Thursday, December 30, 2010

last blog...2010..

2010..has been a great year in many ways..some big events made headlines....wikki leaks( Julian Assange)
strange but eye openers..
to me its was a great year...It brought many good things positively..How?I am getting wiser with years...yaaa.
I started writing my blog in 2008..but was not open for public...but jus my own writings like my personal diary...then I started writing which was open to all..something in general....still I have many drafts lying with me ....then came my blogger friends in 2010...Bikram dharamjit the first ones and then came Uma they have been there ever since..all of my blogger friends have been very nice and kind thanks to all ...there is so much to learn from each blog!

2)the second best thing...I started with a new programme in May..a new launch of our latest collection showcasing ethnic wear... .which was quite successful... was quite a good deal!made me more confident and independent decision maker at the same time.

3)this is bad...its been five years since my last trip to India...missed this year yr for sure!

4)Zeenu one of my best friend getting married....

5) little one started school this year...but still in diapers..(teacher doesn't know ;) yay!!!

6)my best cousin moved to Canada as per their Visa problem hope she is back next year with green card...I miss her so much!!

7) I learned to park properly and exactly between the yellow lines but still very poor in parallel parking I skip the store if its a parallel parking.

8)this year I fell  down again (in snow)..but luckily nobody saw me  :)

......hope the next year I visit India...and jus keep up with more falling and jus rising up to every expectation...

 Happy New YEAR!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

my journey of life!

...jus two days away from new is twenty ninth December when my journey of life started...the day I got married...and my world changed..he walked into my life as a breath of fresh air...
My journey actually started after I met him... we have many similarities ..we come from same town ,we have same first name initial...we have same taste of music and movies...we have parents who share same birth dates .. ..his lucky two numbers are my house numbers coincidentally..his grand parents and my grand parents were good friends....and many more...its like tailor made..
We Share all the minute details as to what happened all day round and how to get things fixed trouble shooter...he has an answer to all my problems...never lets me down ...Smart..Master of all arts!
He came back from Canada after staying three months...he was sent  to Germany in-between this phase...I could not believe seeing him in Germany.. posting all his pictures detail...
My biggest Critique.. reading my blogs...and tells me where I need improvement even if I don't like it...very genuine in his opinion ...He will never Brag for his biggest achievements ,he will never discuss outside his family ,never looses temper...never gets into any kind of argument....very introvert but very observant ..he accepted me as I am ,never wanted any changes unless it appeals me...gave me lot of independence never asked me why??relationship is based on trust...
Every person has some flaws too...where he lacks too....not very organized...his wallet ..cell phone.all around the places...sun glasses he has many pairs coz he never bothers about them...
very generous at heart...if anybody cries in front of him...for money...he is ready to give whatever he has in his pocket..even if its a pretend...has love for everyone ...even if other person ....has some malice for him...
My last trip to India he had spend lot of money on tips to every other person driver,rickshaw,waiter, see ever body smiling....says.."Aree Dua milegi"( get blessings from everyone)which is priceless!!
I love him the way he is...thank my stars when I see women in trouble for wrong choice of life partner....
God has been very kind to me...I always believe in
"Marriages are made in heaven celebrated on earth"

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

disclaimer..(only people with liberal views should read by me God made humans first and then came religion and country  ,those who believe in this and accept it should go ahead and read should rest at home ...I respect all blogger s irrespective or their country ,religion ...its always mental blocks we have and want to keep them forever)

Merry Christmas to all of you we are heading to the end of the year..its one of the best times of the year...when we have Christmas with friends and family and general get together s...exchanging gifts between us then watching one Christmas movie every year!its nothing to do with christian ,Muslim or Indian...I personally believe God made everyone with best of his interest to create peace and harmony in this world..but circumstances and upbringing changes human nature and its thinking.!!
...its White Christmas Again...snow all over the place and city decorated in a beautiful and green all over with bows and wreath ..and Christmas celebrations all over...lots to eat and try new cuisines and stock up sales all over the place ..prices chopped..dirt cheap,unexpected prices ..lots to shop and lots to donate...
its time to share and care for others...spread love and respect others!New Year is jus four days away from us..lets hope world be a better place to live and we keep our spirits high not to repeat same mistakes in new year..Conquer new horizons and make this World a beautiful and loving place!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

"The White Mercedes Benz"

..every morning I park my car....outside my office..and right next to me is the "White Mercedes Benz"...Nice and shiny in its full grandeur....there may be many other luxury cars in the parking lot but I never noticed since this is right next to me so it got my attention..I wondered who brings it over here and takes it home in the evening ...seems like nine to five job....
these cars are known as status symbols...owned by executives or CEO or rich people who can afford pre-conceived notions..
one day I happened to see the owner..of this car...I jumped from seat and came near the window leaving all work on my desk see ....not missing a chance I office phone was ringing but I thought, forget the work!!..I have to check this out first who is this? as we share the common space..I could see a lady walking towards the car, the face was not visible she turned around to sit on the drivers seat.."Oh my God".. I cant believe this!!...she is a waitress in the restaurant two doors down...where I grab my coffee in the evening...
to make sure I went to the restaurant ...the very next day...yep!!..she was the same person standing and taking orders from people at every table...
she came to me.."Hi Hun"... how can I help you?I said" jus a regular coffee"..I looked at her ..and said "your ring is nice"she said "my hubby gave it to me on my twenty fifth anniversary" now my daughter is getting married...she introduced her daughter to me ..who is also a waitress there....I smiled at mother daughter "Combo"and came out ...
given a thought..the whole notion of status has changed in US..every other person owns these so called luxury cannot guess who is the owner of the car....
Usually the waitress and bartenders make lot of money,as food is free and tips are good to help the house running..these are odd jobs but if we see an average person in US he or she enjoys the same quality of life as any other citizen!
Bragging for Benz or BMW..Guys... you never know who else owns can be a waitress or bartender!!its is no longer a monopoly ..of revered top executives or industrialists or any other rich person!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Radio channel!

we recently had a new radio channel ..10:90 AM ..probably the first one to have all Hindi songs twenty four hours a day ..Its very new; just three months old .... I came to know from one of our friends..I have it in my car ..listening to whole new and old songs while driving....I was coming from work it was raining ..and the song that these guys played was..from an old movie.."zindigai bhar nahi bhoolegi woh barsaat ki raat"I smiled and thought are they putting purposely looking at the weather...its nice..even if its done intentionally...

