time for them...

what do u say??

Friday, February 19, 2010


..Man has always been fascinated by dreams and dream world.....Every person has a unique dream to follow.. ..most of the people who come to America.. from any other country is to chase their dream....Talking of small middle class prosperous families in any part of the world when a kid gets a chance or opportunity ..he or she wants to jump inn .. ITS A GAME OF OPPORTUNITY!!! Talking of.. "preet".. Comes from a defence background a gurl from Chandigarh ..came here to study ..did her MBA and was immediately hired by a corporate ..she was still in her last semester.. (usually big corporates look for bright students at the end of the year ) ..Her Career graph ..did very well .. standing tall and high Senior marketing manager handling a major marketing office in china and Europe .. the corporate branches ,she is always at go.. ..
She decided to get settled in US and stayed with her aunt all the time,though her parents wanted her to come back ,but today at the age of twenty seven she has a DREAM of becoming a director of a company next few years....
I was talking to "preet",she is a good friend of mine.. said ,I always dreamt of being an Executive ..very passionate about my work and all my dreams came true...
All hard work with big bank balance ..where rewards are rich , stakes are high ...and no looking back..
A thorough professional,married to her work... ..
Hard work in US brought her close to her dreams her parents are ready to get migrated seeing their daughters progress and her dream ....

A dream come true.. ...
Sometimes dreams are shattered when there is a hurdle ,what if preets dad had refused to send their daughter looking at the western culture???
.. Lot of hard work as perceived by people ,make them run back to country and lead a relaxed stress and tension.. forget the dream and marry a nice boy ..and lead a relaxed life ... !!!
US is bad..(as said) boys and gurl's get stray culture ..stay in India and follow your dreams even if it takes more time..then???
..these are jus given possibilities..
Its easy to criticize and portray yourself as big mighty Hercules..BUT

Dreams are always followed by hard work ...those who dream big .. opportunity is right there...
Crossing the hurdles ,one has to be strong and witty...

Success is for those who chase their dreams ,Climbing the right wall of Success at the right time!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Truth or Dare

Sometimes we hit or press a nerve unknowingly..the blogs I write based on reality or incidents in my life is purely co-incidental if it goes with someone else ..its not to hurt anybody's feelings but to awake the people and remove evils from the society..
Laws and norms are the fear created for people to follow human behavior and lead a respectful life...may be due to this there is some discipline in life..
but sometimes people go through a lot but cannot speak or make mistakes and try keep it under wraps.. leading to another big mistake until they land in Correctional Facility(Jail)..
..Detroit Mayor(Michigan) was held case of Adultery ..and imprisonment for ninety days with fine..The veil was removed by Detroit free press.. with proofs , he was terminated and now lives in another state..
Tiger woods was another case where he landed in Rehab..for his own acts ..(adultery)
..Many more case in reality ..some known.. some unknown
Sooner or later evils come out in the society ..Accept it or ignore them ,nobody is spared ..even presidents of the countries are also held in public.. eventually everyone has to pay for his or her own acts ,."what goes around comes around "
...Its a truth..

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Love is in the Air...Valentine fever everywhere... love birds together..I went to a store yesterday looked at the had a single rose... and said"The Man I Love"...with some beautiful words

"Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity. "

past few yrs we pick one "best" card from the shelf and treasure it ..jus putting yr need of words ..whether its anniversary or valentine or birthday .. one Card is there ...all cards are displayed in my library jus pick the card and gift it writing the present yr... My brother in -law came to our house and picked a card from the shelf ..and read the years from 2007 ..onwards..laughed and said ... Good idea!!! .but..I have so mch understanding with my wife ..we don't do that!! no cards.. now....jus a bunch of roses ..and teddy and chocolates.. otherwise Neetu (wife)wont let me enter the house... I laughed...good joke!!
today I met
Neetu who happens to be my first cousin..married to my hubby's younger brother.. they live a block away from us..She was driving ,I was sitting next to her..she said..look at Imroz(husband) he gifted me a Bunch of roses ..teddy bear and box of chocolates in advance ..saying that If I forget tomorrow on valentine's day or don't have time I finished my Job today itself and have no tensions now...
..Men can never improve .. she said.. ..;)

"Love is as much of an object, as an obsession, everybody wants it, everybody seeks it, but few ever achieve it, those who do will cherish it, be lost in it, and among all, never... never forget it."

