Friday, January 15, 2010


“money is necessary to live”. But how much money is truly needed?it depends on the life an individual desires. It can be food clothing and shelter, or as extravagant as luxury houses and all the fine things....Many are born and very fortunate with money all around when they come to this world ,its inherited money but most of us work hard and earn by working hours even night shifts to support our self or our families for good and comfortable living.... when people say I don't want money or money doesn't matter its an absolute lie ..I wanna ask those people you wanna be saint or in hills .... money is important..end of the day everybody wants a home and good food to eat.. forget all other luxuries..Money motivates a person..encourages to show better results and succeed in life... many a times confidence is built with cash in hand.. All basic Amenities are with money...if we don't have a single penny..survival is difficult.. ....I was very fortunate growing up as I was able to enjoy the finer things in life. I always wore good clothes, ate at nice restaurants, and was able to travel ... never seen financial crisis...But many in this world are not that fortunate... I remember an incident ..we were expecting some guests ..a couple ,when we were in India...they were suppose to come inn on weekend ,but didn't show up,we called ..but there was no reply...they arrived two days later to our place..when we asked them,they had a story to tell...They were travelling by train and on their way at a remote area in uttarpradesh at a station,train stopped his wife stepped out to throw some apple peels ..and she saw fighting for apple peels.. looking for leftover food in the garbage..they were so hungry and seemed like hadn't seen food from many days....So the couple decided to stay overnight at a guest house on railway station ..and feed hungry kids by buying enough food from the station canteen to help them for at least two much desperation for food wasn't seen by them before... ... life.. gives up without money... SO..before throwing food,think about people who cannot afford one meal a day... Like in Detroit (Michigan )we can see lot of people standing near the Canadian border asking for help with boards in their hands "I am hungry"..or "Help Me" Talking of money ...I am talking about basic clothing and shelter,devoid of other luxuries... since money gets us into routine to work ,go out meet people ,improve our knowledge and an urge to learn something new.. Happiness cannot be termed as money..its not necessary that we ought to have lots of money to be happy.. Money is only a tool to assist with our lifestyle but it is not the source of our happiness. Focus on being happy, and you will suddenly find that you have enough money....sometimes people loose their family earn more and more..and end up getting nothing in life just big fat bank balance... ......Not too long ago I heard a story about a man who chose to work the long hard hours in order to live an extravagant life when he retired. This man was in his mid 50’s and has lived his past 30 years in an office behind a desk. He thought it would be well worth while as he pictured him and his wife traveling the world with no financial concerns in their future. Unfortunately, this man was diagnosed with cancer years before he ever thought of retiring. He did not survive this tragic disease, and left his family with money, but not many memories as he was always working so hard. This man was also never able to enjoy what he had earned as he focused too much on his future..... If we don't understand our relationship to money in this culture, then I think we're doomed. If you don't know how you are toward money and really understand that relationship, you simply don't know yourself. Period. ...."I don't like money very much, but it calms my nerves." Money makes us unjustifiably feel that we're better and more important than we really are. When money can make you feel humble, then I think it's really useful. But if it fattens your ego, which it often does, then look out....ITS NOT REAL MONEY.. Stinking rich ...millionaires are everywhere,The incredible pace of change triggered by modern technology has affected how people acquire wealth. There's no precedent in human experience for the speed, scale, or age at which people today can get incredibly wealthy. When everything is quick, fast and easy, a certain part of ourselves is fed while another part withers away..... To is one important part that runs the world but at personal level.. with every good thing ,evils are attached... recently..Tiger woods (golf player)..who makes like 100 million ..was caught cheating his wife..and news flashed everywhere .... though later he agreed and apologized for his adultery... ..but respect or dignity cannot be purchased....with lots of money...


BK Chowla said...

Those who say they do not need money are hypocrites.
The couple who spent the days at the station have done a commendable job, but where do we find such persons now?
Let us hope that some day situation will change and the world willhave less of hungry people around.

Dharmjit said...

yeah money is also an important need these days as food shelter and clothes but we shouldnt ran after the money forgetting all lifes enjoyments.
and it always surprises me how u came up with these nice thoughts which encourages all the reader

/\v|\| ^ live life in full throttle said...

"Money" this one Word makes people fall to any extent a person can imagine and people who say money is not at al important,have to know some real facts in the world,
But Money is not everything, because what makes a person really happy is not money,but being with someone because Memories with money cannot make you Happy, but Memories of those little things in life of sharing can.

Bikram said...

aaah haa Well said .. its true money is not the most important .. But its funny how the world works , you cnat do much without money or survive without it ..

I know we say emotions , feeling matter a lot , yeah they do but end of the day we cant survive on that .. Have to go to the shops to get food, MONEY is needed..

I totally understand a funny thing happened we were discussing BIlls the other day at work, My collegues and all, one of them is RICH, and when i say rich it mean RICH.. anyway he lives in a 6 bedroom house, a big one , and they pay about £180 a month on electric and gas combined .. I was appaled , I pay for my house £160 a month.. The reason is well most will not like this but lights, a door , window, tele , or the playstation or central heating etc etc are on, most of time .. The lights are on cause its dark..

I went to his house .. It was pitch dark, the whole family was huddled in one small room, and in the whole house just one bulb was on.. THATS HOW THEY BECAME RICH..

my point is what you said, enjoy what you have, no one knows whats gonna happen in a few days ot come, so might as well enjoy the money we are earning else its of no use ..

Zeenu said...

Money makes this world run,survival without money is impossible,the whole world gets into routine with money,it educates people to stand in society,we all want to become rich,those who say we don't need money are bunch of idiots!!!

Zeenu said...
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Raj - Only name sake !! said...

Money is Important!

That couple is great!! hats off!!

The knife said...

Its a conundrum isnt it? Money can't buy you happiness. But lot of the things we enjoy in life need money.

I enjoy writing. More than I enjoy my job. But my job pays for my writing