This channel is started by some lady from Toronto ..presumably a Pakistani...but the songs are from Indian and Pakistani movies...some Punjabi songs too...there are some songs and ghazals I never knew...basically its all by requests of people...
Now the reason I am mentioning this was the people have all praises for Indian songs ..their old favorites songs sung by mohmmed rafi and lata mangeshkar...and the Indians who are requesting have all praises for Pakistani singers..Nusratfateh ali songs,noorjahan,shamshad begum...the shyiari etc....its like reciprocal ..all love against each other...
Today I was driving at work...I thought "see how these country people are all praises for each other "songs and requests ..knowing the culture so well...But back home..scenario is it politically motivated there?
so much has been written on India and Pakistan...the whole world knows about it...
why cant we change our thinking...and create love for each other like this!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Human nature...


..".there is a great deal of human nature in people"...
every person is different and ways of thinking is different...negative or positive thoughts are part of human system which is beyond control....wisdom comes with age....
During our childhood we receive instruction on what is expected behavior and what is unacceptable behavior. And those behaviors are weather reinforced or punished. Therefore if one does bad, one is prohibited on some sort of pleasure or inflicted with pain; and in the opposite, if one does good, one is to be compensated with an object or an act that would have a pleasant effect on us.
then comes religion..with expected behavior reinforcing with even bigger promise of gratification called "Heaven"
and the unaccepted is punished with eternal distress called hell...
then.. examples are given by a collective past where similar things are done and the results were disastrous...
Individuals all over the world are known by there behavior and acts..Good or bad..the Good are embraced but the bad are often rejected...People blow out the situation and create a trouble for others ..its humane..but not understood...
Two categories of people are here..
these are those kind ,no matter how good things are they will keep complaining  to friends, relatives ,parents ..and above all the"Almighty"..they are never happy..they have all those negative vibes coming out...worrying for unseen future ..not believing others are part of the nature and they think  nothing is wrong in that ... its hard to convince them as they have a negative answer ready to every small reason...
the word of mouth spreads often and rejection is faced by them.
there are others..who accept and try to learn keeping in mind the prior mistakes,they grow as they learn..often these kind of people are seen with no fuss and total acceptance..they speak less observe more and try to understand the situation before blowing out of proportion ..their temper is always in control...they are  non- complaining types and keeping away from any unhealthy kind of argument...they also have many behavioral flaws but the good qualities hides all..

The individuals with the most acceptances are expected to become leaders, while all rejected individuals are to be separated from the group and constitute rebel minorities with similar organizational type.
 Common  reasons...
...many more....
Millions of crimes are done everyday..its like world is full of culprits and Demons,,no end .
.recently a baby girl Just two years of age was picked and taken on a secluded place ..trying to be molested..the guy was caught and kid was taken..its holiday season sometimes parents ignore kids thinking its safe..but these vicious people are everywhere...parents be careful, take care of children they are precious!!
this news was was spread everywhere.. where is Humanity going?...
why create a trouble in the society..if that's the case ..go to some brothel and they will do you a favor for your desperation that is seen publicly.....these kind of people are nothing but loosers..and trouble creators in the society...
"God..where is humanity and humility..the beautiful world created by you has changed ever since your angels left".....

(dekh teri duniya ki halat kya hogyi Bhagwan ke kitna badal gaya insaan)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

"mirror on the wall ..who is fairest of all"?

The fairness cream market is flourishing in India, a country that represents a unique amalgamation of social, religious, and cultural stigmas and stereotypes. 
 on one of the Indian channels...I heard an advertisement ..saying"fair skin people are liked and loved by all..improve yourself by our product"
We are all born with a certain skin color and texture as per our genes or the race we come from..but to my mind I had seen people has a certain liking towards lighter skin compared to darker one..thou.I have never taken a fancy to lighter skin the lighter skin people are ugly all depends on you facial features and grace to carry yourself....
Hailing from India..where a common person thinks "fair is beautiful " something which stands apart actually is nothing but a myth..which creates a problem in society when a girl has to be married!!
If we see around us India the majority of people has a wheatish complexion even thou they claim themselves to be fair with different features as per the states...
there is lot of competition in india among a fair and dark skin females..for no apparent reason..studying in the university I had noticed girls trying to improve their complexion by using all weird things and sometimes ending up with an acne problem getting a  skin lighter but  ugly looking...all guys wanted to go for light skin girls as their girlfriends...I have been seeing this since I came to this earth how much importance is given to lighter skin...

 (before N after)

I never had any problem as per color or anything else..thought myself to be very fortunate otherwise it was difficult to exist in this competition..(just kidding)..but always thought about those girls who had no confidence as the Indian society is so per skin color...
We had a maid in India ..whose daughter was very fair ...she was a teenager in those days...and everyone had a fancy towards her  for skin color..saying "she looks like princesses"thou I found her facial features very ugly ...and the girl I am talking had so much attitude..didn't listen to anyone..was put on pedestal for no reason!!
 This  is so gender biased and if there is a girl on the way with a dark skin ,I mean its pathetic for kid..even if parents are good and lovable but the whole company  kills the confidence..
and when she is rejected by people on basis of her color..its like kicking out somebody for no reason!!

Obama's triumph proved that any child can dream of becoming president, regardless of skin color. We in America may have reaffirmed the notion that the color of a person's skin shouldn't matter. But for many people across Asia, the color of skin matters a lot. In recent years, "skin whitening" has become a huge industry in countries like China, Korea, Japan, and India...

light skin is deemed more beautiful, in both men and women. Indian actors and actress almost always have milky white skin, or use lots of makeup to made to look lighter. Actress Bipasha Basu who has darker skin than most other Indian actresses, has been made to look lighter through makeup and her pictures are airbrushed for the same purpose....
Skin color has been given undue importance  for a long time. Some people argue may be in jest that because of the British rule in India, Indians developed this admiration for the white skin There are also references in Indian literature glorifying the white skin and where the image of a fair flawless skin is construed as a key factor for a person to look good! every girl wants to be sucessful  bollywood star ..and thinks a key to this is a fair and flawless skin..
which is a myth!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Made in China"

..Recently ..somebody shared a joke with work which....I would like to share with my blogger friends!!
The booming china market has created a furor in the world...
For those people who are Besotted by Chinese make.. its for them!!
"there were two friends very close pals..but both of them had their own choices and difference of opinions..Mr A always looked for Chinese or imported products rather then the country made..Mr B always loked for Indian products no matter what and try to avoid the others ..for this reason there was always a tussle  among them"
Mr b always wanted to prove A that the country made are better and durable and lasts for long ,even lifetime..
Now both the friends got married one day...Mr A had a Chinese girlfriend and B had an Indian girlfriend they married respectively as per their choice...
After some years...the Chinese women who was good looking and fragile fell sick and was bed ridden ..and ultimately gone forever...but the Indian women was same ,the day she got married....
When B went to A's house for condolences as his wife was no more..Mr B said to Mr A.."I always told you never to run after Chinese stuff..and stick to your country but you never listened my friend ...they don't have long lasting and durable stuff... see the result is in front of you..your wife couldn't bear any pain and she is gone forever she was that fragile and "Handle With Care"..look at my wife she is same  after having one kid ..she is as pretty as the day we got married long lasting and a better make "...