Happy Valentines all of you

Thursday, February 11, 2010


..yet another ..true incident where I am surprised how parents play their role when their kids make mistakes ...
..We had a guest from hubby's good friend an engineer by profession ..son of retd.. Maj General from Indian Army..he was very eager to meet us,he came all the way to Canada and then called my hubby to pick him up from the border that they could spend some time together..
I met him for the first time.. nice humble person,but when I heard his personal life in shambles coz of his parents ..I was surprised?
I don't want to reveal his real name so would call him X,he is doin very well in business and owns two restaurants in Australia ,money is not a problem for him now ,he has his own house and people working for him..all luxuries of life after lot of struggle and hard work in Australia ..
X parents lived in India..he was in Australia and got involved with an Australian gurl ..they were in live in relationship...and one day his dad without informing him came to Australia and when the gurl opened the door his dad thought he came to a wrong house..but when he saw his son later ..he was furious..yelled at his son..called the gurl and insulted her with all sorts of names and being abusive , kicked her out literally ...this gurl was pregnant then.. X was thinking of telling his parents about their relationship ..but it all happened in a moment..
X dad then found a gurl in India and told him to get married.. after lot of arguments he was forced to get married ...
This gurl from India was nice to X mom n dad initially..they all lived in Australia..together..but seems like the gurl had told a lie about her education and qualifications to X and his parents ..which they found later..X dad was furious again and yelled at their daughter -in -law..told her to go back to India, termed as a liar and abused her parents..and then she was not required in her in-laws anymore...
The gurl left for India and later filed divorce ..and papers were sent by courier to Australia..
It was a shock to X family as they never thought of divorce ,and X dad ,to him it was a big insult...(seems like dad had an Army rule at home)
now this gurl here in Australia had a baby boy and lived with her mom..who still meets X and he too likes her.. but the gurl cannot forget her insult as she doesn't want to come back and live with X coz of his father..though X parents are ready to accept her now..
On the other hand the gurl in India is ready to patch up with X but ..Dad is not ready to bring her home for the insult she did by filing divorce and spreading rumors in the family...
..So X is with nothing jus stress and tensions even after earning and struggling ,making money but no peace in life..
We asked what the parents do in Australia? he said ..Dad enjoys playing golf or they are on vacation with their friends..they are happy!!he said
he stayed at our place for weekend and was happy to see us and kids with our parents..
..which he his life..I guess!!
now here I would say rather then rectifying the mistakes ,Parents added problems to their sons life.. and how can one be happy..??if your own child is suffering!
my solution to him was that,parents should go back to India thou it will be impolite and rude to them as X agreed to that and they should enjoy their life in India and this guy should settle with the gurl and his son ..and the gurl in India should be divorced..
Sometimes its surprising how parents Dad or Moms break their own kids martial bliss and enjoy their life... sometimes we get lot of attention at work being at the highest position and forget the real Civil life which is the ultimate truth in X's (father) case as his Dad is so use to giving orders now ..forgetting his present life .. where his own son is suffering...somebody needs to wake them up and show the reality...and their identity..

what do u say?? is solution to this problem..(plz lemme know ur views)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Paranthas ...(indian stuffed pitas)

