Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A true story...(chapter one)

.....There are innumerable incidents that have taken place ..and so much to learn from every incident ..One very close to my heart is this story...in those days..Dad was posted in Mumbai.... we lived in an apartment.. close to sion area..near Sion hospital ..very close to my school.. .. ..Next to our complex ..was Avantika Apartments..a huge complex.. we knew a lady named Mrs Neha Anand.,moms friend ...an educated women may be in her late fifties had two sons and two daughters ..all of them were married..she was..older to my mom but very pleasant and helpful women,her husband was a TV actor worked in Indian soaps.. ..
One day ,Mrs Anand was sitting in her library ,reading a book..next to a window... as she looked out of the window a thirteen or fourteen year old kid ,a rag picker ..was picking up some trash and stuffing it up in her dirty sack..she was light skin sharp featured gurl ,with hair like rope and wearing a dirty shirt with pants ,no shoes or slippers...

she opened the window and asked the gurl ,what are you picking up?
the gurl was scared..
she said..its just bits of hair ..we pick and sell it,they make wigs out of it..nothing else ,you can check my sack,she was scared..
.. mrs Anand told her to see her on the front door..
.As she opened the door.. the gurl was there ..
Mrs anand.. whats your name?

Mrs anand ..where do you live?

Mrs anand ..do you go to school? do you have parents??

....no school ,we are ten siblings ,very poor we make our money by selling trash...

Mrs anand ..do you want to study ,go to school and make your life better..???
taaro .. haanji..(yes) can you help me?
Mrs anand .. sure,call your parents, tomorrow ,,and I will talk to them... .
.the gurl was very excited and said she will bring her parents tomorrow.. left the door and touched Mrs anands feet..as a mark of respect..
she blessed her.. and closed the door...
....Nobody showed up..
..what do you think?? did the gurl come back???
......(will continue..in nxt blog) ......


Zeenu said...

very interesting ,yes I think she came back..

Raj - Only name sake !! said...

What happened is the girl's parents will not turn up!! they dont want their earnings to be lost.

Bikram said...

Ahaa .. either they did not turn up cause as Raj says the will loose a earning hand.

Or they wanted Mrs Anand to hire her as help so she could earn the money and do the schooling..

or yes they did turn up he he he ..

Now i am sure i have covered all the angles so I just might be right AM I.......

Dharmjit said...

i think u will come up with bigger celebrity as u mention that ur aunt husband was an actor and as u said the girl is sharp featured .
omg i should be in some detective agency
wating for the next post

Monty said...

the gurl showed up...otherwise there will be no story...

BK Chowla, said...

Won't come back.Parents can't afford to let go of a helping hand.

Harman said...

thanks to all...
Zeenu..thanks for liking the story..

Raj... yes ,parents usually dont want their earning to go like this..

Bikram ...yes there is possibility of both things..

Dharmjit...ha haaa... nice to know ur thoughts...

Monty... good..

Bk chowla...thanks Sir...for reading the blog..yes.. as always ..poor people go for money..