"the Chinese brand doesn't work lifetime"

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lured by west!

 looking at my closet I took out one of the dress which I had got stitched from India after  going through lot of hard work,I looked at my dress...beautifully done ..but I remembered how I lost my patience and my temper flared up!!

India my country ....where I come from, I was taken aback when I went to one of the boutiques to get my dresses done...if I look few years back when I was studying ,the scene was different same house where I lived,its all commercialized with big complexes and market place..I couldn't recognize the place .it has changed so much..all the houses have been renovated and very busy road with no place to walk...
I come from Punjab(northern part of India),,Ludhiana in the city was that difficult but now it s impossible..
now the dress I am talking about ..I had brought few dresses (fabrics)Patiala (Punjab) ..somebody recommended me to that place..but to get them stitched..was a hassle..I went to one of the boutiques..its was like big huge house.. like palace ...I went inside  the boutique...with my bag of fabrics..the lady asked me what   I had come for?I told her to get some dresses stitched I took my dresses out ...she said"No we don't do this,you have to buy fabric from us and then we stitch..and moreover dresses are done for crowd from abroad like USA,UK ,Canada ..we are very busy with those orders..I smiled and thanked my stars that I am from one of those countries and said "I am from US too...I can show you my US id...she said "NO.".you have to purchase the fabric from us...
I said" fine"..and left the boutique...these kind of boutiques are mainly owned by industrialist and their wives are running the boutiques..I felt really bad...with a relative I went to another known boutique...she smiled looking at me..and without even asking me why I have come for?she said we are very busy this season and all our shipments are for US customers..we have a website where we custom do our designing...I said "I have come from US to specially get it done from you..she said" its Diwali season we are busy"..same story..I left and went home..

Why are people so lured by west..Bragging ..for no reason..if we ask them about western countries and their lifestyle they will deny on face of it..saying...its bad !! we love our country blah blah blah!!is it the Dollars that pulls them to NRIs..or a status symbol that they cater only NRIs ??so fake!!
My temper flaring up..I thew the bag on the floor ,my mom looked at me and asked what happened?? I told her the story..she referred me to one of her friends Ex-army officers wife and told me to go to her..I went to the lady mom couldn't go with me as we were expecting some guests at home..
I went to this Aunt referred by mom!!I had never seen her before.. hard to recognize..

I opened the boutique door...A lady came to me..I said the same fabric story(I was fed by now never wanted to get them stitched happy with my tees n jeans)she said" look we are very busy and we have orders from US which needs to be taken care off !!..and you need to buy fabric from us if you ever want to get it stitched"..I could see a women sitting in a glass cabin inside working on computer ..I asked is she Col Kahlon's wife..?? she said yes.."mam is the owner and I generally take care of petty jobs"..I told her to let me meet her.. I told her about my mom too ,she said "you wait here I will inform mam"!!..So Aunt came out at last and smiled looking at me..seems like mom told about me  I thought!...she asked me  where I am from US, I told her..the state I come from!! .(.seems like its a character certificate).. the lady whom I spoke first brought measuring tape ...and took the bag from me and asked me about the patterns and style...I was very happy...but they told me its only you are referred by mam that we agreed.. and the four dresses will be made in a months time since all Nri shipments they have to be sent first...I said"fine"..I was in India for four I got all dresses done just a day before leaving for Delhi to US that morning...

when I still think about it ..its like people are totally lured by west..I met many people who really wanted to know correct means to get visa or work visa!!girls asking about any guy in friends circle to " patao"and get married!!

I mean then why these double standards with us ..I like and love my country but every place has some flaws..which as a true Indian we should not deny!!I have seen people  who always talk bad about their country but if we say anything it said"you have no right okay" you "NON RELIABLE INDIAN"(NRI)..I mean how reliable are you then??...talking all that weird things about country and keeping double standards at least we know the flaws and talk about it in a genuine manner!!
I think its opportunity that matters...if you don't want to move to west why would you abuse other people who have settled?everyone has their own wish.,..and we are same Indians by heart and blood ..following same Indian tradition's and culture...

 pointing others...STOP.....other three fingers are pointing at you!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

comfort food

have you ever tried?
Pizza ..squeezing fresh lemon on top...try peperoni topping!!
warm apple pie.. with vanilla ice cream!
Aloo paranthas ...with ketchup...
Idlis with  sugar  :)
salsa with fresh hot samosa!
Strawberry jelly with plain paranthas :)
Buttermilk with mango pulp topping?
fritters or pakodas or bhajias with mango pulp as a dip..
blend vanilla ice cream and milk ..add some Oreo cookies on top with whipped cream ...YUM
vanilla ice cream  topped with mango pulp and pistachios ..
try....boiled rice with butter or clarified butter and crumbled jaggery on top...
Try  chicken or mutton biryani with mint chutney only
.left over...Black lentil.( Daal) mixed with yogurt ...and fresh hot paranthas!its awesome..
Masala Puri ..with hot cup of tea!
rice pudding or kheer..with ladoos ....try that!

its all unusual combination but awesome....I have tried all of them ..its works  soooo good..have you tried them ..if any ..which one?
or any other out of the world ....let me know
Share your experiences too!!

    Sunday, December 5, 2010

    life on EDGE!

    ..I met Teresa again ...she was with same sling bag and sneakers ,may be back from university usual,wearing some Indian bangles and some beautiful rings..but I still could hear shiver in her voice..
    Teresa is beautiful red head girl studying in ..UFM(university of Michigan )one of the best universities of US..but every time I see her I assume "She is on High"but never had a heart to ask but her general personality speaks out..she has that dreamy glazed  eyes and shivering voice...asking for water if she is at my work place and then popping some pills .I once asked her what happened?? she said I am not well..but when I saw her hands, they were shaking ..she said I am upset ,I asked why?? she said (trembling)... exams didn't go well! ...was she lying? I thought...but these are personal questions.. like do you take drugs?I mean.. I cannot ask this ..its offending!!what if she is not??and I upset her for no reason!!

    Life is on edge for those who are on the path of addiction..whether its alcohol or drugs or adultery...then days are never know when the countdown begins and there is blast!!..I really pity these people as to why they choose this way of life!!
    are they weak personalities?or situations...there are many similar situations where I saw strangers in the car" on high"..really to what happened to them.?? my hubby..told me they are"on high" its crying like for no reason or just smiling or being a Zombie...
    Addiction is a complex but treatable condition. It is characterized by compulsive drug craving, seeking, and use that persist even in the face of severe adverse consequences..its a chronic ,recurring illness which ultimately spreads but can be cured..depending upon an individual and circumstances!