..Last month we were invited for Parantha party...Invitation said..( Parantha's...All Kind)
I laughed at the invitation and theme of the party...
..Parantha is an integral part of the north Indian breakfast....Parantha which is basically a N.Indian fare are unleavened flat breads similar to tortillas .The art of cooking up a parantha is something that is mastered over time..practice,practice and more practice,to make tasty paranthas.
As we entered the party there was a special aroma ,I could smell the Paranthas..
All kind .. of Vegetables and plain paranthas were served in a basket..the table was laid with salad ..Mutton gravy , Potato with vegetable balls in Gravy and yogurt served with spring onions.
lots of pickles to compliment the food..followed by traditional Kheer( Rice pudding)
It looked very presentable..
talking of paranthas,Frozen parantha Industry has progressed very well in US and Canada..looking at the frozen section I was surprised to see chicken tikka parantha..I never heard that so to me it was new and funny but in Canada I was surprised to see ..A whole big section of paranthas only ..Name it and you will get it,Some of these indian parantha stores are open twenty four hours for service ..punjabi style Paranthas ,I always loved with mango pickle and yogurt me anytime parantha time.. my favorite is Paneer parantha (cottage cheese ),I always relished but I can never forget Indian punjabi Dhaba paranthas ..they are simply awesome ,thou one can eat jus one at a time may be they are fried or stuffed heavily..But no match to those paranthas.
I usually prefer cereal now days for breakfast keeping the calories in mind but during weekends I prefer making fresh dough paranthas ,atleast once a week,and relish it with butter and Lassi(butter milk) sumptuous it sounds?
.."Reminds me of my Punjab"

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Sitting in my family room I tried to clean the mess on floor with DVDs and CDs weird names.. of movies.......A whole pile of movies in hundreds ,some of the names I have not even heard, forget about playing them on the DVD player..
...seriously ..I have no fancy to any movies now whether bollywood or hollywood ..
Hindi movies are all same ,with male and females running around trees and old blind mother very courteous but ,they are very poor ,even then mother will be shown wearing a nice clean Saree and nice decent makeup and sister ..she might be a teenager but everyone is worried about her marriage as if this is only the reason she is born for!
Songs will be out of the way..
Holly wood movies are good ..close to reality but then smooching never stops..!! they need an excuse .. to smooch.. which I find disgusting .. ..most of the scenes are vulgar..though the story is good..
...I found one CD in the pile.. It was written .."Dard Bhare Geet"..I took it out and rest sorted them....
In our town n country(VAN) ..I told my hubby to play this,as we were goin out for dinner..
.. A beautiful collection of songs from kishore kumar to mohammed rafi ..lata, meaningful lyrics..
..First song was .."Dil aisa kisene mera todha"..I smiled ..beautiful composition..
.. next was.." Zindagi pyaar ka geet hai"..lata's..beautiful voice..
next was.. Sajjan re jooth mat bolo..mukesh..
...and so on and so forth.....
..old is gold doubt,we love to hear these songs again and again .. no matter even if there are melodious singers in the industry ..but very few lyrics are meaningful...
....Its a treasure!!
To me Old is Gold far music of Indian cinema is concerned,what do u say???

Thursday, February 4, 2010

For the Love of God , WE..are Indians!!

Reading all the blogs and news online ...I was thinking about the issue that has been raised by the so called "thakereys", that Maharashtra belongs to marathi's..... and Blah blah blah...
We ,who live in a different countries and stand tall and high ,referred to as Indians, irrespective of which state or region we come from India .. ,its shameful when we hear that now in our own country, people will be referred to based on the states they belong to or religion they practice, rather then being Hindustani or Indians, by our so called politicans or the Big "thakereys".
Its very easy to pass judgements sitting on a throne in your own country. Worth is seen on an International platform, how good you are in words and worth..
The primary needs of common man are sidelined and all other dirty politics are played even if its is to an extent of splitting up the country..
..... ..All Indians outside .. or NRIs meet each other with respect and love with the fact that we are from the same country ,and the world looks upon us as Indians with respect to our culture and hospitality ...
We have earned this respect with our noble deeds and culture, this stigma will put a permanent dent in our nationality if not taken care off..and we will be soon be laughing stock for international community .
We should rise higher instead and not fall for these political games which are nothing but devious attempt by the corrupt minded politicians to segregate our unified society.. Let us all stand for a unified India without any boundaries and be proud in the fact that we are Indians.