Friday, January 29, 2010

A perfect Ten!

...A perfect ten on the scale where one is worst and ten is the best... I was at doctors office for sore throat,to make sure its not H1N1..(swine flu)the assistant took my BP and temperature said perfect ten...Doctor checked my throat and compared my previous records.. said its perfect ten..weight and rest of the stats.. I complained I have headaches with sore throat ..he gave me prescription for sore throat..and said ..headache is coz of him.. looking at my two yr old son..who was exploring his office, I laughed the punch..
Contemplating on my thought,its a number game..everybody wants to be perfect, hook or by crook,but to sustain a good position and be a winner all the way it needs hard work and result cultivated growth.. Talking of US job scenario, all year around we have lay offs .. but the people who don't show results .. though nobody says , but a close observation is kept all the time and they are shunted out first , if its contract job then chances are higher even if its good worker..
My friend lost her job in General Motors,she was a DRE(design release engineer)..did her engineering from US with yrs of experience to back up ,but was on contract by GM..she was devastated when I met her,not sure about herself if its end of the world... not only for money .. ($35 per hr)but position too.....loosing job doesn't mean its end of the world or you are not in perfect ten ...its a matter of number of contracts a company gets and sale of cars all over the world...(in her case)

..President Obama state address to union ,where every word ,be it education, industries ,health care , jobs,taxes was directed to growth and fix the economy ,once again be in surplus then deficit...its a number game again ,which is a positive approach to the country and rest of the world...

A perfect ten to be achieved by the end of this year is a major goal kept by the democrats.... this is all related to work or money or economy..muddled in my thoughts ..when it comes to human behavior we never try to be perfect on the scale ...people jump on conclusions and start using harsh or abusive language forgetting their own position , job or country...

I was at a grocery store ,standing in a fast lane to check out..(Fast last :where items should not be more then fourteen)usually I give preference to oldies or handicapped and try to be helpful,I looked back it was at least ninety year old women ,with a stick in hand and her body was shaking standing with her cart ,I told her to go ahead but she seemed to be in bad mood..

Old Women
: you cannot stand in this line ,your cart has more then fourteen items..

Me :mam its just ten items.

women: I will inform the store manager and see that you don't stand in fast lane..

me ..I have jus ten items u can count ,and turned my cart to another lane..
the cashier was looking at all this ,she called ..

:hey listen,I will ring the items and come in the front ...

Me:Its OK,you can ring her items ,I can go to another cashier..
but the lady cashier was adamant, may be she wanted to make things straight,the old lady was furious when she saw the cashier ringing my items..she yelled and went to store manager...
"A Fuss For No Reason"
Such crap behavior in front of everyone at this age!!!
( I think all her life she would have striven to be the best in the number game)
Where is the perfect ten now???

..Road Rage...I was driving ,wanted to take a right turn,it was not yet a green arrow..I heard a honk behind( honking is considered abusive in US)..I looked in the rear view.. Shurrr up.. muttered under my can I jump a red light? .. the guy seemed to be in hurry.. (wanted to be a perfect ten somewhere else)he took another lane once there was a green signal..but as I passed a mile ..I saw him being ticketed...a cop beside him..
Where is perfect ten now???
When it comes to behavior ..people loose their number game and violate the general human law,that is
to cultivate kindness..
Respect ...
Gratitude without malice ....
..try to reach a number game in human behavior close to number ten if not


Dharmjit said...

yep very right everyone wants perfect ten for his own but never care about the perfect tens of others.
and i think the old lady had gone out of mind as in punjabi it is said that budda satterya batterya gaya.
but it is very nice of u that u always care about old and handicapped people

Bikram said...

Yes .. life is not what it is .. but we all want it to be.. I loved the road rage part:- and you seeing the guy with the cop besides him, I love it when we give a ticket.. Oh man the things they come out with for speeding or parking wrong.. its hilarious..

and the I will never do it officer, and theguys saying "its the chips innit", meaning he had just stopepd to get some chips
or saying there was no parking space when there are hundreds laying vacatn.. oh they were not there then :)

It was fun reading your article

Zeenu said...

A very nice post!! people try to smart when it comes to human behavior and forget their own perfect ten ,which is kinda F***k attitude ,the old lady seems to have an attention deficit problem ,and road rage!!! ha haaa. he got perfect ten from cop!!!
keep writing ..
a perfect ten from me..

Tripat "Prerna" said...

people r so self centered...actually there is no fault of single personality..whole system is one wants to think abt others and no one wants to take care for others ten on ten...
outstanding post..

keep it up


please visi tmy blogs

Monty said...

Cheers!!..goods thghts and post

Harman said...

@ dharmjit..its true ..everyone wanna be perfect ten on the scale but human behavior is always adverse situations.

@BikRAM ..COP KNOWS IT ALL.when it comes to violation of law.. thanks

@Zeenu..yup.. old people have an attention problem here in USA..but after this incident I always try to avoid messing with senior citizens ..u never know their mood!!

@tripat;people are self centered ..which in turn gives an example to other person ..its basically.. I dont give Damn..kinda attitude!!

@Monty;Thanks dear!