    We were in Canada for vacation in Toronto...I visited one of the houses where the tenants I saw an old Indian uncle  ..I didn't know as to what he was doing..but my hubby noticed and smiled..."Uncle is having some good time"I could see uncle smelling something out of the paper...its was very strange !!

    Alcohol another addiction...if you don't put a goes forever ...this is a very common addiction among men and women..Ladies go berserk in parties...more then men ..women are seen on the Bars..its absurd Indian women at this height?? My last trip to India I was at a party..they made a cocktail and offered me..I refused and said I don't drink....they mocked as if ..I am from some village...but I give a damn !!to all this stuff where a women looses her dignity after a couple of drinks...but most of the crowd I could see was as if they just landed here from US or any other foreign country....same style of slang and copying the western world!!so Fake!! so much Booze ..!!and then ..laughing for no reason ..its like a clown in-front of
    everyone...Disgusting!! I think living is US and following traditions here is not hard as in India now!!people are lured by west for no apparent reason!!or maybe I just want to keep  myself away from all this stuff!

    Adultery which is one of the worst of its kind in or women..getting into physical lust is nothing but a disease which leads to end of life very soon... US has an open society concept..physical relationships  is no big deal...BUT then teenage pregnancy is maximum , single moms in abundance or divorces on part of cheating with partners end of the day..its not God or anybody else who is culprit but own our deeds...
    Tiger woods or Mayor Kirkpatrick or even Bill Clinton ..became a laughing stock at one time..for their misconduct and adultery..but tiger woods was a worst case..!!!

    .life is on edge for those ,who are chain smokers or any kind of serious addiction...the countdown is bad and scary ..days are counted then..think before you take DRUGS!

     (my blogs are my personal experiences and not a fiction..anybody having a similar experience is just a coincidence ,not to offend anyone.)

    Friday, December 3, 2010



    My previous post was not meant to upset was just a thought ,but a reality of human life..a song which has a deep meaning in every way...
    Pangs of parting  is hard for everyone,but a General rule where girls have to leave their parents and settle in other family..after marriage as per Indian have an upper hand here..think if tables are turned ..then?? what if boys have to leave their parents and settle with girls family?would you be able to sacrifice and adapt in an alien world :) then?? leave all your habits and choices and take care of the family whom you just came to know a month or a year back??
    Hard to sink inn?same way with girls..BUT..
    I think when God made women he had given one big quality to her and that was "patience"..
    God Bless!!

    Thursday, December 2, 2010


    Its a beautiful song sung by Punjabi singer Harbhajan Mann...basically about the Indian Punjabi tradition depicting as to how  a girl who had stayed with her parents forever had to leave them after marriage..its a very touching song with lyrics ...
    I am translating every single line ..which is very touching.
    which says... just like a flowering tree which was in their yard..(Babbul de veede ambi da buta)(ambi nu boore peya)now ready to bloom..
    .(vas da rehe mere baabul da veedah theeian di ehi dua)daughters always pray for well being of their parents..

    (sakyon bachpan de din payare enha galiyan de vich guzare)friends childhood memories are precious spent in playing on the streets...
    (bachpan beetiya ayi jawani aagye mehaka de vanjaare) the flower blooms and its taken by somebody else ..
    (babbul de veedeh chamba si khidya ek phool tod liya)there was garden full of flowers one flower is taken now..
    (vaasda rahe mere baabul da veedah theeiyan di eh hi dua)I pray for well being of my parents and the garden to bloom forever...
    (veedeh goonj pehiyan shenaiyan ki sakhiyan doli pavan ayian)the same house has today celebration goin on with friends together to set her for final goodbye.
    .(baabul par latha tere sir toh loki ake dean vadhiyaan)..people are congratulating father as his burden of getting his daughter married is finally over..
    (rona ni mayen punjh le athroo has has kar de bidaayee )dont cry mom wipe your tears...and happily say good bye..
    (vas da rehe mere babbul da veedah theeyian di ehi dua)I pray for well being of my parents...
    (mera veer sandahra layaya lambe cher ke paande aya)my bro has come with gifts after traveling  hours..
    (mere toh khushi na sambhi jaandi aaj khar aya ambhdi jaya)..I cannot express my happiness that apple of moms eye is here...

    (Ambdi de jaye gal lag mileye a doove pehan praa...).apple of moms eye ...give me a hug we are brother and sister..
    (Vaasda rahee mere babbul da veedah theeyan di ehi dua.....)..I wish for well being of my parents!!

    I have translated the lyrics best of my ability....with tears in my eyes all the time...

    Wednesday, December 1, 2010


     We had first snowfall today....official winters has been declared by mother nature....its freezing outside...small cotton flurry's was in the drive way when I started my car...the day is gloomy,no sun....quite and cold ...(I hate this weather)I am more of a sunshine person....should be in California or Florida...But unfortunately in Michigan...I remember a proverb" you always get what you deserve, and not what you want"

     (kelly Booke )

    ..hard gymming these days as past weeks we had lot of parties going on one after another..I usually doze off nowadays when at home watching TV or reading...with so much physical exercise and hard to keep up sometime...
    I always felt that a women should be fit ...Indian women lacks in that...usually when they reach thirty or after marriage they give up...they think after marriage they should look and feel big!!Guys also the same thing..they give up too ..happy with married life ,no need for hard maintenance ....its a mental block among many Indians..
    ...merely walking or jogging doesn't help..unless its Yoga or gym with the exercises of upper and lower body............
    Usually I hit gym in the morning where I  usually see senior citizens occupying the place...hard to believe with snow outside how they manage to come ...they are usually over the age of sixty ...some may be even seventy or eighty...its unbelievable...but its always the dedication required....Gaining weight is very easy...when it comes to working out ..its killing ,then one realises not to get into fried or unhealthy stuff....
     DAD always says"any thing that is very very tasty or a total YUM is not very healthy"the ingredients added to make it YUM will be fat or cream or sugary stuff!
    ...Recently I was looking at the wedding pictures that was posted by one of cousins from India ...shocked to see how profiles change without maintenance...its always self motivation  to keep oneself fit and healthy..
    Dedication is another name of this ...but sometimes ..this gymming becomes obsession....I have seen height of madness in gym..that makes me laugh...
    I was in gym today..working out...I saw a beautiful female entering and finally started running on tread mill...perfect ten on her waistline...will put Mallika Sherawat to shame.....I looked at much energy ....and flexibility ....I quietly increased my level on elliptical ..she motivated me....
    later when I asked her and complimented....she smiled ..and said.."this is Jenifer"...I love working out...all my pregnancy I worked out and now my baby is jus twelve weeks old..but I want to get back to shape and fit into all my old clothes...I was actually surprised to see her so fit..after the baby...she was stay at home mom!!I asked her "did ya gain any weight"? she said "jus the baby 's weight and and five pounds over"I was impressed.....
    I had seen before also many people coming with infants to gym ..(the gym supports a day care)...but this dame was impressive...
    I think the best investment if any  exercising regularly ..I mean gym..ming..keeping yourself fit and healthy with minimal medical prescriptions in future and eating everything but in moderate quantity!

    Saturday, November 27, 2010

    Social Networking

    Just a few years ago, the idea of an online social network was revolutionary. While the Web has always provided a way for people to make connections with one another, social networking sites made it easier than ever to find old friends and make new ones. Today, it's rare to find someone who hasn't at least heard of Face book, My Space, Twitter or one of a hundred other social network....
    you must be wondering why I picked up this topic?.... Its sad...when you see divorces or split ups due to these networking sites...every other person is there on these sites...the maturity matters though....
    one of our friends got married this year .. ...if you see my earlier posts (marriage?)...I had mentioned..but it would be in this ugly way...(this marriage was through a matrimonial site)
    The girl was already dating somebody on one of these sites ...she was ,educated and very pleasant person as known by her friends..when they told me to see the girl...I went to FB and checked her profile... I was surprised  to see such a good looking person still "SINGLE"...why?? I told people at home...they looked at me and said.."you should have been in some detective agency"I had my doubts....its not possible....(you know at home how it works at home if wise person like me gives  advice .....)anyways..
    everybody was very happy,,,,boy is from a rich family...girl is from a mediocre background.....nice wedding......the girl was something too "NICE"...everybody was happy and so was I...may be I was wrong!!(I really felt bad at that time what I thought of her)
    this girl within two months of marriage glued to FB all the time...and not interested in marital life ...then we heard some problems within few months of marriage...she kicked out everyone ..all relatives from her friends list...all the relatives had some suspicion as to what was going on......
    Everybody thought it takes time to settle and  understand each other..but case was different she had a boyfriend before and had some arguments with him ,jus for the heck of showing him his place,how she settles with a rich guy...and make him jealous she did it!!....and now few months after marriage she is still keeping contacts with him...then one day she told her husband the "boyfriend story" and she wants to go back....(its weird)...without anybody's knowledge she hired a lawyer and went inn for divorce sending it to the parents(in-laws)..we tried talking to her mom and bro(dad is no more)...but this girl abused her mom like anything for ruining her life...
    now the worst part... demanding lot of money for out of the court settlement with all the jewelery which was given to her...which is in hundred thousand dollars...and then she plans to get back to the original boyfriend.....
     They are heading for divorce...
    .....a perfect example of greediness and third grade upbringing....(SAD!!)
    now getting back to social networking sites...
    “Positive and negative things can spread through these networks", but on balance if there’s too much negative stuff flowing through a network....these sites might dissolve in coming years...

    I have seen...fifteen years of marriage going into shambles as the guy was dating someone on I see the wife ...with kids alone....
    Are these networking sites have so much influence on our personal lives? are we showing our desperation in this way? many of the IDS are  fake...

    I usually see during parties or get-together ..Mom s of teenage girls going the study(room)has all facebook time goin on...
     I see so much personal information and pictures updated everyday ..every kinda weird party or weekend celebration pictures are posted...some ladies and men without fail on FB ...some updates regularly....even if there is a tussle at home it will be on face book too....everybody knows whats going on at others place....

    Everything has its pros and cons and every person has its maturity level....of thinking and responding ,talking about the adults...its pathetic to see breaking a relationship or a marriage for somebody on facebook whom you have just met a month ago and not even knowing about the real personality how could somebody without knowing get carried away.....

    are these social networking sites meant for these purposes??

    Thursday, November 25, 2010

    happy thanks giving !

    Thanksgiving is not just the festival of America but there is more to it than it being called just a “Harvest Festival”. It is said that contentment is the greatest happiness in life so it is always right to thank all those who have been responsible for what we are today. Thanksgiving is the festival of remembering people who sacrificed their lives for our well being.....
    Most important part of the Thanksgiving is the family meal in every home. ....the whole family gathers at the meal and start with the saying of grace..... the meal usually consists of roasted turkey, pumkin pie, mashed potatoes with gravy, sweet corn, etc.

    I have switched to chicken this yr as Turkey didnt come out that good last year and the bird was too big...
    so much left over food for waste...its not decided to go for something simple and  easy to make...with all relatives and friends ..some good time and good memories to keep!

    There are also communal feeding of the poor and most foods are collected by various organizations from every home several days before the Thanksgiving......for this reason the food primarily consists of canned food. Though Thanksgiving is not really associated with the religious past of Christianity, it is the only non-holy day...

    Thanksgiving is also a time for shopping and public parades in the US. Seasonal shopping season usually begins on friday next to Thanksgiving and is usually called the Black Friday...

    Thanksgiving Day Grace
    Thank thee, Lord
    For all my many blessings,
    thank thee, Lord.
    I have bread,
    thank thee, Lord.
    for room and board.
    thank thee, Lord.
    for friends and family.
    God takes such good care of me.

    happy thanks giving to all!!

    Tuesday, November 23, 2010

    etiquettes 101

    Thanksgiving this Thursday, gearing up for some parties as well as corporate lunches...
    A popular saying   "Manners maketh man."off-course women too...
    keeping in mind before heading for corporate lunches!

    Booze patrol...
    • try to keep the drink in control ,usually two glasses of wine is sufficient unless the host compels...try holding the glass from bowl rather then avoids spilling..and gives a good look!

    eating etiquette..
    • there should be no noise in the plates while eating or using silverware...try to avoid meat with bone and stick to boneless slurping at all.... and if Boss is paying for the lunch ..try keeping a tip individually folded on the table near your plate...a dollar will be good!
    • The fork is held in the left hand, the knife in the right to cut food and to help carry food to the fork. The fork is held, tines down, and the knife used to move food unto the fork or support food so the fork can pick it up. There is no shifting of cutlery.
    • On arrival in a restaurant or at a formal function give your coat to the waiter, never hang it on the back of your chair. If in doubt ask your host(ess).
    • When you wish to use the toilet, excuse yourself and leave quietly. Do not ask people where they are going if they excuse themselves :)

    Things you should not do:-
    • Never chew with your mouth open.
    • Never talk with food in your mouth.
    • Never put too much food in your mouth.
    • Never mash or mix food on your plate.
    • Do not blow on hot food or drink.
    • Do not sip from a coffee spoon or teaspoon.
    • Never use your fingers to push food onto your spoon...(bad manners )

    Now Moving towards holiday season with lot of parties around the corner..Thanks giving...just a week away with black Friday (so much fun) and then Christmas and new year in the end...So all excitement  for shopping and parties....
    Few tips on Men's wear!!
    Most of the time I notice..Men in ugly wears..or no dressing sense!! either the wife doesn't notice or the Guy is stubborn! either way!!
    very few in the crowd have a perfect or the other thing is ignored or lack time says...its A okay!!
    nope guys...its always a mark of respect for others when dressed appropriately for an occasion..if its a party, it has to be formal dressing even at somebody place..its a thumb rule!! no tees or denims...its looks ugly ..spoils the ambiance of the party.."not cultured" represents!!
    1) of the most neglected part of men's wear...most of the time its mismatched..
    ..formal dressing requires ..formal shoes...with suits and dress pants..
    don't go for pointy toes...unless you have to do Cha-cha-cha on dance floor...
    square or round toes looks better then anything else!Cl arks (england) or Aldo (Italian) are very good for formal or brown color depending on the suit!dont buy dual color (its available)looks funny..even ankle length should be avoided..anything simple with classic cut looks more trendy!
    2)socks..don't wear..printed socks...jus solid color that goes well with trousers, printed looks cheap..
    3)pants...Dress pants pleated or flat front...depending on physique...Lean bodies should wear flat fronts ..but if you have beer belly ...wear a pleated one it camouflages the abdomen area!!..Cuffed pants look better for formal dressing with pleats..then regular dress pants....the fit should be perfect !!
    4) belt..the belt should be thin instead of wide  specially kept for formal dressing ,no big giant buckles...jus plain seamless belts ..only fancy with logos look good on denims ..
    5)Shirt...Button down collard shirt with tie or if without tie then a formal silk scarf on the neck ...if you want to avoid both then wear a shirt with band style small collar underneath a suit...which looks formal...or very small collard shirt giving a tuxedo look!But formal!!
     Cuff links...they look good ...if its a banquet hall party...more gathering...its stands out!
    6) Tie..don't go for conventional designs like stripes or dots ..something in solid  with contrast try wearing a silver tie with black shirt,or something like orange tie with  brown shirt or olive green with beige shirt... make it contrast with lighter color shirts which compliments the coat...Bold pattens on ties give a festive look...depending on age and style to carry!!(paisley or abstract patterns are in vogue)
    Knot...the tie knot should be a double knot ..which looks trendy...with a dimple :)
    7)Coat... I would say depending on physique... tall and lean people go for three button coat its looks smart ,a two button as per the comfort...Always get a suit advice from an expert (available in stores) for a perfect fit.
     Bold colors in suits or contrast looks good too but it depends on age and physique...again..similar color in suit gives a lean look rather then contrast..
    bold colors or stripes or anything jazzy should be for an age appropriate ....that's more for college going or university students or prom parties be wise in choosing colors and co-ordinating it well!!

    Hairstyle...neat and clean with gelled look for evening wears...short and crisp lines...and good  altitude with a pleasant and courteous smile... which reflects the confidence and a radiant personality!

    Friday, November 19, 2010

    nikke Haley..aka Nimrata Randhawa!

     Passing through the end ..the last phase of the year..some women showed up some major achievements on International platform...being an immigrant ...made up to this level is that's what I call a gutsy women!!....Nikki Haley...
    one more Indian family that came into limelight!!
    Nikki Haley South Carolina Governor Elect.
    Nikki Haley (née Nimrata Randhawa, born January 20, 1972) is an elected official from the U.S. state of South Carolina currently serving in the South Carolina House of Representatives Lexington County...

    Nikki Haley was born in Bamberg, South Carolina. Her parents Dr. Ajit and Raj Randhawa are Indian Punjabi Sikh immigrants from Amritsar and she has an older brother Mitti, sister Simran Singh, and younger brother Charan. She went to Clemson University and majored in Accounting and then joined the FCR Corporation before joining her mother's business in 1994. The family business grew to a multi million dollar company.

    She became treasurer of the National Association of Women Business Owners in 2003 and president in 2004. She chaired the Lexington Gala to raise funds for the local hospital. She also serves on the Lexington Medical Foundation, Lexington County Sheriff’s Foundation, West Metro Republican Women, President of the South Carolina Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners, Chairman for 2006 Friends of Scouting Leadership Division campaign and is a member of the Rotary Club in Lexington...

    She has served as secretary of the Medical, Military, Public and Municipal Affairs committees. She also was elected chairman of the Freshman caucus in 2005 and elected as a Majority whip in the South Carolina General Assembly. She was the only freshman legislator named to a whip spot.
    On May 14, 2009, Nikki Haley announced she is running for the Republican nomination for Governor of South Carolina in 2010

    ...Key issues
    Leadership: “In order to really lead with the Legislature you have to be predictable. … In order to do that, you have to have the right staff. I would much rather deal with what’s wrong with a bill and make it right as opposed to waiting for it to get to the floor and just saying no to it.”

    Tax reform: “We have the most band-aided tax structure in the country. We need to look at every single tax. We need to look at every single fee … and we need to look at every single exemption. The first thing we need to do is to eliminate the small business income tax.”

    Roll call voting and increased government transparency: “Bills were being passed and legislators were not putting their name with their vote. As an accountant, all I saw were dollar signs. They were growing government and you couldn’t see the spending habits of your lawmakers. … I think you should know who voted for it and against it.”

    Personal life..

    (Nikki Haley's Sikh wedding picture)
    Haley was raised in a Sikh family, and identifies herself as a Christian, and sits on the board for Mt. Horeb, United Methodist Church, Med mission. On September 6, 1996 she married Michael Haley, in a Methodist church ceremony...and later with a Sikh ceremony too.. Michael is a federal employee with the United States Department of the Army and an officer in the South Carolina Army National Guard. Together they have two children, Rena and Nalan.
    Mitti (nikki's older brother)is an active duty officer who has served in the U.S. Army for the past 20 years...

    ..Not many women reach at this level and have a mind of their own with no strings attached..Nikki Haley is one of them who has done this.... which makes us proud!

    I condemn all those comments made on Nikki that she has embraced Christianity and left her religion and other things regarding India..I would say one thing...her Name will be Nikki forever (given by her parents),,and her parents will be  Indians  forever as we are...and not to forget..all girls change their last names once they get married... why is she singled out? just because she is Nikki Haley...??
    I know many Sikh women who are married to Muslim guys...or Arabic's or Christians....they are converted too...and there are many guys  converted to Sikhs too..I see them in Gurudwara or temple..
    .JUST FOR SAKE OF THEIR LOVE!!(they did not change for Career opportunities)if that is the case...

    ..As long as its a good human being with good intentions of work for making world a better place to live it hardly matters.....

    Thursday, November 18, 2010

    Sleep deprivation!

    ..Coming back from was a long day again....with days getting shorter...and darker my sleep deprivation was at its peak....I had seen people sleeping on their way....but now happened with me...I stopped at the red light ..and slept!! my foot resting on break....but then I heard honking sound....jus as if somebody pulled me out of dreams ...I got up ..and pressed accelerator and moved....It was very embarrassing moment and very dangerous at the same time.....never thought life would be so very busy and sleep deprived for me!!!
    ..Looking few years back my own kingdom in India,I always over slept..and nobody even dare to wake me up... the maid had strict orders.."queen is sleeping"..then I slept after lunch also...."my beauty sleep".... Mom always pissed of with my sleep obsessions Said"You have come to this world only to sleep"I  was undisputed "Sleeping Beauty"both of my elder brothers made fun of me...saying" people who like to sleep ..miss all the good things in life"I always refuted back saying"I Don't Care"
    Some fond memories....about my obsession of sleep...when I..just passed out of university...
     I finished my masters  and came back from University..after two years I was at home ..I was so relieved and happy to catch my sleep...I slept most of the time...afternoon siesta was the best part....nobody disturbed me even if it was ,totally relaxed ..retired tensions now...I thought ..

    ...I saw a vacancy in a paper one day....for a post of lecturer ... in one of the reputed Colleges...I applied and went for was boys college..the principal was impressed ..told me to join as soon as possible...not sure ..whether I want to work...coz I was having some good time at home...I joined for some extra  money...and few hours would give me good break ....
    Now that I was so much into habit of sleeping in afternoon I couldn't control my sleep......we had finals for undergrads in our college  those days..I was on supervision duty...from two pm to five pm...(those were my peak hours of sleeping )...
    I was sitting on chair...and felt I would I got up and started walking in the rows ...checking all the was in jus a blink of moment I fell on one of the desks..(It was the uncontrollable sleep)I heard some student saying(mam digg paye)"mam fell down"... the professors came running ..towards me....I got up ..saying sorry !!I made an excuse..try not to disturb the students...
    I was sitting on the chair after that ..all Senior professors advising me"Mam you take care of your health ,and see a doctor as soon as possible " you are not well and we don't want to burden you with loads of work at this age...I said"Sure" smiling at everyone but knew very well what was wrong with me!!
    this was the most embarrassing part of my life when I fell asleep while walking.....after that I decided not to sleep after my life...and gave up this habit!!
    ....Sleep is very important ,but pattern of sleep also makes a difference if sleeps at same time or duration its very difficult to get out of that habit.....since the body demands sleep at  that time...I learnt it in a hard way...

    I sleep at least seven to eight hours at night ..which is significantly a good sleep ...but working and stress sometimes makes it harder which I guess takes a form of Fatigue and then sleep!!
    but I would say if ever you feel tired while driving or sleepy ...get off the road and take a nap at a parking lot before you drive ......
    otherwise the results can be Fatal!!

    Wednesday, November 17, 2010

    parody .....Bill Gates


    Billl To Pagal Hai……(.Bill is mad, )
    Bill Deewana Hai…..(bill is Crazy)
    Achhe Bure Softwares Banata Hai Yahi,(makes best and worst of software's)
    Hasata He Yahi, Rulata Hai,(makes us smile,makes us cry)
    Usme Phir ‘Bugs’ Daalta Hain Wohi,(puts virus in software's)
    Aur Solutions Bhi Nikalta Hai,(gets us solutions too)
    Bill To Pagal Hai…….(bill is mad )
    Bill Deewana Hai…..(bill is crazy)
    Is Bill Ki Baton Mein Jo Aate Hain,(those who gets into his softwares)
    Woto Oolloo Ban Jate Hain,(he is fooling them)
    Software To Dusare Bhi Banate Hain,(others make softwares too)
    Banake Magar Kho Jate Hain,(but are lost ,once the new version is out)
    Hmmm Bill To Pagal Hai…….(bill is Mad)
    Bill Deewana Hai…..(bill is crazy)
    Softwares Ko Main Na Pehchanoonga,(I wont ask about software)
    Working Bhi Na Mein Uski Janoonga,(I wont ask its working)
    Microsoft Ka Logo Bass Mein Dekhoonga,(I will jus see the Microsoft logo)
    Bill Jo Kahega Wohi Manoonga.(I will jus listen to bill)

    Bill To Pagal Hai…….( bill is mad)
    Bill Ka Kehna Hum Sab Maane,(everyone listens to Bill)
    Bill Na Kisi Ki Maane,(bill doesn't need advice)
    Uski Strategy Jaan Li Hamne,(we know his strategy)
    Ek Wohi Na Jaane.(but he doesn't know his own strategies)
    Bill To Pagal
    Hai…….(bill is mad ,bill is crazy)
    Bill Deewana Hai…..

    Chhoro Ye Bill Sab Kahaniya,(leave all these bill stories)
    Bugs Ki Hain Sab Nishaniya,(these softwares are having those bugs for sure)
    Programmers Ki Sari Pareshaniya,(hard time for programmers)
    Is Bill Ki Hain Ye Meherbaniya.(thanks to bill)
    Hmmm Bill To Pagal Hai….(coz Bill is mad,bill is crazy)
    Bill Deewana Hai…..

    (I pity this Bill) hope you like the parody!

    Saturday, November 13, 2010


    Words or lingo is something which can destroy or build its wise to watch your words before the shooters are out...I am surprised to see ,how people behave publicly when its a tussle between two countries or I would say neighboring countries..I would not mention the name of any country here as every individual is different and upbringing is as per environment and situation...why I am mentioning all this? its weird to even talk ..but with complete stranger ....when you meet ,not knowing about the origin of the person how can you talk like that??
    This lady came for some work..she picked up a topic of India .and started talking about India and media...(she was not an Indian).so all BS(bull shit )she said that she could think of!!!
    what she said?you folks must be thinking???she said
    "Indian girls are shameless creatures...their movies show all nonsense dressing sense among Indian women....they believe in exposing and media shows all malnutrition people."".I was listening quietly wanted to see what was in her mind and what length she could go....
    "look at the media ...bunch of idiots ..they think Indian women is very smart liberated not knowing they are whores.. they give that kinda look.."she said...for fame they do anything!!
    I got up  rolling up sleeves...(I thought...high time let me give her some  "prasad"..the code word we used in the university when guys messed with us)
    Oh .okay...I said" but then what are you?... look deep inside yourself ..all that malice you have ..overflowing out of you..what  made you say this?? and which movies are you watching ?? ...that you have so much experience of whores and other stuff....I wanted  to show her the door...but she looked at me and said"are you Indian?? yes!!.. do I look like a french women ??and what are  you blabbering?.most .Indian women wear decent clothes ..and most of the movies  are nice ...don't forget Slum dog millionaire or other movies nominated for Oscar...and with Media ..its always shows something that's over exaggerated ..I mean...why are you so pissed off with India...its politically motivated things on media...don't go for that!!! she kept quite..saying " I didn't know you are from India"..may be she was pretending....she said ..the media shows otherwise how do we know!!
    Media shows lot of things about US or other countries too movies and other stuff ..but reality is different .country is made of every kind of people good bad or religion says to kill people...and as a matter of fact  ...its always the reality that matters!
    she left quietly ...without uttering a word
    living in US with different nationalities..where every race is there ...think before you utter a word against a nation or religion...its not degrading any body's nation or religion its degrading yourself it shows your character ...I was sad but really felt that day God has made some real good samples in this world no wonder why we see some samples being publicly insulted or deported back to their countries...with a label
    "thanks..with no returns"

    Wednesday, November 10, 2010

    Women power...

    women all over world has made a mark in every field needless to mention the forces....I have put some pictures of some smart women from services..please vote for the best picture of your choice!!

    Sunday, November 7, 2010

    "face in the crowd"

    ...Its been crazy week..first of all ..."happy Diwali to all of you" and hope all of you had lots of fun with family and friends...
    we had a diwali party at of our friends place...which was fun with food and friends ...all over US and Canada.....with individual performances by some of our much energy and liveliness I was in fact surprised ...after is this possible?? was friday night(tgif) but everyone geared up....

        (this is not ashika)
    Now the interesting part....this was a gathering of almost hundred people.. at the party...I could see lot of unknown faces ...but then there was dramtic entry of this pretty young girl which made heads turn...I was standing at the entrance ..talking to someone she said " Hi" to me I smiled .. I could see Ajay one of family friends son accompanying her followed by our friend raj who came with them...she introduced me "Ashika" from Toronto med-school student ..Ajay's girlfriend..I looked at ajay who was giving a naughty smile to everyone :)
    and to describe the gurl..she might be twenty years or ajay is in med-school too.."Ashika"very fair in complexion..chiseled look...with petite structure..wearing  black dress with silver accessories .".jus out of bollywood "(very close to the picture above) ...I could see everyone smiling when she was introduced by Raj....I mean raj is a great mom :)who supportingly introduced her to everyone...and ajay following her....looked like a scene of indian movie "Bobby"...(Sweet)
    Ajay and ashika were together all the time....all other teenagers were jealous of ajay seems..he was spending time with this beautiful companion and nothing else mattered for him...
    anyways the girl disappeared with ajay after sometime......may be they wanted some space and time for themselves..
    the party was getting better..I met raj ..who was talking to some other ladies..saying..".times have changed..and kids will like to bring their friends for company to parties(hmm ...I thought trying to justify raj?)and I dont mind seriously ...(I thought ..dont you dare have no choice)and we are not living in a village where people gossip for small little things..raj said!!.( I thought..Raj whom are you fooling? we are still indian by all means)but I kept smiling Sayin sure!! she looked at me ...reading my thoughts...hey harman dont you agree with my opinion? I said ..its ok...but what if your daughter brings a bf  for company to one of the parties?she said Oh!! amrita has a whole bunch of friends here in MI..its only ajay who has few friends!..oh yes I said yea!!(luck boy ajay)!(I generally don't argue in a gatherings..).
    .one of the couple started dancing ..on one peppy number...I smiled at the funny moves they to controll my laughter I went upstairs ...( the party was at lower level)...I could see ashika and ajay sitting together and smiling....pretending not to see anything I took some sparkling water and came downstairs!!! was an open dance..and  went all night ...
    they took out harmonium and sat on floor now .... kinda of "mehfil"and everyone took out their slips, those who wanted to sing and participate.....I thought at one am what kinda new programme they are dinner was served after midnight and it was long day to sit after one am though I would love to  ...hear all nice people who had specially prepared themselves for this night and their choice of ghazal and shiyari..but with little kids. and my hubby who came from toronto after five hours drive it was very we left ...I could see most of the people leaving with little kids..
    Mom n dad came at four am and told us it was very nice ...everyone sang and only senior citizen were sitting till four am..all young crowd left ..they were tired... but  it seems"Old  is Gold" they said!!

    Tuesday, October 26, 2010


    All  indian women around the world ...are celebrating Karwa Chauth.
    Karwa Chauth' is a ritual of fasting observed by married Hindu women seeking the longevity, well-being and prosperity of their husbands. It is popular amongst married women in the northern and western parts of India,...some of my friends are doing the same ,took some time to deck up and fasting whole day for their hubbies and having some good time in the evening with food and rituals!!
    I dont follow this ritual since its not in the sikh religion (as per the holy book) and nobody has ever done in the family ..though my husband would love me to do this..and see me in loads of jewelery and nice sharp saree with lots of sindhoor and nice updo with lots of bangles...and some anklets...which he always says...may be his tired of seeing me in jeans and must be wondering where he got an idea of this kind of dressing up if nobody does it home...but Indian soaps teaches everyone ...he likes watching Indian women decked up in  soaps or serials..and often complains that I should dress up like that for work too...(his idea of leg pulling) 
    I remember in our college days every gurl wanted a handsome and rich husband ...this was their Aim of life ...and to reach this goal they  observed many fasts and every other thing...I always wondered who will marry a poor guy?I being a very very emotional person once declared " I will marry a poor Guy"no matter what!!everybody was stunned at my words as if it was a crime I did! ...they looked at both my palms ..I have a beautiful crescent moon if I join both my hands...they said "tumhara pati chand sa hoga " (your husband will be handsome)but with poor guy you will get a ride on bicycle and we will get ride in a car they mocked at me!!...I had tears in my eyes (as if I was really married to a poor guy)I declared after sometime I will also get married to a rich guy was age of innocence and myths,,,,We then went to a baba to know our future(the one sitting on the road)and wanted to know about future ...everybody asked the same question (where is our husband?) the baba was actually surprised looking at us...sayin CRAZY!!one of our friends she was keen on going to Switzerland ..actually asked Baba will I go to Switzerland for Honeymoon?baba had no idea about where switzerland was... baba said"woh kahan hai bacche"(where is that kid?)
    another one of my friends smiled and  said "HELL"
    so all of got married nice guys...but none of the prediction was correct...except mine ..Baba had said "tumhara bahar ka sanjog hai"(you will settle in abroad) I was actually very happy at that time ...(it was a big achievement for me for those who said I would get a ride on "bicycle")I was on seventh if I was moving in US itself...ha haa haaa time passed away ..karwa chauth came and went....I never got decked up the way my hubby wants...the very thought of decking up like Indian soaps  stars makes me laugh loudly ...he is in Canada right now...called me and asked me again, so this year your are getting decked up like indian soap stars? I laughed..ok but how do I break the fast since you are not right here....

    IT CAN BE ON SKYPE ... he said...(LOL)